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Destiny 2: List Of Weapons Changes Coming With Bungie 30th Anniversary Event

Bungie announced a new update to Destiny 2, which will make the game more accessible and bring back some old favorites. Here is everything coming with this patch:

The “Destiny 2 30th anniversary event date” is a list of weapons changes coming with the Bungie 30th Anniversary Event.

Bungie’s weekly blog article This Week At Bungie, or TWAB, has just been out, and it has a ton of weapon improvements and tuning coming to Destiny 2 with Bungie’s impending 30th Anniversary event.

The 30th Anniversary event, which includes a brand-new dungeon, six-player matchmade action, and cosmetics, will start on December 7, 2021, across all platforms.

All of Bungie’s weaponry updates for this week are listed here.

Bungie’s 30th Anniversary Weapons in Destiny 2

Destiny-2-List-Of-Weapons-Changes-Coming-With-Bungie-30thBungie is the source of this information.

Archetypes of Weapons


  • Damage boost from the Slug Shotgun in PvE has been lowered from 30% to 20%.
  • Pellet Shotguns now do 10% more damage in PvE.

Rifles using Linear Fusion

  • PvE damage has increased by 10%.

Swords of Caster

  • The cost of heavy attack munitions has been lowered from 8 to 5.


  • The amount of damage dealt to rank-and-file foes has risen by 10%.

Fusion Rifles and Sidearms

  • Projectile speed for sidearms and Fusion Rifles has risen from 999 to 9999.

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Weapons from the Far East

Mythoclast Vex

  • The Aim Assist stat has been lowered by 25.
  • The Aim Assist Cone scalar in Linear Fusion Rifle mode has been lowered from 1.1 to 1.05.
  • Instead of two eliminations, complete Overcharge necessitates three.

The Lion Warrior

  • The necessity for many hits has been eliminated.
  • The reload stat’s buff has been boosted from +50 to +70.
  • The duration of the bonus has been extended to 7 seconds.


  • Has a built-in anti-barrier now.

Simulant Sleeper 

  • The size of the magazine has grown from 3 to 4 pages.
  • PvE damage has risen by 6%.

Suros Regime is a kind of regime.

  • In addition to its present benefits, Dual Mode Receiver mode now gives +30 range and +3 zoom.

77K Cryosthesia

  • Variable Trigger has been deactivated.
  • Charged Shot has been relegated to a special reload. The special reload may now be accessed after final strikes.
  • The weapon reverts to ordinary Sidearm mode after firing the Charged Shot.
  • Charged Shot now has an AOE that slows players and freezes AI.

The Breath of Leviathan

  • In addition to its other benefits, Catalyst now offers the Archer the Tempo perk.

The Worm’s Whisper

  • The catalyst shortened the time it took to activate Whispered Breathing from 2.1s to 1.2s.
  • The number of White Nail magazine refills has been reduced from three to two from inventory and one from thin air.
  • In PvE, damage has risen by 10%.


  • While Personal Assistant is engaged, flinch, recoil, and accuracy deterioration are reduced by 50%.
  • When off target, Personal Assistant now has a 1 second wait before deactivating (was instant).
  • Increase the damage in PvE by 20%.


  • Explosion damage has risen by 50%.

The Story of a Dead Man

  • Friction falloff distance of the reticle has been increased (no effect on mouse and keyboard).
  • Recoil is lessened (reduced effect on mouse and keyboard).
  • Increased precision (reduced effect on mouse and keyboard).

Heir Apparent Catalyst is a character in the novel Heir Apparent Catalyst

  • Damage resistance against players has been lowered from 75% to 25%.

Lorentz Driver is a kind of Lorentz driver.

  • The ability to regenerate energy while picking up telemetry has been removed.

The Traveler’s Choice

  • When a stack is activated, it now yields 10% ability energy each stack (was previously more generous on low stacks, less generous on high stacks, the average and amount for 10 stacks are unchanged).
  • Reduced the number of stacks awarded when a Guardian is defeated from three to two.

Incoming damage in Destiny 2 is scaled based on the player’s FPS.


Adrenaline junkie is a term used to describe someone who is addicted to

  • Single damage stacks may be added or current damage stacks can be extended using the weapon.
  • Eliminating grenades quickly increases the stacks by x5.
  • To compensate for weapon activation, the duration was reduced.

Weapon of Vorpal

  • On all weapons, there was 15% damage.
  • Heavy weapons are now worth 10%, special weapons are worth 15%, and main weapons are worth 20%.
  • In Super, there is no modification to the damage dealt to players.

Blade of the Whirlwind

  • The number of stacks required to reach maximum damage has been increased from 5 to 10.

Pulse oximeter

  • The activation threshold has been changed from 90% health to 30% shield (i.e., this now requires much less damage to trigger).


Sling with Quick Access

  • The following features have been added:
      • After running out of ammunition, it was +100 handling, 0.9 * ready/stow/aim down sights time for 0.4s.
      • 0.9 * ready/stow time is now constant.
  • Because they employ the same perk behind the scenes, this modification also applies to the Swap Mag perk.

Retrofitting your vehicle to run on its own

  • On Legendary Hand Cannons, Sidearms, Scout Rifles, and Pulse Rifles, a Full Auto Retrofit weapon upgrade that allows full auto while the trigger is pressed has been added.
  • For all players, this is unlocked by default.

All of the modifications Bungie announced this week will be implemented in the live game in December 2021.

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