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EVGA Updates Queue System That Rewards Loyal Customers to 3.0

EVGA is currently updating their queue system that was introduced starting with 3.0 of the EVGA website. Users will be able to create a list and pick which games they want for each month, so not all capricious purchases are made without thought. This update highlights how technology can help us navigate what we used to consider random purchases in our lives more carefully

EVGA Updates Queue System That Rewards Loyal Customers to 3.0

EVGA-Updates-Queue-System-That-Rewards-Loyal-Customers-to-30Image courtesy of EVGA

EVGA has completed the upgrade to version 3.0 of their queue system for acquiring hard-to-find items like graphics cards. The queuing method has proven a tremendous hit with PC fans who want to stay away from the risky aftermarket, where scalping has become the standard. There is a new and possibly contentious caveat in the redesigned scheme.

1642121835_348_EVGA-Updates-Queue-System-That-Rewards-Loyal-Customers-to-30Image courtesy of EVGA

Designed to Reward Customers Who Have Been Loyal

What makes EVGA Queue 3.0 unique? The EVGA Queue 3.0 system rewards loyal EVGA customers while also providing opportunities for new consumers to buy. Your queue position in Queue 3.0 is decided first by your EVGA Score, then by the date/time of notification sign-up, and finally by whether or not the customer has previously bought a current series graphics card from EVGA.com.

The value of all registered items is now included in the queuing system’s calculation of member scores. It had a comparable mechanism for computing the score before, but value was not a publicly disclosed component. Unfortunately, this may imply that people who have amassed a significant amount of items will be given preference over those who have not.

EVGA Queue 3.0 Order: The queue order in EVGA Queue 3.0 is determined by a variety of things. This advances numerous EVGA Community aims and demands, including: giving loyal customers higher priority, making more cards accessible to consumers looking to upgrade, while not excluding new customers from receiving a new card.

The components that make up the order are as follows:

1. EVGA Score and Score Tiers – This score represents the worth of your registered EVGA items, EVGA Bucks, and Blue Ribbons achieved via forum participation. + 2. Notice time/date – The date of your notification is utilized to break ties amongst customers who have the same EVGA Score. 3. Buy status of 30 Series products – Customers who have bought a 30 Series product from EVGA.com will be deprioritized in the VGA queue and will only be able to purchase their VGA notify product(s) when others in their tier have purchased a 30 Series product. + 4. EVGA ELITE Status – Only EVGA ELITE members will be allowed to purchase certain goods. You may sign up for a notice within the first 24 hours after a product is launched by becoming an EVGA ELITE Member, subject to EVGA’s discretion.

“For certain future releases, commencing with the GeForce RTX 3080 12GB,” EVGA stated, “the customers with the 300 highest EVGA Scores will be free from this restriction.” Users may subscribe to alerts without losing their position in the queue for currently active notifications.

To count toward a member’s score, purchases must be done at approved resellers. The score is “intended to recognize customer loyalty, engagement, and commitment to EVGA and its Community,” according to EVGA. Because value has been added, this strategy may leave the system vulnerable to exploitation, as other approved resellers may not have the resources or willingness to protect their own buying systems from being misused.

Factors that affect the EVGA Product Score

  • VGA:
    • You receive points for Graphics Card items depending on the GPU model you possess.
    • Newer and higher-end goods in the 30 Series, 20 Series, and 16 Series families get more points. Points are deducted for the 10 Series and older.
  • PSU:
    • You may get points for Power Supply goods depending on their wattage and efficiency.
    • With increased power and efficiency, more points are earned.
  • Other Services:
    • Motherboards, keyboards and mice, CLC coolers, capture devices, and other product categories all provide points at different levels. Please keep in mind that legacy and discontinued goods may not contribute toward your EVGA Score.
  • Requirements:
    • The product must be bought via an approved reseller and registered to the original purchaser’s account to earn EVGA points.
    • Unless the product was bought via EVGA.com, registered items need an invoice to be considered for an EVGA Score.
    • Only the first six goods in each product category will be counted. The highest score among registered goods will be automatically selected by the EVGA Score.
    • Points earned from registered items are valid for three years after purchase.
      • If you lie about your purchase date or location of purchase to raise your EVGA Score, your alerts and/or purchase order may be canceled.
    • Only the first registered owner who files an invoice will get credit for the merchandise if a serial number has been registered numerous times.
    • Recertified items, secondhand products, and things that cannot be validated with a proof-of-purchase will not affect your EVGA Score.
    • RMA products will not contribute towards your EVGA Score; instead, the EVGA Score will be calculated using the original purchase goods.
    • Step-up items will not affect your EVGA Score; instead, the EVGA Score will be determined by the card from which you stepped up.

Queue 3.0 is “intended to be fair and the greatest experience to acquire an EVGA product,” according to EVGA, which will evaluate statistics and consumer comments in the following months. It’s also conceivable that when additional flaws are discovered, further changes to the system will be made to optimize or repair them.

EVGA is the source of this information (via Wccftech)

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