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“F-ck Joe Biden” Chants Taking Over NASCAR and all Live Events

In what is being called the “F-ck Joe Biden” chant, NASCAR fans have been heard chanting “F-ck Joe Biden” at live events. The chant has taken over all sports and major events, with many people calling for a ban on the F-ck Joe Biden chants.

F-ck Joe Biden Chants Taking Over NASCAR and all Live Events is a blog post that discusses the recent chants at NASCAR events. The author of the blog post, Brandon Brown, explains that the chants are taking over live events across America.

Chants of “F-ck Joe Biden” are taking over NASCAR and other live events.

The Aura of History’s Most Popular President Precedes Himself!



On Saturday, Brandon Brown won his first NASCAR Xfinity Series race at Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama. He offered NBC reporter Kelli Stavast a happy and enthusiastic interview, shouting out to his father: “Dad, we made it, let’s go!” Fans, on the other hand, were eager to join in the celebration. It was a day to remember.

During a NASCAR interview, shouts of “F Joe Biden” break out. pic.twitter.com/1iYZel4zFT #FJB

— @TrumpJew2 (@JewishDeplorable) October 3, 2021

While Stavast may have told the audience at home that the crowd was chanting “Let’s Go Brandon” (a strange thing to chant after the guy won the race, but whatever; it’s the best lie she could come up with on the spot, I guess), what they were chanting was more akin to that of college football fans a few weeks ago, which hasn’t stopped either. Check out this footage from the Wisconsin/Notre Dame game, which was broadcast on CHICAGO’S SOLDIER FIELD, of all places. What was once favorable turf is become hostile ground for professional politicians.

JOE BIDEN, FUCK YOU! pic.twitter.com/BUiaFw7MjG

September 25, 2021 — Old Row Sports (@OldRowSports)


With five laps to go, NASCAR officials stopped the race due to darkness and visibility issues, cutting the 113-lap race short and enabling the “Battle of the Brandons” to take place, with Brandon Brown defeating Brandon Jones in the final scoring loop.

It’s wonderful to hear supporters shout “Fuck Joe Biden” during the #RyderCup pic.twitter.com/i4W5AlySjs

25 September 2021 — Femme 2.0 (@YouKnowMares)

Similar aren’t the only times these shouts have been heard at sports events. Amid last weekend’s Ryder Cup, during the Americans’ 19-9 thrashing of the European team, additional “political slurs” erupted from the bleachers in Whistling Straits, Wisconsin, according to Newsweek (shattering the “stupid Southerners” narrative a tad). As you may be aware, golf is not renowned for its boisterous supporters. It only goes to demonstrate how well-liked Uncle Joe is.


September 26, 2021 — Blonde&barefoot (@NCblonde704)

During a performance in Scranton, Pennsylvania (Joe Biden’s birthplace, no less), country artist Aaron Lewis led the audience in a welcome cheer for the local kid. It’s not just sports fans that are participating, and it’s not just one country music artist.

Brittany Aldean, Jason Aldean’s wife, dressed herself and their two children in stylish clothes. Jason Aldean used to be more cautious with his political views, but that has changed after the election of Vice President Joe Biden. “I will never apologize for my convictions or my devotion to my family and nation. He said on his Instagram account, “This is the finest nation in the world, and I want to maintain it that way.”

Various occupations provide the same outcomes. It was clear what the people were chanting: “Fuck Joe Biden.” Whether it’s the strict Coronavirus policies that seem to multiply on a daily basis, the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal debacle (when a suicide bomber outside Hamid Karzai Airport in Kabul killed 13 service men and women from the US Marine Corps and Army, prompting a retaliatory drone strike that killed 10 innocents, seven of whom were children), or the gleaming Maricopa County audit results It may be a variety of factors, but one thing is certain: anytime a group of freedom-loving people gets together, they seem to know intuitively what three words to shout to provoke the elitists.

At NASCAR events, these right-wing thugs yell nonsense like “F Joe Biden,” and then wonder why genuine Americans don’t appreciate them.

3 October 2021, Palmer Report (@PalmerReport)

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