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Hitman 3 Elusive Target Arcade – The Ellipses Silent Assassin guide

Hitman 3 Elusive Target Arcade is an achievement/trophy for your in-game profile. This guide will help you find the location of this elusive target and earn it!

Hitman 3 Elusive Target Arcade is a new game in the Hitman series. The Ellipses Silent Assassin guide will help you through all of the challenges that the game has to offer.

Hitman 3 Elusive Target Arcade – The Ellipses Silent Assassin guide

The first task in Hitman 3’s Elusive Target Arcade is The Ellipses. You must execute three Elusive Target missions to finish it, but each one has a new complication that makes it more difficult than you recall. This article will show you how to get a Silent Assassin rating and finish all three levels.

Target Arcade’s enigmatic warning

In Hitman 3, the Elusive Target Arcade is unusual in that it may lock you out of a task if you fail. If you die while attempting any of The Ellipses’ three stages, you’ll be sent back to the main menu and won’t be allowed to try the quest again for 12 hours. We propose that you follow our path without killing the target at least once so that you are aware of the risks and spots to avoid. Then, when you’re satisfied, you may begin the missions in earnest.

The Collector (Level 1)

hitman-3-the-ellipses-level-1-loadoutPhotographed by

The Collector must be killed on the first level of this assignment. You’ll recognize him from Hitman 3, as will all of the other targets in this task. However, this level has an additional complexity in that you must first conceal all dead and unconscious bodies before proceeding. We suggest beginning in the garden since it comes with a gardener disguise. Only the currency is required, although it never hurts to have something handy for a swift assassination, such as a fatal syringe if you have one.

flip-a-coin-hitman-3-the-ellipsesPhotographed by

Make your way up to the rear of the mansion, where the stairs climb to meet the back doors, from where you started. A guard is stationed beside a container where you may bury his corpse. To pull him over, overpower him, and put his corpse in the container, flip a coin next to it. A map reference for the container may be seen below.

container-map-reference-hitman-3-the-ellipsesPhotographed by

Pick up the guard’s pistol and set it on the stairwell’s center portion. You may now return to your hiding place near the container and wait.

place-the-gun-hitman-3-the-ellipsesPhotographed by

The target will eventually stroll up these steps and discover the rifle. He’ll have his bodyguard take it and go away with it to dispose of it. When the target comes near enough, toss another coin on the container to entice him to it. He won’t come over if the bodyguard is too far away. You may now kill the target and dispose of his corpse.

kill-the-collector-hitman-3-the-ellipsesPhotographed by

Gather whatever the target drops, particularly the knife. Then, to the left of this container, you must climb up the drainpipe. Shimmy to the left at the top and follow the ledge around. To go back out onto the ledge and onto another drainpipe, you’ll need to enter the mansion and navigate around the top walkway. The top drainpipe you’re looking for is marked on the map below.

upper-drainpipe-map-reference-hitman-3-the-ellipsesPhotographed by

You may jump onto the balcony outside Alexa Carlisle’s office by climbing up this drainpipe. Instead of going inside, climb up the next drainpipe to the top level. You may now enter the house and take the painting down the stairs. You won’t be seen if you wait for the guard to move beneath the stairwell. Once you’ve obtained the picture, you may return the way you came and go to any exit.

painting-hitman-3-the-ellipsesPhotographed by

The Liability (Level 2)

the-liability-loadout-hitman-3-the-ellipsesPhotographed by

In Berlin, you must assassinate the Liability. The fact that you can’t murder anybody with a gun and that all corpses must be concealed adds to the complexity. We suggest beginning near the club entrance, and you’ll need to carry a distraction item like a coin.

place-coin-hitman-3-the-ellipsesPhotographed by

As quickly as possible, enter the club and make your way to the outside bar from your starting point. Take the left fork of the bridge, then the right fork of the teeny-tiny boardwalk by the lake. This will take you behind the sitting area to a concrete portion containing a great amount of heavy gear. Place a coin on the floor in the approximate middle of the room, away from the motorcyclists, the camera, and the rest of the club. The location of this coin may be found on the map below.

place-coin-map-reference-hitman-3Photographed by

You should observe your target sitting down and drinking a drink if you follow your instincts. To distract the target, toss a coin on the low wall straight behind you. He’ll get up and begin strolling about, at which time he’ll see the coin you’ve put on the ground. His bodyguard and guide, on the other hand, will accompany him.

coin-on-low-wall-hitman-3-the-ellipsesPhotographed by

Run towards the target and continuously collide with his bodyguard and guide. You must give the target enough time to notice your coin and bend down to pick it up. The guide and bodyguard rush around to the victim and shove him into the water after a few seconds of stalling. You are now free to go by any of the accessible exits without being stopped.

push-target-into-water-hitman-3-the-ellipsesPhotographed by

The Ascensionist (Level 3)

The Ascensionist is the ultimate target in this Elusive Target Arcade assignment. She’s in Dubai, with the extra difficulty that you can’t murder her with a gun, that you have to conceal all corpses, and that if you’re caught on video, you have to destroy the data.

the-ascensionist-loadout-the-ellipses-hitman-3Photographed by

For this path, you’ll need a special loadout. Bring a briefcase, but don’t put anything in it, and separate the currency from the briefcase. Unload your weapon so you don’t have to discard it wherever. Finally, you’ll have to sneak the Remote Emetic Gas Device into the atrium bathroom. The big atrium will be your starting point.

subdue-guard-hitman-3-the-ellipsesPhotographed by

Get frisked and proceed up the stairs as quickly as you can from your starting point. You must turn left, pass past the Black Gold Bar, and ascend the blue-curtained stairway to the left of that bar. At the top, turn left and go around the balcony until you reach an open chamber with two guards. Use the currency to lure one guard in, overpower him, and then bury his corpse in the wardrobe. This place is shown on the map below.

subdue-guard-map-reference-hitman-3-the-ellipsesPhotographed by

Go to the atrium bathroom to collect your smuggled goods while wearing the security guard disguise. Keep an eye out for the target, since she may be heading up the stairs right now. You still have to be quick, so go to the restroom and grab the Remote Emetic Gas Device. You won’t be suspicious under your present disguise.

collect-gas-device-hitman-3-the-ellipsesPhotographed by

Enter the next stall and hide the gas canister in the suitcase. This means you may use the remote to activate it, and the gas will emerge from the bag. Return to the Black Gold Bar and wait for your target to speak with a female NPC outside the double door to the restroom. Trigger the gas and stroll around the couple after they’ve started conversing. To make this work, you must poison both of them.

feeling-sick-the-ellipses-hitman-3Photographed by

The two will now go to the restroom to vomit. Your target will go to the left-hand stall, where she will conceal her corpse in a closet. Close the door and drown her once she’s inside. After that, conceal her corpse and find a way out. We discovered a bug that causes NPCs outside to go into alert mode after you kill the target, but they won’t come to rescue you. If this occurs, the mission may have to be restarted. You may add the Krugermeier 2-2 Dark pistol to your armory by finishing this objective in the Elusive Target Arcade.

drown-target-hitman-3-the-ellipsesPhotographed by

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you beat silent assassin hitman?

A: Silent assassin is a difficult game to beat. The best method for this would be by being able to predict the next move that your opponent will make and counter it with one of your moves or blocking them. This can only be done if you are playing on Expert difficulty level, however!

Can you play missed elusive targets?

A: No, this is a feature that exists in the game mechanics of Beat Saber and would not exist outside of it.

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