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How to Complete Triada Blessings Quest in Far Cry 6 – How to Find Relics

Far Cry 6 is a game that has been in development for almost 3 years and it’s finally here. But before we get to the fun stuff, let’s talk about the Triada Blessings Quest. If you’re like me and can’t find any relics, then this guide will help you out!

The far cry 6 oluwa cave is the location of the first relic. It can be found in a hidden cave near the entrance of the game’s map.

How to Complete Triada Blessings Quest in Far Cry 6

This guide will walk you through the Triada Blessings side quest in Far Cry 6, which has you searching for three relics in various places as one of the major goals.

When you go to the mysterious Oluwa Cave, east of Clara’s Camp, and discover a note inside, you’ll get the mission. You will get the Triada Blessings quest after reading this letter.

How to Finish Far Cry 6’s Triada Blessings Quest

The mission requires you to locate three relics in various locations:

  • Relic of Ida’s Triada
  • Relic of Oku’s Triada
  • Triada Relic by Mimo Abosi

Relic of Ida’s Triada

The first is Ida’s Triada Relic, which can be seen in Dos Monjas Mohote’s La Triada Mural. This location may be found on the map in the Lozania area.

To go into the cave where the Relic is kept, you must grip and climb up vines. Use the grappling hook to climb up the rock, then leap to the vines to go even higher. Once you’ve reached the top, use the grappling hook to descend into the cave, where you’ll discover another zipline task.

Instead of jumping from one zipline to the next, the key is to utilize one zipline to leap from one to the next. This will need you to timing your leaps and is not very tough, but planning your route using the marked arrows will enable you to reach the purple fog where the Relic is hidden.

Relic of Oku’s Triada

The Oku’s Triada Relic, the second relic, may be discovered in For Oro, in the Arroz Flatlands of Cruz del Salvador. Because this fort is only accessible at night, be sure to arrive after sunset.

Read the Treasure Hunt notice for the Relic outside the right-hand entrance before entering the fort. Enter the fort and go to the wide chamber with the mirrors on the right. As you go by all of the mirrors, they will begin to burst and disintegrate. All of the mirrors in the room should break off one by one as you go around the room. If you shoot this mirror, a button will appear behind it.

When you press the button, the door directly in front of you, to the left of the fort entrance, will open. On the table, there are three buttons that you may interact with. First, press the center button, then the left button, and lastly the right button. As a result, the piano on the level above will begin to play music, so go up the stairs to where the piano is now playing. The chamber behind the piano is where you can get the Dungeon Key.

Return to the fort’s main level with the key and use it to access the dungeon. You’ll find yourself in the dungeon’s jail cell section, where you must push the button to blow up the cave’s entrance. This cave contains the Relic, which is kept deep inside it.

Proceed ahead from the dungeon and use the grappling hook to ascend to the fort’s roof, then use the zipline to reach the cave’s entrance. Squat down and make your way to the purple indication, which marks the location of the relic.

Triada Relic by Mimo Abosi

Mimo Abosi’s Triada Relic, located southwest of La Joya in El Este, is the third relic. The location will be a drilling site where you must enter the tunnel and read the message posted outside.

Turn around at the tunnel’s entrance and take out the wire connecting to the generator before entering. Now fire the lock and make your way inside the tunnel. Take the fork to the left and look for the key in the corpse crushed under a boulder. Return to the front and follow the right-hand route. Swim underwater and emerge on the opposite side, where you must first access the ventilation fans on the left with the key. To grapple down, turn them on and enter the elevator shaft.

This will lead you to an open location where the relic will be waiting for you under the purple haze.

Make your way back to Oluwa Cave.

Once you collect all of the Relics, return to the Oluwa Cave and put them on the ground to reveal the Triador Supremo and La Varita Resolver Weapon ahead in the cave.

The battle against the Oluwas’ Guardian Spirit will then begin. All you have to do now is resurrect this cat once you’ve defeated it and it’ll join you.

That’s how you finish the Far Cry 6 side mission Triada Blessings. Please leave your thoughts in the box below.

Far Cry 6 is the latest installment in the Far Cry series. It was released on December 4th, 2018 and has been praised for its open-world gameplay. The game also includes a number of quests that players can complete to earn rewards. One of these quests is the Triada Blessings Quest which requires you to find 3 relics scattered across Kyrat. Reference: when is far cry 6 coming out.

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