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How to Recruit Visitors in Rimworld –

If you’re into sci-fi games with a bit of survival, space exploration and colonizing then Rimworld is your cup o’ tea. It has a rich story line that drives players to explore the unknown, but it can be hard to bring in new people as an established player. Here are some tips for how you can recruit more friends on this massively multiplayer game!

In this article, I will be discussing how to recruit visitors in the game Rimworld. This is a mod that can be downloaded from the Steam Workshop. It allows players to recruit new colonists by building a room with beds and making it available for visitors.

How to Recruit Visitors in Rimworld –

Rimworld is a survival game in which you must grow and care for a colony. When you start the game as a wealthy explorer, you’ll have to do everything by yourself, from hunting to cooking, mining to construction, transportation to research. Having a populous colony proves to be highly advantageous throughout the game.

There are several opportunities for you to attract colonists for your colony. There are several ways for you to get colonists, ranging from capturing captives to purchasing slaves.

It becomes easier to survive when you have more people. Colonists are capable of doing a variety of chores, thus having a larger colony will only make things simpler for you. Another significant benefit of having a large colony is the ability to easily defend it from attackers. Let’s look at how you may expand your colony’s population in Rimworld.

In Rimworld, there are many methods to acquire visitors:

Assume the role of a prisoner for your adversaries.

Raids occur often in Rimworld, therefore if you haven’t been attacked yet, you will be soon. You must always be prepared for a raid whenever it occurs. You’ll need to defend your base with turrets, melee weapons, firearms, and other methods. While some foes die in battle, not all of them do. If their injuries aren’t serious enough to kill them, some of them can be downed.

When you observe a raider laying on the ground with a yellow exclamation mark (“!”) hanging over him, you know you’ve encountered a fallen opponent. When this occurs, all you have to do is choose one of your current colonists, then the enemy, and then click “Capture.”

If you don’t have a jail and a bed for the prisoner, you won’t be able to apprehend him. Select the prisoner and go to the “Prisoner” menu after you’ve caught him. Wait for the recruit option to appear. If you have a colonist designated to the job of “Warden,” he will speak with the prisoner and attempt to persuade him to join your colony. You’ll have to give the prisoner food and medication. To more successfully recruit inmates, the “Social” skill is required. 

Purchasing Slaves


Buying slaves is another option to quickly gain colonists for your colony. You’ll have to wait for pirates and merchants to sell slaves since they’re the only ones who can. Slaves might be fairly costly, depending on their abilities.

When you acquire a slave, he instantly joins your colony and behaves like a regular colonist. Purchasing slaves may lower the morale of your colonists, so take caution while making judgments. If you have a larger colony, you will have less opportunities to purchase slaves.

Landing with a BANG

Crashlanding of transport pods is an uncommon occurrence in the game. You have the option of rescuing or capturing individuals from this situation. This event’s survivors may or may not be hostile. They could also be friendly or know someone in your colony.

There are two categories of survivors from the wrecked landing: red and blue. The survivors with blue names are from a goodwill group that is neutral. The people with red names belong to a hostile party with a -80 goodwill rating. Although both factions may be captured, only the neutral faction can be rescued in a peaceful manner.

When you capture a survivor, he becomes a prisoner of your colony, which you may later recruit. Rescued inmates have the option of joining or leaving your colony. If they decide to depart, the friendliness between his colony and yours will grow. If you do nothing about the crash-landing survivors, they will either perish or attempt to flee.

Wanderer’s Defense

One of these days in the game, you’ll get a message about someone fleeing raiders or wild animals and requesting your assistance in protecting them. If your colony needs extra colonists, you should surely accept it. When you accept the mission, the individual will join your colony right away.

Be aware that you will have to protect not just the individual, but also your own colony from anybody or whatever is pursuing him. If you opt to refuse, however, the individual will not appear in your region at all.

The Wanderer Has Joined Us

In Rimworld, this is perhaps one of the simplest methods to recruit colonists. “Wanderer joins” is a message you may get from time to time. When this occurs, a random individual joins your colony without you needing to take any action. These wanderers are individuals who may or may not be linked to anybody in your colony.

Wanderers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and depending on who they are, they may be extremely beneficial. You have the choice of allowing them to join your colony or banishing them, as well as other alternatives that may cause problems for your colonists. 

Traders or visitors

This is definitely one of the most obnoxious methods to recruit new colonists for your colony, but it works, particularly if you’re desperate. Occasionally, people may pass through your colony, and some caravans will come to trade with you. You may assign one of your current colonists to the task of arresting both visitors and merchants.

This may work, but keep in mind that your relationships with the groups to which they belong may be harmed. Things might become a little ugly if you attempt to catch merchants in a big caravan group, so be prepared. Even in the game, it doesn’t seem right, but you have to do what you have to do.

This strategy is unquestionably legal in the game, but it does put your conscience to the test. Always keep in mind that it is just a game at the end of the day.

Caskets for Cryptosleep

People in ancient peril may be found in crypto slumber caskets. These are most likely individuals from the past who chose to enter crypto sleep caskets in order to survive anything. It’s not difficult to locate the old threat. It is produced in a variety of settings.

Ancient hazards often conceal precious things, colonies, and mechanoids, as well as humans in crypto slumber. When you open these caskets, be extremely cautious since the individuals inside will most likely become hostile to your colonist and attack him. They may be armed with a wide range of weaponry.

These individuals may be apprehended in the same manner that downed foes can be apprehended. Make sure you don’t murder them while you’re downing them.

Randy Irrational


There are many storytellers in Rimworld. Because they regulate the amount of individuals in your colony, the storyteller you pick has an impact on the population of your colonists. Randy Random is one of these storytellers, and he has the highest potential for increasing the number of individuals in your colony.

If your colony has less people (under the crucial number), it will activate different events in order to attract new colonists, but once you hit the critical number, it will trigger various calamities in order to lower the population. If you’re searching for a huge colony, Randy Random is the best option since all other storytellers have a critical limit of 18.

Get Your Colony Ready for New Members

You must constantly be on the lookout for newcomers to your colony. Make an extra bed when you first start your game in case any additional folks join your colony. Later in the game, it is advised that you have extra rooms and beds on hand in case more individuals arrive.

It is advised that you make a few empty beds and place them in various rooms as part of your preparation. Because the majority of your colonists’ supply is captives acquired from other colonies, you should build a modest jail with simply a bed inside. Make several medical beds as well; it’s better to be cautious than sorry!

Beggars can’t be picky.

Don’t be choosy about who you want and who you don’t want in your colony. If you have the opportunity to capture or add someone to your colony on a regular basis, take it. Even if your colonist does not provide you with some work or is not a healer as you desired.

Always keep in mind that the colonists will be capable of doing other tasks, such as freeing up time for others or, more importantly, colonists. On the other hand, even if you believe a colonist to be completely worthless, you may still utilize him if you sell him into slavery or harvest his organs. 

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In “rimworld recruit rescued” Rimworld is a sci-fi colony building and management game. You must build your own base, research new technologies, and explore the world for resources to survive.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get new people in Rimworld?

A: You can invite other players you know online or through the steam workshop.

What can you do with visitors in Rimworld?

A: Visitors are Sims that come to visit your colony. They can only be controlled by controlling a base building or the vehicle they came in, and you cannot control them through their own means. If they want to take part on an event, they will need to assign themselves as a leader of this event before doing so.

How do you turn a prisoner into a colonist?

A: To turn a prisoner into a colonist, you must find them and manually assign them as a criminal.

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