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If Wind Waker does get put onto the Switch, can they use the unused actors in unused layers for it?

Nintendo has released a remake of one the most iconic Zelda games in recent years, The Wind Waker. While it was met with mixed reviews from critics and fans due to graphical constraints on the Switch, there are still rumors that Nintendo may put out an HD version for their upcoming console. If this happened can we expect new scenes or even unused actors from other layers?

The “wind waker switch 2021 release date” is a question that has been asked for some time. It’s not known if Nintendo will use the unused actors in unused layers for it, but it would be great if they did.

If Wind Waker does get put onto the Switch, can they use the unused actors in unused layers for it?

Gamingtodaynews1f - If Wind Waker does get put onto the Switch, can they use the unused actors in unused layers for it?

Can they do that, and even bring back some of the prerelease actors that were removed from particular sections in the final game, such as the two Floormasters from layer 11 to the default layer in Forsaken Fortress 1, the FF 2 Floormaster, and the skulls from Forsaken Fortress 2? Because there was only one Floormaster in prerelease, they may need to put a second one on the left side of the space in FF2. Two Octorocks from the Tower of the God. (For some reason, number one does not load.) When you return to Mesa’s home in the future, remove the little grass actor near Mesa’s house, which is in layers 4 and 5, and perhaps place the 12 keeses from the unused layer in layers 4 and 5. If they don’t want 12 keeses, utilize the 6 keeses from prerelease in layers 4 and 5 and shift them closer to Link’s position as he climbs the mountain. (If they’re far away, you won’t be able to kill them all with a boomerang since you won’t be able to reach them.) In layers 0 and 1, place the first ksaku, or boarded-up wall. Place the second one in the default layer of that layer. In the default layer, place the three kotubo or little pots from layer 7. They can at least accomplish that, as seen by the little pots at Orcas House in the closing credits. You can see them in WW HD as well, although I’m not sure whether that’s a video file or a loaded layer. For the first floor or room 0, don’t utilize the unused actors from Orca’s home. That place is already nice. However, they should be used on the second level or in room 1. Restore the 6 Large Pots in Prerelease in the last chamber of Savage Labyrinth using rupees. Chamber 2 or last room of the Ghost Ship with prerelease actor restored, 2 Stalfos, and 4 Poes. By the way, one Stalfos is in layer 11. I’m not sure whether the poes are on room 3’s layer 11. If the Stalfos are added, the Wizzrobe’s kind will have to be changed from stalfos spawning to Blue Bubbles spawning. (It was like this in the prerelease, which made it more difficult.) Except for the pink warp item in WarpD, other restore in layer 11 or 7 objects like caverns, residences, and other regions. There’s already a white warp that has to be left. Also, if the empty shelf in Mesa’s home is utilized, raise it a little. When Link collides with a wall, he becomes trapped. I doubt they’ll do everything since it’s not the vanilla game, but it’d be amazing if it was something like a second quest or something. Also, can they correct the Tingle Bomb Purple rupee flag in Dragon Roost Cavern and the Green Rupee flags in the miniboss Room in Forbidden Woods? They’re each using a collectable that has the same flag on it. Please Nintendo, fix it. People hypothesized that the player acquired those other Green Rupees in the dungeon, which is why those Green Rupees didn’t exist in the past. That’s all I’ve got to say about it.

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“Can they utilize the unused actors in unused layers for it if Wind Waker does get placed on the Switch?” is a question for game Gaming News.

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The “wind waker switch 2020” is a question that has been asked many times. If the game does get put onto the Switch, can they use the unused actors in unused layers for it?

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Wind Waker come to Switch?

A: The latest Nintendo Direct has given fans a few clues that we might be getting this game on the Switch.

Is there a Wind Waker remake?

A: Unfortunately, Nintendo does not currently have any plans to remake the Wind Waker.

What can you play Wind Waker on?

A: Wind Waker is one of the best games released on the Nintendo Switch, so you can play it on any game console. If you want to know if a platform has Wind Waker preinstalled, please check out our list of all platforms with confirmed availability.

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