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King’s Bounty 2 tries to modernize the monarchy but doesn’t always succeed – hands-on impressions

The game’s story is set in a world where the royal family is overthrown by the people, and now you must take up arms to reclaim your throne. You can choose to play as one of four classes: Warrior, Mage, Rogue, or Assassin.

The king’s bounty 2 playable characters is a game that tries to modernize the monarchy, but doesn’t always succeed. I was able to play through the first two chapters of the game with my hands-on impressions.

King’s Bounty was published in 1990 and is considered a tactical gaming classic. That was 31 years ago, in the midst of the Dark Ages. Much has changed since then, and 1C Entertainment has always attempted to keep the series moving ahead as technology and gameplay have progressed.

The series takes its most ambitious step forward in King’s Bounty 2, becoming an over-the-shoulder third-person RPG. The game puts a greater emphasis than ever before on exploring the environment and engaging with people. As a consequence, this installment may have a wider appeal than any other in the series. Unfortunately, it is not without faults, owing to these efforts to broaden the playerbase. 

One of the most serious problems that King’s Bounty 2 has is that it wants a little too much, and it suffers as a result of its lack of concentration. The game has a core feeling of perplexity as it tries to reconcile the notion of you exploring the environment with the idea of you battling in it. 

The greatest example of this is when you are handed a weapon at the beginning of the game, but you will never use it. To be clear, your character having a weapon makes perfect sense in the game’s environment, which is packed with monsters and scary stuff. In a world inhabited with wild wolves and huge bears, every well-prepared human would be armed. 

Because fighting is a turn-based strategy game, and your character isn’t engaged, it falls apart. You play as the leader of an army, and you command it during fights. You may also utilize magic, but you do not fight with your soldiers. Outside of those tactical fights, you don’t fight at all, which creates a disconnect. It’s hardly a deal-breaker, but it does point to the flaws in King’s Bounty 2. 


Combat is where the game shines. You either love or despise tactical, turn-based combat, but King’s Bounty 2 understands what series fans want and provides enough of it. Your army may have up to five distinct troops, which can vary from men equipped with spears and bows to animal or odd monster units.

Combat is enjoyable and tough, although screen readability issues can arise from time to time. There aren’t many tutorials in the game, thus many elements of the fighting system will have to be mastered via trial and error. If a player makes a mistake but learns from it, they should not be scared to roll back to a save file at the start of an encounter. 

The Ideals system, which essentially splits all available soldiers into four factions, is one of the most important systems in the game. You’ll have to make choices that fit with Order, Anarchy, Power, or Finesse as you go through the game. As you do so, you will gradually swear your loyalty to the various factions. This will have an effect on your troop selections as well as the game’s outcome. 

Unfortunately for RPG lovers, King’s Bounty 2’s greatest flaw is in this area. To say the least, the voice acting is wooden, and the language is stiff. While the environment you explore is intriguing, full of tiny mysteries and exquisite design details that truly make it pop, the narrative that develops there is a bit too conventional to shine. 

It’s almost a pity that King’s Bounty 2 made some of the modifications it did, such the increased RPG features and more realistic graphics. It’s difficult not to get the impression that by doubling down on what the series has always done well and maybe going even more imaginative with the world’s appearance, the game might have really stood out.

As it is, this will undoubtedly appeal to fans of the series, but it’s difficult to see too many newcomers being pulled into the King’s Bounty world. 

The king’s bounty 2 wiki is a place to find information about the game. It has sections on characters, weapons, and more.

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