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MONTECH AIR 1000 LITE Case Review

MONTECH is an international company that specializes in the design and manufacture of cases for gaming systems, laptops, notebooks and tablets. They have been around since 2008 with a wide range of product options including carrying tote bags, laptop sleeves/skins and tablet holders. MONTECH has recently released their new Air 1000 Lite case which they say “is specifically designed to protect your device while still providing easy access.”

The “montech air 100 lite review” is a case that was designed for gamers. The case has an aluminum frame with multiple color options to choose from.

MONTECH AIR 1000 LITE Case Review


On the bench today is Montech’s AIR 1000 LITE Black ATX mid-tower case. The Air 1000 Lite is the entry-level mesh front panel case from Montech, a relatively young PC case maker from Taiwan, and it costs $69.99 on Amazon and Newegg.

The Montech Air 1000 Lite Case is a lightweight case for the Montech Air 1000.

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Montech employs a typical ATX layout, with a partly divided PSU compartment at the bottom of the case and a full-size hinged glass side panel window. Montech includes three high-flow fans with the Air 1000 Lite: two 120mm fans in the top two front fan locations and one 120mm fan in the sole 120mm rear fan position.

Up to three more fans may be mounted, with two 120mm and 140mm fans put on the top of the chassis and a third 120mm fan installed on the front fan mount, which can also take up to three 140mm fans. This increases the number of fan settings to six, with five supporting 120mm and 140mm fans and one confined to 120mm fans. The fans are 3-pin DC AIR FAN P120s. It’s set to a high airflow of 55 CFM yet runs at a whisper-quiet 23 dBA.


Up to 165mm CPU coolers are supported, which is plenty of area for all but the tallest tower coolers and plenty of room for the stay silent! For this evaluation, Dark Rock Pro 4 was utilized. Radiators may be 280mm (140mm x 2) or 360mm (120mm x 3) wide in the front, 240mm (120mm x 2) or 280mm (140mm x 2) wide in the top, and 120mm wide in the back.

Despite the fact that three 140mm fans may be installed in the front, Montech is unlikely to officially allow a 420mm radiator owing to the lack of clearance.

GPUs with a length of up to 340mm are supported; however, installing a radiator on the front panel will limit GPU length, with Montech estimating a 310mm clearance – this may vary depending on radiator and fan thickness. When utilized in the Air 1000 Lite, the ASUS ROG STRIX RX 5700 XT O8G GAMING previously reviewed measures just 305mm and does not provide an installation problem.


With the HDD cage at the bottom of the case fitted, PSUs up to 180mm in length are supported; with the cage removed, PSUs up to 200mm are supported. The Seasonic Focus GX1000 in the review system is just 140mm long, so installing it didn’t necessitate moving the HDD cage forward, but power supply in the 170mm range or longer will undoubtedly benefit from the increased room provided by shifting the HDD cage forward. The HDD cage has been relocated forward for this evaluation to make power supply installation and cable routing easier. For cable management, there are 2x pre-installed cable management grommets and 3x Velcro loops.



The Air 1000 Lite’s HDD cage can accommodate two 3.5″ or two 2.5″ drives, with a further pair of 2.5″ drives fitted behind the motherboard tray and two more 2.5″ drives supported on the front side of the motherboard tray. Because they do not overhang any of the cable routing cutouts, these mounts on the front of the motherboard tray are well-positioned to be utilized if required.


Montech includes a pop-up air filter for the front of the case, as well as a pull-out filter for the PSU’s bottom intake vent and a fast sliding dust filter. The execution is excellent, and we’d like to see additional case makers follow suit.

Panel of Tempered Glass


Montech has outfitted the Air 1000 Lite with an untinted Panel of Tempered Glass that covers the entire left side of the case and is attached using two rear hinges and a pair of fairly strong magnets placed on the front edge. To ease opening the case, a strong nylon tab has been fixed to the front edge of the panel. The glass panel has a zero drill hole design, which improves structural integrity.

When the enclosure is in its regular vertical position, the hinged design is quite handy. However, if you’re working inside the case while it’s on a table, we recommend removing the glass panel first. This is due to the lack of a locking mechanism on the hinges, which allows the panel to be removed off the hinge posts once extended to roughly 30 degrees. Though the concept is straightforward to execute and doesn’t obstruct work within the case as long as the panel is removed before laying the case on its side, a catch would be welcomed.

I/O Panel and Top



The top I/O panel has the usual suspects: power and reset buttons, 3.5mm headphone and microphone output jacks, and two USB 2.0 and USB 3.0type-A ports apiece. A USB Type-C port is missing. There is also an LED button that is coupled to an LED lead that is part of the main case-control bundle that connects into the motherboard and is used for the Montech Air 1000 Premium’s LED control module.

From the top, you can also reach the front filter. The filter is freed and pops up a short distance when you press down on the top of it. If required, the filter may be lifted straight up to be removed for cleaning or greater ventilation.

Front of the Case


The toolless quick release front panel removable Front of the Case panel consists of a large mesh panel that is flanked by front-facing vents on either side. The front panel itself is removed by pulling straight back, starting from the bottom, and houses the front filter. It is a toolless quick-release format. Removal is necessary to access the front fan mounts and is fairly straightforward as there are no cable connections.


Behind the front panel, Montech has put two of the three 120mm fans he has installed. Standard fan screws are used to hold them, and they’re placed properly for stock usage.

We also understand that Gamer’s Nexus discovered a problem with the diameter of the pores in the Air 1000 Lite’s front panel mesh, and that Montech has said that if confirmed consumers contact them, they would switch the front panels. The original mesh design, which employs holes with a diameter of 2.0mm, is used in our review sample.

Partition for the Motherboard


The Montech Air 1000 Lite is compatible with ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX motherboards, and comes with ATX standoffs already attached. There are several routing holes around the ATX-spec motherboard area, with the two openings in front of the ATX zone being equipped with rubber grommets. These are not attached with any kind of glue or adhesive and will pop off if not handled properly, but in general, they remain in place and are rather straightforward to replace if the grommets are accidentally removed.

Compartment for Power Supply

Larger power supplies and power supplies with a lot of power leads have enough of area thanks to Montech. Shorter power supply provide you more workspace, but even a longer unit won’t preclude you from using the supplied HDD cage. The Air 1000 Lite additionally features four rubber cushions to assist absorb power supply vibrations.


The HDD cage may be pushed 20mm closer to the front of the chassis than it is in its usual position. This gives the PSU and PSU cables more area at the price of some flexibility for water-cooling setups. If desired, there is still enough room for a third 140mm fan.

Specifications for the Montech Air 1000 Lite

Color Black
Materials Tempered Glass, Steel
L x W x H Dimensions (mm) Dimensions: 416mm x 220mm x 490mm
CPU Cooler Maximum Height 165mm
GPU Maximum Length 340mm
Total Number of Expansion Slots 7
Support for Motherboard Dimensions ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX are all types of motherboards.
Panel for Input and Output 2 USB 3.0 ports, 2 USB 2.0 ports, and 3.5mm audio in/out
Support for Power Supply ATX, with hard drive cage added, up to 180mm With the drive cage removed, Montech claims up to 200mm.
3.5″ / 2.5″ Internal Mounts Two, one with a tray that can be removed
2.5′′ Internal Mounts Two to the front of the motherboard, two to the back of the motherboard tray
Fans Involved 2x 120mm front mounts 120mm rear mount
Positions of the Front Fans 3 × 120mm / 140mm / 120mm / 140mm / 140mm / 140mm
Fan Positions at the Top 2 × 120mm / 140mm / 120mm / 140mm / 140mm / 140mm
Support for the Radiator 240mm or 280mm at the top Up to 280mm or 360mm in front
Warranty Montech may be reached at the following address: https://www.newegg.com/Seller-Store/MONTECH/about?position=return

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MONTECH AIR 1000 LITE Case Review is a case that was designed for gamers. The case has been made with durability and style in mind. It comes in multiple colors and can be found on Amazon.com. Reference: are montech cases good.

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