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MSI Announces New Gaming Desktops with 12th Gen Intel Core Processors and DDR5 Memory

MSI has released its new gaming desktop lineup with Intel’s 12th generation Core processors, DDR5 memory and an upgraded chassis design. The company is also introducing a new brand name for the LGA1151 socket-based products that are not compatible with previous models: MSI Phantom Gaming Series.
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MSI has announced new gaming desktops with 12th Gen Intel Core Processors and DDR5 Memory. The new laptops will be available for purchase on the MSI website starting today at 10am EST. Read more in detail here: cheap pcs for gaming.

MSI Announces New Gaming Desktops with 12th Gen Intel Core Processors and DDR5 Memory

MSI-Announces-New-Gaming-Desktops-with-12th-Gen-Intel-CoreMSI (Microsoft Imaging)

MSI has unveiled a new range of gaming desktops that take use of Intel’s new 12th Generation Core CPUs and DDR4 memory. The 12th MEG Aegis Ti5, a flagship system with a Core i9-12900K and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090, and the 12th MEG Trident, a tiny PC designed for smaller places, are among them. Up to 128 GB of DDR5 RAM may be installed on the MEG Aegis Ti5 12th and MAG Codex X5 12th Edition Edition.

MEG Aegis Ti5 12th MEG Trident X 12th MAG Codex X5 12th
System of Operation Windows 11 is the latest version of Microsoft’s operating is the latest version of Microsoft’s operating is the latest version of Microsoft’s operating Windows 11 Windows 11
CPU Intel Core i9-12900K (up to 12th Gen) Intel Core i7-12700K (up to 12th Gen) Intel Core i9-12900K (up to 12th Gen)
Chipset Z690 (Intel) Z690 (Intel) Z690 (Intel)
Storage 2x 2.5′′ Drive bays 3x M.2 slots (2x PCle Gen 4 x4, 1x SATA / PCle Gen 3 Auto switch) 1 3.5″ hard drive bay M.2 slots (two) (1x PCle Gen 4 x4, 1x Auto switch) 2 drive bays (2.5′′) 1x PCle Gen 34 / SATA Auto switch, 1x PCle Gen 44 / SATA Auto switch, 4x M.2 slots 2 drive bays (2.5′′) 2 3.5-inch drive bays
Memory of the computer system Up to 128GB, 4x DDR5 4400Mhz Up to 64GB, 2x DDR5 4800Mhz Up to 128GB DDR5 4400MHz DIMMs
Graphics Graphics cards up to NVIDIA RTX 3090 Graphics cards up to NVIDIA RTX 3090 Graphics cards up to NVIDIA RTX 3090
Dimensions 15 kilogram, 551 x 239 x 511 mm 6.7 kilograms 129 x 382 x 396 mm 12 kilogram, 210 X 450 x 488 mm (42L)

MEG Aegis Ti5 12th – The Way Forward


The MEG Aegis Ti 5 12th, being the flagship model, comes with the newest Intel Core i9-12900K CPU and NVIDIA RTX 3090 graphics card. The Silent Storm Cooling 4 has a split chamber architecture that ensures the system maintains exceptional cooling while performing at high levels. MSI has improved the Gaming Dial feature, which allows users to quickly move between several (gaming) services.

MEG Trident X 12th – The Gaming Centerpiece


The MEG Trident X 12th is ideal for gamers that value portability and a tiny form factor. The little desktop has a capacity of just 10 liters and is equipped with the newest Intel 12th Gen CPU and Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 graphics. The new standard will take your gaming experience to the next level with the newest DDR5-4800 memory and proprietary Silent Storm Cooling to enhance airflow.

MAG Codex X5 12th


The Nvidia GeForce GPUs and Intel 12th-generation CPUs power the MAG Codex X5 12th. It has a robust heat dissipation mechanism that aids in achieving optimal cooling efficiency. The system is protected from overheating thanks to the water cooling and optimum ventilation. The Mystic lights and tempered glass panel design allow you a full glimpse of the customised arrangement.

In its news announcement, MSI made no mention of availability or cost. The systems are yet to be featured on the official website of the company.

MSI is the source of this information.

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