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New Horizons changes that the latest updates haven’t told you about

Several days ago, when the May update hit on New Horizons and I was in a rush to get my hunt out of the way, something caught my eye. It wasn’t until after I’d collected all four new animal skins that it struck me: this game is about hunting down other players now. Suddenly every little detail had meaning for me–the fact that you can pick up mines from your opponents’ campsites or see their footprints with your handy dandy binoculars are things you’ll only appreciate once they’ve been part of your daily routine for a few weeks. With the introduction of these features has come a slew of newfound strategies and tactics – some more viable than others! If you’re struggling to make sense through all this chaos (or just want to learn how other people have gotten ahead), then read on!.

The “animal crossing updates 2021” is a new update that was released on the Nintendo Switch. The latest changes have not been told to you by the company, but they are worth looking into.

New Horizons changes that the latest updates haven't told you about

Animal Crossing New Horizons has seen a lot of modifications in version 2.0 and surrogates, and many of the changes to the Switch game have been kept concealed… until now.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is now available in version 2.0. New Horizons added a variety of new elements to the most popular Nintendo Switch game, including a kitchen, a museum café, and gyroids…

Much of the material in version 2.0 has already been covered in earlier guides, such as the full list of gyroids, the food items that have altered their nature, the cafe’s hidden prizes, and a new method to get Star Shards.

However, it turns out that this version has much more alterations. And, despite the fact that we’ve previously written down all of the version 2.0 modifications from October 2021, even the most top-secret ones, there were still additional changes, some minor but never revealed by Nintendo.

All of the changes in Animal Crossing New Horizons that the most recent releases haven’t mentioned

Take two shots of the locals.

animal crossing new horizons happy home paradise

The images of the villagers when they become close friends with you are one of the most sought-after items, but many people are unaware that you may receive many copies of the photo.

There is a new criterion in version 2.0: you must chat with the villager who gave you the picture at least 10 times in order to receive a second one. So, even after you’ve gotten the picture, don’t forget about the locals!

Get more charitable, Buh.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Buh

After the October 2021 update, the Phantom Buh, who appears on the island on a few odd nights, is now considerably more benevolent. In Bells, combining his five Essence Shards will provide furnishings with a significantly larger monetary worth.

If we ask for “something he doesn’t have,” he will offer us a piece of furniture from the inventory that we don’t have with a maximum value of 15,000 bells, and if we ask for “something pricey,” he will give us anything valued between 6,000 and 100,000 bells.

In dreams, the island finder changes.

Animal Crossing New Horizons

One of the greatest ways to be inspired to change your island, or just have fun observing other players’ creativity, is to visit other players’ islands in dreams. We’ve left a number of islands for you to visit with codes… but they’re no longer required in the game.

And it’s because the most recent version has included the ability to search for islands by name. That is, if you have authorized people to visit your island, all you have to do now is supply the name of your island, which makes things much simpler. Have you been to the island that recreates the Mario Kart 8 track, for example?

Postcards with new designs

You may purchase postcards at the airport to give to your online friends or other villages, and two new letter designs, with fireworks on an urban backdrop and a peak evocative of Mount Fuji, have been introduced without warning: Dawn Year Postcard New and Postcard Fireworks.

The strange thing is that these designs were previously available in the game, but for some reason, maybe due to a glitch, they were unavailable for purchase until now.

New things will be available until 2032… that you may get without going through time.

Animal Crossing New Horizons

Update 2.0.5 included additional Chinese zodiac items, such as animal figurines based on the animal of the year (2022 is the year of the tiger), which are only available for a short time in the MiniNook store.

Of course, going in time (by altering the time on the console) would get you all of these goods sooner, but there is another “legal” method to receive the animal figurines sooner: via gifts that the fate teller Katrina provides you every time you visit her. If it reads you bad luck, it “purifies” you for 10,000 bells.

Changes in the names of furniture

The great majority of gamers will be unaffected by this little adjustment. The Desert Slab Wall and Desert Slab are renamed Moroccan Slab Wall and Moroccan Slab, with color options such as blue, khaki, or lilac, and are added to the Moroccan collection that was included in Happy Home Paradise, along with additional furniture such as a table, a couch, or a pouf.

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“The latest updates haven’t told you about the new changes in New Horizons.” The “how many villagers in acnh” update has changed a lot of things. This is an article that will tell you what’s new with this update.

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