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Resurrected hell hardcore speedrun in 3:46:05 with feedback

A speedrunner in Hell has completed a run of the game with feedback, meaning that the runner is able to see what they are doing on screen. This allows for more precise movement and improved reactions.

The diablo 2 resurrected pk is a speedrun of the game Diablo II. It was completed in 3 hours and 46 minutes, with feedback on how to improve it.

diablo19 - Resurrected hell hardcore speedrun in 3:46:05 with feedback

Yesterday, I finished my first tough hell Resurrected speedrun at 3:46:05. The original game time was 2:46:27. Here’s what I have to say about it from my point of view.


  • Overall, the gameplay is fantastic and feels quite close to the original.
  • The game looks nice and lags a lot less than the original.
  • The new gambling mechanisms appeal to me.
  • The new hotkeys and settings are really nice.


  • Long load times were a problem in the original game as well. In the original Hell Run, you spent approximately 10 minutes on loading screens. It’s at least 5 times longer in Resurrected. In a four-hour run, the quickest class had already spent almost an hour on load screens.
  • When teleporting, assets appear. The problem grows worse as your cast speed increases, but it’s already apparent at 10% cast speed. It occurs all the time at the 63 percent breakpoint on the sorc.
  • Every time you create a new character, you must load the default hotkeys. Simply set default as the new character’s default.
  • Players’ preferences do not transfer over to the next game and must be reset after each save and exit. It was carried over to subsequent games in the original.
  • In window mode, there is no option to lock the mouse.
  • I’ll get accustomed to it, but I don’t like how the open belt bars the xp bar and hovering skills blocks the remaining skill points.
  • When entering a region, the map takes a second or two to load.


  • If an enemy is cold immune, cold mastery pierces them.
  • When filling out player settings, chat sometimes freezes and does not show your messages.
  • Telekinesis is unreliable and often fails.
  • If there is a barrier in the way, you won’t be able to telekinesis anything.
  • You may telekinesis act 2 orifice, which unlocks the menu, but it locks you in and you must break out.
  • The first Anya quest progress is not triggered by telekinesis, but the dialog is. However, after you get the potion and telekinesis, the mission will go normally.
  • Ancients aren’t spawned by Telekinesis, therefore you’ll have to respawn them.
  • The infuse button is occasionally absent while attempting to imbue an item, and you must save and leave to get it back.
  • There is no way to assign the “throw” skill. Players utilized this as a “walk only” mode. It would be great to have a distinct “walk only” skill.


  • The game seems to be easier. The Hell Ancients do not seem to cause any harm. They used to one-shot you during a speedrun in the original game, but I’ve been able to survive the last cold immunity and simply spam Fire Wall while he hits me.
  • Overall, it’s a lot simpler to kite and dodge enemy strikes. This is aided by the use of ladder runewords, which makes things even simpler.
  • The fire wall is considerably more powerful; in Resurrected, level 8 fire wall kill speed was incredible, and it easily dispatched enemies.
  • Blizzard seems to be a little weaker. It did less damage with Spirit+Lore than it did with no +skills sorc in the original game.
  • Act bosses have a slower attack/cast speed. In comparison to the original, Mephisto seems to have slowed down the most, and his strikes are much simpler to dodge.
  • I have a hard time seeing curses.
  • Enemies disappear into the background.
  • It’s tough for me to determine whether an opponent is a minion group or not. In the original, I could tell by their color, but in resurrection, I had to relearn how to hover and read whether they were minion or not.

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For the game Diablo 3, post “Resurrected hell hardcore speedrun in 3:46:05 with feedback.”

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Diablo 2 is a game that was released in 1996. It has been revived and updated to be played on current computers. The diablo 2 resurrected release date is the day that this update went live.

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