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Shop Titans Update 9.1.0 Patch Notes

Patch 9.1 has arrived and with it comes a new set of features designed to keep your battlefield metropolis in the running for top spot on the global leaderboards!
New Features: New Maps, Daily Quest Updates, Clan Arena Enhancements, Localization Improvements throughout all menus!. Click here for more information about what’s changed since Patch 8.2

The “shop titans” is a game that has been released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The 9.1.0 patch notes for the game have been released. This update includes adjustments to weapons, balance changes, bug fixes, and more.

Shop Titans Update 9.1.0 Patch Notes

Shop Titans

The Shop Titans update 9.1.0 is now ready for download, and gamers may begin doing so right now. This new patch was released earlier today by Kabam Games to provide Added New Content to Shop Titans for gamers to enjoy.

The developer also repaired several of the game’s known problems and faults in addition to the new Year of the Tiger Content Pass. Patch version 9.1.0 also contains under-the-hood performance and stability improvements in addition to bug fixes.

Check out the full release notes below to learn more about this new Shop Titans upgrade.

Patch Notes for Titans Update 9.1.0

Added New Content

  • The Content Pass is returning for the Year of the Tiger! You’ll have two weeks to perform activities and collect Mandarins in order to get access to some exciting new stuff, including the brand-new Tiger Spirit blueprint! Content from the Lunar New Year pack for 2020 will also be available with this new unique bundle! Players who already possess these goods will get alternate awards.
  • Exclusive to the Year of the Tiger Content Pass is a new Tiger Pet! This ferocious, small tiger is eager to relax in your store. It’s not a good idea to pet the belly button.
  • It’s a House! Discount Token – This item, like the Limited Edition token, enables you to get a twofold discount on an item of your choosing, thus making it free! In appreciation for your kindness, you’ll get ten times the item’s discounted energy worth!
  • New Champion tales have been added for Argon and Yami, bringing their individual arcs to a close. Both tales are linked, so make sure you read them both!

Major Shifts

  • XP Drinks – XP obtained from XP drinks may now be used to circumvent your Training Hall’s Hero level restriction.
  • Titan Classes — The natural skill of several Titan classes has been improved.
  • Lord (Knight) – Once each combat, a Lord will save an ally from a deadly assault by absorbing the damage themselves. But, honor and all that, lords don’t defend each other.
  • Mercenary (Soldier) — As an excellent second-in-command, Mercenaries now gain more from Champion abilities. This perk, however, is only available to Mercenaries. Polonia, for example, would boost their Defense and Evasion, but not their theft probability or maximum quantity of goods taken.
  • Spellknight (Spellblade) – The clownsuit experts have discovered a newfound fondness for intrinsic elements (i.e. chest items with a built-in element) and will get a +50% stat boost from them.
  • Additional Inventory Search — Due to popular demand, we’ve introduced advanced item searching capabilities to the player’s inventory, comparable to the market.
  • Might, Grace, and Spark are the three sigils. Sigils will now only be found in a few tasks. They may appear among other prizes like gems, keys, and item bundles since this is a new drop type. Sia’s leader skill and treasure boosters have no effect on them.

Sigils may be obtained by completing the following quests:

  • Peak of Bleakspire (all difficulties)
  • Titans’ Cradle (Delta)
  • The Gold City is a long-lost city (11-12, regular and boss)

Minor Modifications

  • When a group is dispatched on a mission, more Familiar animations have been added.
  • The task generation for King’s Caprice has been reworked. It should now provide a greater range of options and refrain from requiring more than one premium item line at the same time.
  • On client sale bubbles, item levels are now displayed.
  • The Quetzalcoatl bow has been renamed Quetzal Wing.
  • Even if you possess all of the Hero slots, you may now reach the Hero Hire screen.
  • It’s now possible to tap through Grab Bag opening animations more quickly.
  • Some Champion class names have been updated to reflect their current tale development.
  • If Yami’s narrative is finished, her familiars will receive new names.
  • Quest Outlook logic has been improved to avoid the same party from creating various faces in the same situation.
  • For televised King sales, the numerical formatting has been improved.
  • Upon login, several pieces of furniture, walls, and flooring will be tagged as “New!” To get rid of this notice, just browse through them (this is the result of some change on how we track new items).

Changes in the Balance

  • The Seltzer Surprise herbal medication now has a Water affinity. Pshh, pshh, pshh, pshh, psh
  • Rudo went to the gym after witnessing the alteration to the equipment break in the previous update (even more). At every rank, his Champion talent now lasts 1 round longer.
  • Mega Packs will now provide players that hold at least one normal Tier 9 blueprint access to their Tier 11 blueprint. In this example, standard refers to designs that need research scrolls to open. This takes the place of the previous level requirement.

Bug Fixes

  • Wonky issues were resolved. When it comes to equipping Champions, you’ll see some familiar sorting.
  • During fighting, fixed familiars have disproportionally big visual effects.
  • Customers were sometimes requesting for locked Familiars, which was fixed.
  • Worker deals purchased as Black Friday specials are still visible to fixed users.
  • Ascension expenses for Opulent Element have been increased (was lower than intended).
  • Momo’s House was coated with snow despite the fact that he was inside.
  • Customers would occasionally slide around instead of walking correctly due to an animation glitch.
  • Female staff wielders now have new animations.
  • When equipping Heroes, there was a problem with disconnecting every now and then.
  • In the collection book, I fixed several blurry item models.
  • For non-English languages, the Scorpio’s item description has been fixed.
  • For the purpose of “Gather Components” content pass chores, certain miscellaneous item drops were counted.
  • When obtaining seeds, champion stats were not appearing appropriately.
  • Titan Soul no longer ignores inventory sorting.
  • After buying an item from the Antique Store, the red notice was missing from the Accessories tab in Avatar Editor.

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