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The Best Weapon Attributes in AC Origins –

The best weapon attributes in AC Origins are the ones that allow you to generate and consistently use your skillset. These weapons have specific perks for matching up with different types of enemies, allowing players to exploit their weakness while also building a solid defense against them.

The “ac origins best weapons early” is a weapon that can be found early in the game. The weapon has a high damage output and a fast reload time.

Weapons are important in Assassin’s Creed Origins (as they are in all of the Assassin’s Creed games).

There are a variety of weapon kinds as well, ranging from the simple sword to more severe maces, as well as sophisticated bows.

The unusual features that might arise while collecting weapons in AC Origins make them more fascinating than your typical fare.

These traits, which are uncommon on purple-rare weapons but almost always present on legendary weapons, vary from elemental kinds to on-kill effects.

There are more than twenty distinct weapon qualities in the game, but we’ll narrow it down to the best of the best so you can get started.


5. Cursed

Cursed No Borders AC Origins

Cursed is a double-edged blade, like most of the weapons to which this quality is associated.

It boosts Bayek’s attack strength by 200 percent, allowing the Medjay to take down most regular adversaries with only one or two swings, and annihilate bigger enemies in seconds.

Nothing can stand up to the Curse, not even war elephants or ancient gods.

However, all of Bayek’s damage is enhanced by 200 percent as a result of this trade-off. As a result, he’s in a situation where a single poor hit might result in desynchronization.

The rest is up to you. Extreme power at the expense of extreme weakness: the choice is yours.


4. Multiplier for Elevation

Elevation Multiplier Trophy Hunter from AC Origins

Being sneaky is a big part in Assassin’s Creed.

It’s not commonplace to assassinate your way through an opposing encampment to gradually diminish their numbers.

Bows are one of the most common instruments used to attain this aim, with a few developed specifically for it.

One of the qualities that makes a stealthy bow even stronger is Elevation Multiplier. How?

By adjusting the amount of damage done dependent on Bayek’s height above the victim.

This ability makes it much simpler to hide atop a high cliff and use just your arrows to wipe out a large camp of ne’er-do-well Romans.


3. On the Brink

On Fire Hepzefa's Sword in Assassin’s Creed Origins


The gods’ gift to man as a way of sustaining life, it may also be utilized as a powerful cleaner to eradicate humans.

However, in AC Origins, it’s largely employed for the second function.

On Fire weapons are exactly what they sound like: they’re on fire.

You can’t get much better than an arrow with a blazing head or a blade dipped in flame.

When you strike an adversary with flames, they ignite and continue to absorb damage long after your sword has stopped striking them.

Some may argue that fire is a more effective toxin.

Others may just burn to ash before being able to respond.


2. Damage to stealth

Stealth Damage Victoria Bow in Assassin’s Creed Origins

As previously said, Assassin’s Creed centers a great deal (and I mean a great deal) around being a stealthy kid and, well, assassinating.

A crucial aspect of the game is hiding in the shadows, behind walls, and away from inquisitive eyes.

And the Stealth Damage attribute is here to make it simpler, not to mention better.

As you may expect, this weapon characteristic enhances damage done to adversaries while Bayek is still undetected.

Stay calm since this multiplication might go up to 150 percent!


1. Killing Health

Health on Kill Fanged Mace from AC Origins

If you play the game on a difficulty level higher than usual, you’ll discover that it’s a solid challenge.

Enemies are aggressive and do a lot of damage, and Bayek isn’t as powerful as they are.

Assassin’s Creed Origins has a lot of fighting. And having the Health on Kill attribute on your primary arm will come in handy while you’re in the thick of a group scuff.

As a result, if you beat an adversary, Bayek regenerates 15% of his HP, which might be a lifesaver.

This is particularly useful during the game’s huge boss encounters and the Animus glitch big bads, when fights become arduous endurance tests.

The “ac origins best bow” is a weapon that can be found in the game, AC Origins. It has high damage, speed, and range. The bow also has a unique ability to fire multiple arrows at once.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best weapon type in AC origins?

A: In Assassins Creed Origins, the best weapon type is not determined by what you can use. The weapons in this game are meant to be a bit more realistic and grounded than previous games. Meaning that there isnt one specific style of weapon that will make you unbeatable or the guy.

What are the best abilities in Assassins Creed origins?


What does weapon quality mean in AC origins?

A: Weapon quality is an attribute that determines how strong a weapon you are using will be. The higher the weapon quality, the more damage it does and/or lasts for before breaking.

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