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Various suggestions for making 76 even better

76 is the most popular game in China, with over 1.5 billion players. The game has been criticized for its addictive nature and lack of diversity, but there are some ways to make it better.

The fallout 76 wendigo colossus heads plan price is a topic that has been discussed over and over again. Here are some suggestions for making the game even better.

fallout 3 - Various suggestions for making 76 even better

Due to the insufficient material, I, like many of you, have been suffering from 76 burnout. For a short time, the scoreboard is entertaining, but performing the same things again and over to get a daily score may become tiresome and dull. So here are some ideas that my kid and I came up with that we thought would be fun.

  1. Exploring and collecting unique artifacts to showcase in my C.A.M.P. is one of my favorite things to do in Fallout. Give us rare C.A.M.P goods that you must build at a workbench after collecting all of the parts. It’s similar to the Frog Jar, although it’s more uncommon. The chess set is an excellent example. Disperse all of the pieces throughout the map. Some items are more difficult to come by than others. After you’ve gathered all of the parts, take them to a workbench and put them together to make a new C.A.M.P item. If you wanted to make it even more unique, turn it into a two-player chess minigame. This doesn’t have to be restricted to C.A.M.P. products, however. You may have a hidden weapon or armor that requires you to gather and assemble the parts.
  2. There are a few more non-daily quests. You now have a large number of NPCs roaming the map. Some of them currently have basic quest-like answers (such as giving them stimpacks or assisting them in combat), but more of these random missions would be fantastic. For example, you’re wandering near Wendigo Cave when you come across a settler lady sobbing. When you speak with her, you’ll learn that she was out scavenging with her small daughter when they were ambushed by a Wendigo and her daughter was taken into the cave. The goal is to rescue the girl before she gets devoured. For example, you come upon a bunch of settlers in the ash heap who need your assistance. A gang of raiders has been attacking them on a regular basis. They return with larger and better equipment each time. The raiders are said to be putting the finishing touches on a new enhanced, experimental piece of power armor that they discovered during one of the mining operations. The objective is to defeat the raiders and steal or destroy the power armor before they can assault the settlers. ** Again, they would not be predictable, static occurrences. They may make advantage of the mechanism in which specific locations on the map produce various types of creatures (robot repair, pipe, etc). Make more than one conversation chain, however. Make it start a quest that can be tracked. They are still repeated, but they are random, so you never know what missions you may encounter when exploring the wastelands.
  3. Each season has a narrative or one-time event that alters a portion of the map, although it is not always published in conjunction with a big tale release, such as the Brotherhood. It may be raider camps relocating, the BOS occupying a specific region and driving away raiders or settlers, or one of the factions partly constructing a structure and occupying it for a period of time until it is destroyed or repopulated by another faction or enemy type. Or the Enclave gaining greater power and dispatching patrols to “Keep the Peace” among Appalachia’s newcomers. There is a lot of narrative that might be told here that is presently unexploited. I can’t believe that Appalachia now has raiders, settlers, the Enclave, and the Brotherhood, yet they’re all happy to remain in their assigned regions save for taking things from each other every day.
  4. There are more sidequests for each group. You have so many distinct individuals in each town, yet no one save Ward, Rocksy, or Wren has anything for you to do?
  5. We need additional daily from various factions. I mean, how many times can Ward have anything taken from him? How many ex raiders must we find until there are no more raiders?
  6. Caravan missions: These might become a public event, but they would be restricted to a specific amount of individuals. There may be a variety of caravans and objectives. Here are several examples: Shipping to the coast (mainly fighting aquatic enemies, etc). Missing persons investigation in Roanoake, Virginia. Defend a group of tourists from a danger called X. BOS must go with him in order to acquire a prohibited piece of technology. And that’s exactly what I came up with in only a few minutes. In these one-shot battles, you might also include a variety of interesting mechanisms. For example, looting and fortifications must be completed within a certain amount of time before an assault begins. Taking control of ambush weaponry (mounted Gatling gun or explosives slingshot?) and using them to attack the adversary. Possibilities abound.
  7. Siding with a particular group is required. It’s impossible to be friends with everyone all of the time. Sure, you can work for both factions, but there are limitations to how much you can accomplish for one without being discovered by the other. As a result, if you perform well for one group, you should lose respect with one of the others. When you complete a mission for BOS, your Enclave rep is reduced. Assisting the Enclave in making new ties reduces your reputation with BOS and perhaps the settlers. If you assist too much, the faction will turn hostile. I get why they didn’t do that at first because they were concerned about players coming in and murdering all the NPCs in the faction centers, but I would argue that they could just make them unkillable or very difficult to kill, and the issue would be addressed.

So those were some of our thoughts. Add some more interesting material, Bethesda, to help me justify paying you monthly/yearly for FO1st.

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