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Warner Bros. Releases Full-Length Trailer for The Batman

Warner Bros. has released the full-length trailer for their upcoming film, The Batman. Set to release in 2020, the movie is an adaptation of DC Comics’ Dark Knight and stars Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman.

The the batman trailer views in 24 hours is a full-length trailer for the upcoming film, The Batman.

Warner-Bros-Releases-Full-Length-Trailer-for-The-BatmanWarner Bros. is the source of this image.

The Batman, Warner Bros.’ newest live-action take on the Dark Knight, has received a full-length trailer. The new trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, directed by Matt Reeves and starring Robert Pattinson as the Caped Crusader, gives us a good look at Selina Kyle/Catwoman, played by Zoe Kravitz, as well as other classic Batman characters like Edward Nashton/Riddler (Paul Dano) and Oswald Cobblepot/Penguin (Colin Farrell). On March 4, 2022, The Batman will be released exclusively in cinemas.


The following is a list of the Batman’s noteworthy cast, as provided by Warner Bros.:

Zoe Kravitz (“Big Little Lies,” “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald”), Paul Dano (“Love & Mercy,” “12 Years a Slave”), Jeffrey Wright (“No Time to Die,” “Westworld”), and John Turturro (the “Transformers” films, “The Plot Ahead”) star alongside Pattinson (“Tenet,” “The Lighthouse”) as Gotham’s famous and infamous cast of characters.

The Batman is directed by Matt Reeves and Peter Craig, who also wrote the script. Michael Giacchino, the Oscar-winning composer behind films including The Incredibles, Jurassic World, and Mission: Impossible III, is in charge of the soundtrack.

Warner Bros. is the source of this information.

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The the batman trailer reddit is a full-length trailer for the upcoming film, The Batman.

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