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Where To Farm Mythril Shards in Kingdom Hearts (KH1.5) –

Kingdom Hearts is a role-playing game released in 2002. The game revolves around Sora, who must travel to other Disney worlds and fight various baddies to save the world from impending darkness. Kingdom Heart 1.5 was released on March 29th, 2018 for Xbox One and Playstation 4 as part of the HD 2.8 Remix which included an optional upgrade for players wanting all future releases at 60 fps..

Where To Farm Mythril Shards in Kingdom Hearts (KH1.5) –

Mythril Shards are a frequent synthesis component dropped by the Heartless of the Spider in a Pot, Spider in a barrel, and Pot Scorpion.

These may also be obtained as drops from Bambi at the End of the World’s World Terminus. Although there are a few of places in End of the World where you may grind for drops, this is by far the finest farming position.

You have a 20% chance of getting a Mythril Shard if you fight the Behemoth in End of the World.

However, using Bambi in the World Terminus, notably the Deep Jungle section of the World Terminus, is a more dependable method to farm.

Blast Thundaga and wipe out as many Heartless as you can as rapidly as possible. In End of the World, if you fill his gauge x2 times, he has a 40% chance of dropping a Mythril shard. If you can fill his gauge x3 times, you’ll have a 60% chance of getting a drop.


Sora summoning Bambi / KH1.5 HD Remix Screenshot


I’m looking for Mythril Shards, but I’m not sure where to get them.

Each of the Heartless listed below has a chance to grant you Mythril shards:


Spider in a Pot

These creepy crawlers only have a 1% chance of dropping a shard.

The biggest concentrations may be found in Agrabah and Monstro, although cultivating them will take some time.


Spider in a Pots in Monstro / KH1.5 HD Screenshot


Spider in a barrel

These creepier crawlers are similar to our other spider pals, except they emerge from a wooden barrel.

These have a 1% chance of dropping a shard as well.

These spiders may be found in Monstro, Neverland, and World Terminus.


Scorpion in a Pot (KH1.5/Final Mix Only)

This monster, found near the Palace Gates in Agrabah, includes a challenge you’ll want to complete in order to maximize your drop rates.

In our mythril stone farming guide, we go into this Heartless in more length, so go there for additional information.

But here’s the gist: he’ll be flanked by 11 other pots at Agrabah’s absolute end (the region beyond Aladdin’s dwelling).

You should try to smash the empty pots before attacking him to start the fight. You can tell which ones are empty by just running into the pots – any pots you can move by running into them are empty & can be broken. Avoid the pot that won’t move & hit that one last.

If you strike the Pot Scorpion after breaking all of the other 11 pots successfully, he has a 20% chance of dropping a Mythril Shard.


Bambi is a fictional character created by Bambi (End of the World)

In the End of the World, summoning Bambi and destroying a large number of opponents would fill up his gauge.

If you beat enough foes to fill Bambi’s gauge x3 times, he’ll drop a Mythril Shard 60 percent of the time (this is part of his summon effect).

If you only manage to fill it x2 times, you’ll still have a 40% chance.

Because Bambi’s drop table varies depending on which planet you’re in, this only works in End of the World.

With all of that said, summoning Bambi is by far the easiest way to get a large number of additional Mythril Shards.

But first, let’s take a look at the KH1/KH1.5 fixed sites, where you may acquire extra shards without having to farm anything.


Event Items for the Mythril Shard

  • Cast Fire at the campfire in Pooh’s House after completing Pooh’s Swing and speak with Pooh.
  • Fill in the blanks on the Rabbit’s Torn Page.
  • Visit the Dalmatian home in Traverse Town after rescuing 42 pups.
  • In Traverse Town, deliver the second postcard.
  • To Owl, deliver the third Rare Nut.
  • In Wonderland’s Lotus Forest, give an Elixir to a blossom.


Treasure Locations for Mythril Shards

  • The Coliseum Gates have a blue Trinity Mark (Olympus)
  • At the Throat, a Blue Trinity Mark (Monstro)
  • The Treasure Room’s Red Trinity Mark (Agrabah)
  • Oogie’s Manor/Manor Ruins: Red Trinity Mark (Halloween Town)
  • The Bizarre Room’s Green Trinity Mark (Wonderland)
  • Monstro’s Green Trinity Mark in the Mouth
  • Traverse Town’s Accessory Shop has a chest.
  • Chest in Traverse Town’s Item Workshop
  • In Traverse Town’s Second District, there is a chest.
  • In the Bizarre Room, look through a book (Wonderland)
  • In the Bizarre Room, examine a plant (Wonderland)
  • Chest in the Deep Jungle Camp Tent
  • In the Deep Jungle, a Chest on a Cliff
  • Chest in the Deep Jungle’s Waterfall Cavern
  • Agrabah, Agrabah, Agrabah, Agrabah, Agrabah, Agrabah, Agrabah, A
  • In Agrabah’s Treasure Room, there is a chest.
  • Clam in Atlantica’s Undersea Valley
  • Clam in Atlantica’s Undersea Gorge
  • Clam in Atlantica’s Triton’s Palace
  • In Atlantica, there is a chest beside the sunken ship.
  • Sunken Ship’s Chest Below Deck in Atlantica
  • In Halloween Town, there’s a chest in the Manor Ruins.
  • Neverland’s Clock Tower Clock Tower Clock Tower Clock Tower Clock Tower Clock Tower Clock Tower Clock Tower (available at 3:00)
  • Neverland’s Clock Tower Clock Tower Clock Tower Clock Tower Clock Tower Clock Tower Clock Tower Clock Tower (available at 11:00)
  • Meadow in Winnie The Pooh’s Book: Chest at the Wood
  • Winnie The Pooh’s Book: Chest at the Bouncing Spot
  • In End of the World, there are two chests in the Final Dimension.


Sora, Donald & Goofy at World Terminus in End of the World / KH1.5 HD Screenshot


Uses of the Mythril Shard

Mythril Shards may be found in a variety of recipes for both healing and useful accessories:


Elixir: This may be made using List I and x2 Blaze Shards, x2 Frost Shards, x2 Thunder Shards, and x4 Mythril Shards in the original KH1.

If you’re playing Kingdom Hearts 1.5/Final Mix, you won’t need Mythril shards to make the recipe; instead, you’ll need rarer goods.


Mega Potion: In the original Kingdom Hearts, you may make this using List II and x1 Blaze Gem, x1 Frost Gem, x1 Thunder Gem, and x2 Mythril Shards.

If you’re playing Kingdom Hearts 1.5/Final Mix, you’ll need List I and x1 Spirit Shard, x1 Power Shard, and x4 Mythril Shards instead.


Dark Ring: This resistance item will keep the darkness at bay. It will provide any party member a 20% increase in dark damage mitigation and a +3 defense boost.

List I and x2 Lucid Shards, x1 Bright Shard, and x1 Mythril Shards are required to make this in the original KH1.

No Mythril Shards are required for the recipe in KH1.5/Final Mix.


Guard Earring: This formidable jewelry adds +3 AP and +1 Defense to your character.

It can be made using List II and x3 Bright Shards, x1 Frost Shard, and x3 Mythril Shards in KH1.5.

Note that Mythril Shards are only required in KH1.5/Final Mix, not in the original KH1 game.


Mythril: Using Mythril Shards, you can make more of this high-value Mythril substance, but only in KH1.5/Final Mix. List III, x5 Mythril Shards, x1 Mythril Stones, and x1 Mystery Goo are required.


Getting a Mythril Shard Drop with Bambi / KH1.5 Remix


Is it Worth Farming Mythril Shards?

Whether you’re battling or exploring, you’ll come across a plethora of these items throughout your trip.

As a result, you should be able to earn a significant sum just by playing the game.

Bambi, on the other hand, is your best choice if you need to harvest more to make a lot of additional potions or elixirs.

Aside from employing him, I wouldn’t advocate going to great lengths to grind out the 1% chance drops from Heartless.

If you’re in severe need of potions, it’s usually best to grind Munny and purchase them!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get mythril shards in kh1 5?

A: To access the Kh1 5 playlist, you must either have a membership or be playing in public.

Where do you get mythril stone in Kingdom Hearts?

A: The mythril stone is a type of upgrade for your keyblade, which you can find in the world. You will need to collect it by finding some and breaking them open with your keyblade.

What does mythril Shard do in Kingdom Hearts?

A: Mythril shard is a material that was introduced in Kingdom Hearts 1. In the game, it has many different uses such as being able to create combos, unlocking doors and chests and upgrading weapons with them.