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Where to find Link’s lost skywing in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

In The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Link has to find his lost skywing in order to progress through the game. It’s not clear where he might have left it, but here are some places you can try to look for it.

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Groose, Link’s bully, is attempting to sabotage his prospects of participating in the skywing race and becoming a Skyloft knight. You must now locate Link’s crimson wing and release it from its confinement. You’ll be ready to race if you follow these instructions.

Groose, you’re a jerk!

When you discover your skywing has vanished, speak with Horwell at the academy entrance. To the left of the structure, he may be located. You tell him to speak with the headmaster. Now jump to the left, where the bird statue is, and you’ll see the door has been opened. Continue walking down the stairs and along the walkway to the plaza. A sequence will begin to play, introducing you to the vile Groose.

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Run down the correct route after it’s finished. Follow it until you come upon a wooden block. Climb it by pushing it along the wall. Turn right and walk up a flight of steps after that. Continue climbing until Pipit interrupts you.

To get to Pipit, turn left and then right into the academy’s right courtyard. The missing skywing, they say, will be near the waterfall. Pipit then recommends one more thing: locate a sword. It is located inside the academy. You’ll have to request one from the Knight Commander. He’s inside the structure just in front of you. When you speak with him, he will tell you that the sword is in the rear room. It’s now your turn to wield the training sword! Return to the training room and practice with the sword using the right stick or motion controls. After you’ve completed this, the commander will allow you to take the weapon outdoors.

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Get out of the building and into the opposite courtyard. Return to the square by descending the steps once again. Continue on the same road as previously, but choose the right path before crossing the wooden bridge. Under the bridge, you’ll find a river with stepping stones on the right. They must be crossed. Wooden spikes will obstruct your route at the end of the trail. After slashing them horizontally, you’ll find yourself in a cave.

Rupees, bats, and slimes

Keep an eye out for bats in the vicinity and strike them with your sword if necessary. You’ll also come across some slime monsters that will attach themselves to your leg. With the right stick, wiggle your way out of them.

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Continue down the trail until you reach a hill. To get past it, you’ll have to sprint. When you reach the top, look to the left for a moss-covered rockface. You’ll find a chest if you climb it. It’s a fast 20 rupee payout if you open it. You may also shatter the pots for two hearts by breaking the pots.

Drop down and proceed down the cave, fighting obnoxious enemies along the way. You’ll see a higher platform with a lot of grass on it before heading outdoors. If you slash it with your sword, you’ll find another 40 rupees in a tiny hole. If you walk inside it, Link will get down on his knees to reach them. You may now exit and go outdoors.

Save your friend.

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You’ll encounter Zelda, who will trail you for a little while. Link’s loftwing is hidden behind timber on the right side of the slope. The knotted rope may be seen on the edges. To free your bird friend from Groose’s prison, slash your sword in the appropriate movements. You must strike each section of the rope twice. You’ve now successfully released the bird, putting you one step closer to competing in the race!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Links Loftwing?

The Loftwing is a large bird in the Legend of Zelda series. It can carry Link over long distances, and it could also fly him to the top of high mountains.

Does Link kiss Zelda in Skyward Sword?

Yes, that is true. Q: What are the best Zelda games? The following are the top 10 best Zelda games according to Metacritic scores.

What is Skyward Sword Links title?

Skyward Sword is the name of Links sword in The Legend of ZeldSkyward Sword.

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