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Why is a window 10 so bad?

After 10 years in development, the creators of Windows decided to scrap their original idea for a new operating system and instead released an update that was supposed to fix all its flaws. The only problem? It didn’t address any of them.
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Windows 10 is a new operating system that has been released by Microsoft. It is the successor to Windows 8 and Windows 7, but many people have been unhappy with it. Why is windows 10 so bad?

Why is a window 10 so bad?

Microsoft’s Windows operating system is unquestionably the most well-known. Microsoft’s operating system (OS) was utilized by more than 75% of computer users in March 2021. Windows 10 is the most well-known and most recent version of Microsoft’s operating system. It was released in 2015. It’s getting bigger every day, but that doesn’t mean it’s getting better.

When compared to other operating systems, Windows 10 has several security vulnerabilities. Other operating systems, such as Windows 7 and Windows Vista, have their own set of problems.Why-is-a-window-10-so-bad

In Windows 10, there are a few annoyances. For example, poor storage availability, sluggish startup time, and irrelevant alerts might all occur at times. As a result, we’ll compile a list of typical Windows 10 issues.

1. Memory storage shortage

When you install Windows 10, an old version of the operating system runs in the background, using a lot of storage and causing a deficit of free space. Another reason is that Windows 10 comes pre-installed with a slew of applications and games.Why-is-a-window-10-so-bad

For some individuals, these applications and games may be valuable, but for others, they may be junk and worthless. Windows 10 has pre-installed third-party software, such as Candy Crush and other games. Candy Crush Saga, Country Escape, Photostatic Collage, Farmville, Bubble Witch, Age of Empires, castle Siege, Pic Editor, Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery, e Secret Society, and PicsArt Photo Studio: Collage Maker, Hidden Mystery, e Secret Society, and so on.

2. Ads that aren’t essential

When you buy a product, you definitely don’t want to see advertisements in it. Microsoft displays third-party adverts on the lock screen, start menu, taskbar, file explorer, and alerts across the operating system. This will most likely anger the user.1641755885_431_Why-is-a-window-10-so-bad

3.The suck group is included in the home group.

When Windows 10 was upgraded in April 2018, Microsoft eliminated the home group functionality from the operating system. One Drive is a Microsoft operating system that Microsoft wishes to market. Even though One Drive is a great service, it won’t operate if we don’t have access to the internet.


4. Multiple themes and aesthetic components aren’t available on different virtual desktops.

Having the ability to switch between several icon sets on the virtual desktop and different backgrounds is convenient and productive. As a result, we don’t have to worry about the inability to utilize distinct themes and aesthetics for each virtual desktop.

5. The Start Menu is not synchronized between devices.

We could hop from one device to another and the start menu would appear the same, which was a nice feature before Windows 10, but Microsoft did not preserve this functionality in Windows 10.


6. The control panel does not include all of the app’s options.

Microsoft worked to rethink every function to make it more user-friendly so that you can use it on any device, whether it’s a computer, a tablet, or a notebook. Windows 10 still needs work, and all programs should be moved to the Settings app, exactly as in the previous control panel.


7. Disable forced updates

There is no editor policy accessible in Windows 10. At the very least, certain Windows updates are recommended. To pick how to install updates, go to the advanced menu and select notify to schedule restart. Users of Windows 10 may wish to double-check the updates they’ve received and switch off those that aren’t necessary.

8. Turn off any unwanted alerts.

Users of Windows 10 want to be able to work freely and comfortably, thus any superfluous alerts must be disabled. You should immediately filter out all social media and software update notice messages and turn them off.

9. Make changes to the privacy and data defaults.

In windows 10, data-sharing policy is not recommended or liked by the users. In Start Menu to search Settings app, click Privacy. In the left-hand panel, you’ll see many regions where your computer might be sharing data. It’s worth spending time checking that you’re easy with allowing apps to use your computer’s camera, microphone, account information and so on, and where you are not easy to share your data, checking that no surprise apps appear in the lists. Note that the default Feedback & diagnostics setting is to send enhanced data to Microsoft.

Use Windows Defender, click the back arrow, and select Update & Security, Check that you’re happy with the default performance, which is to enable Cloud-based detection and Automatic trial submission.

Most of users are uncomfortable with the feature of Wi-Fi Sense, which is designed to get you onto wireless networks more quickly. On a device with Wi-Fi, click the back arrow, select Network & Internet, click Wi-Fi, and select Manage Wi-Fi Settings. We’d strongly mention turning off Connect to suggested open hotspots, connect to networks shared by my contacts, and disabling the button under Paid Wi-Fi services if it’s present.

When you need Safe Mode, where is it?

Safe Mode may come to the rescue in a variety of crucial scenarios. Setting up a startup time is something you should think about. Safe Mode may be activated as a safeguard by clicking Win+X, choosing Command Prompt (Admin), and then entering bcd edit /copy current /d “Windows 10 Safe Mode” and hitting the Enter key to confirm.

Then, in the Start Menu, type’msconfig,’ choose System Configuration from the list, and go to the Boot tab. Focus your freshly generated Windows 10 Safe Mode option and choose the Safe Boot option, as well as the ‘Minimal’ choice under Boot type settings. You may also select whether to reduce the Break value to as low as three seconds, depending on your needs.

In addition to these issues, there are a few more to address, such as enabling system restore, fixing sluggish startup times, playing DVDs, turning on pop-up blocker in Edge, and the issue of files opening with the incorrect default program. All of these issues must be addressed in order for Windows 10 users to benefit.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Windows 10 have a lot of problems?

A: No, Windows 10 is a very stable operating system. It runs smoothly and without errors most of the time.

What are 4 DIsadvantages of Windows 10?

A: There are 4 major disadvantages of Windows 10. The first is that Microsoft intentionally makes it difficult for people who want to switch from Windows 7 or 8 to use their settings, so they have to spend a lot of time resetting everything. The second disadvantage is that most features in WIndows 10 require the use of an additional app, which many users find annoying and impractical. Thirdly, theres no option for the user to customize how their system works without installing extra software like antivirus software or RAM management programs; this means that different computers might perform differently depending on what tweaks were applied previously. Finally, because more than 40% of all hackers are located in Russia and China (60-70%), using Windows puts your computer at risk as you will be constantly running outdates compared with other operating systems such as Mac OS X

Is Windows 10 actually good?

A: This is a very hard question to answer. Windows 10 has some good features and also some bad, but its tough to say whether or not youll like it better than any other operating system as people are different in what they prefer when doing computer tasks.

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