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All premonition picture locations in The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes

The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes is an upcoming puzzle game that pays homage to the classic point-and-click adventure games of old. It was developed by award winning developer Frogwares, known for its Sherlock Holmes series and the videogame Lamentation. The story revolves around a house haunted by various phantoms who are trying to use dark magic in order not only to alter history but also bring about its end. Players take on the role of protagonists David Hunter and his daughter Katherine as they guide them through eight levels (plus one bonus level) with diverse puzzles solving many mysteries along their way.(Game website).

All premonition picture locations in The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes.

“The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes” is a game that was released on October 31, 2018. The game has no trophies but does have collectibles called “premonition pictures.” There are 21 premonition pictures in total and they can be found throughout the game.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes has a total of 13 foreboding pictures (in the shape of stone tablets). Each of these unique artifacts offers a look into one of the characters’ futures. There are two distinct sets. The bright group of images depicts ways in which people may survive, while the dark set depicts how they will die. Here’s where you’ll find all of them.

The Preamble

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After entering the tombs as Balathu, the first image appears in the prologue. Check the tablet on the pile of gory bones to acquire the premonition once you have control of Balathu and can wander about.

The Raid

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Continue reading until one of the detainees spits in Rachel’s face in the chapter titled The Raid. After then, you’ll assume command of Jason. The following photo, Disarmed, may be found in the room’s corner.

Subterranean Life

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Proceed to the next chapter, The Underworld. You’ll assume command of Nick and be accompanied by Jason. You’ll be in a chamber with a massive hand statue. Continue on and up the stairs to the next tablet, which is named Squeeze.

Pazuzu pt. 1 is a part of the Pazuzu series.

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The following tablet may be found in the Pazuzu chapter. Before you take control of Salim, there will be a brief sequence in which he is attempting to find someone. Look at the first doorway on your left after you’ve regained control of him. The Daylight tablet may be found here.

Pazuzu vs. Pazuzu vs. Pazuzu vs. Pazu

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Continue on through the Pazuzu chapter until you have complete power of Eric. While strolling through a tunnel, he and Rachel will discuss quality time. Following the tunnel until it divides, choose the right way. At the end of the road, you’ll find the Fallen tablet.

The Temple is a sacred place.

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Continue reading until you reach the chapter titled The Temple. After Rachel and Eric have descended inside the temple, you will assume control of her. To get the tablet, you don’t need to repair the generator first. Go up the stairwell with the huge statue at the top and along the right-hand hallway. You’ll find the Ultraviolet tablet on the wall if you follow it to a chamber.

Splitting Up

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You will go through the chapter named Breaking Up later in the game. After arriving at the temple, Jason and Nick will go down a hallway and step over a tripwire. If you don’t succeed at the QTE, you won’t be able to get this tablet. You will be able to wander around as Jason after the QTE. Staked is a tablet on a box in the room with a light above it.


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You will play as Nick in the Slayer chapter, and Eric will accompany you. A bloodstain on the ground will be the subject of a cutscene. Look to your right after the cutscene for the tablet labeled Surrendered next to a diary page.


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You’ll take on the role of Jason once again in the Bloodbath chapter. He’ll go into the catacombs with Nick. It’s the same location where you found the first tablet during the prologue. Head to the right as soon as you enter the chamber. The Tripwire tablet will be found on a mound of bones.

The Message

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The Signal is the title of the following chapter, which includes a tablet. You’ll take on the role of Nick, and your goal is to make the radio to function so you can call for aid. Look to your right as soon as you gain control of Nick outside the temple, and the tablet named Thirst will be near to the cliff.

My Enemy’s Enemy

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Jason and Salim will be separated from the rest of the party later in the game and will have to operate together. You will take control of Salim after assisting one another in slipping beneath a stone door. Look to your right for the Comrades tablet, which is hung on the wall.

The Elder One

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Jason and Salim will utilize an ancient elevator to descend further into the caverns after surviving together for a brief time. This is the first paragraph of the chapter titled The Ancient One. Turn to the right as soon as you gain control of Jason at the bottom to discover the tablet in a dark area.

Aeons of Strangeness

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In the Strange Aeons chapter, you’ll find the last tablet. After everyone has gathered and you have taken control of Rachel in the star chamber, this chapter starts. The last tablet, Hotel, will be placed near the water.

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