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The “broken ranks system requirements” is a new feature that has been implemented in the latest update for the game “Call of Duty: Black Ops 4”. The new update also includes other features, such as custom matches and more.

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A buddy just showed me a battle gameplay video, and we were both really eager to check it out. However, as each hour spent playing this game reminded me more and more of the negative aspects of mmorpgs, the thrill faded and turned to contempt.

I played for approximately 10 hours and made it to the top 10 in my class till I couldn’t stand it any more, so here are my opinions…


  • Combat is fantastic! I enjoyed trying to come up with the right approach or improvise in each combat with the few action points available.

For me, the advantages stop there.


  • The “mmo” component isn’t working. When you join a group, only the party leader has the ability to move, and you must just follow him wherever he goes. When he speaks to npcs, there is no dialogue, thus you can’t even finish objectives as a group. On their mission, only the party leader has made any progress.
  • P2W. Don’t let anybody convince you differently; this is an extremely p2w game. F2P players are essentially on a trial version of the game, while premium players have several bonuses such as increased experience, money, chest drops, and a significant difference in inventory capacity, among others.
  • Approximately 90% of missions are fetch quests. Fetch missions that are poorly constructed… “But OP, every mmo has fetch quests, that doesn’t seem too horrible,” you would argue, but let me tell you how bad it is. It’s not one of those fetch quests where you kill 10 slimes and receive a prize. It’s one of those missions where you pick up a barrel and give it to a npc two maps away, then come back and get another barrel. The majority of my ten-hour playtime consisted of merely strolling from map to map, chatting to npcs, and then returning to the initial mission map to repeat the cycle. Unfortunately, missions are the easiest method to get experience this early in the game, so you’ll be obliged to do them.
  • For the number of players, mobs are insufficient. During tasks, you’ll be ordered to kill certain creatures, only to discover that 20 gamers are camping the place where 4-5 of them spawn every minute. This is true even if you attempt to gain experience by killing the toughest enemies.
  • The game can’t manage so many “players” at once. Crashing, lag, and stuttering are common. Entering the main city will cause you to lag so badly that you’ll have to restart. This is made much more aggravating by the fact that most of the aforementioned fetch quests need you to travel through it. (While this will most likely be corrected in the next days, it has already had a significant negative effect on player experience.)

Overall, it’s a dismal experience that serves as yet another lesson not to get your expectations up everytime a new mmorpg is launched.

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The “broken ranks classes” is a problem that has been present for a while. Blizzard has released new changes to fix the issue.

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