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For those who like numbers ⇨ Range and TTK Visual Damage Table for Primary Weapons – Compare TTKs at Range and See How Body Shots Affect Your TTK in detail

In this article, we will compare the TTK at range for Primary Weapons and see how Body Shots affect your TTK. We’ll be using data from Dirty Bomb to examine these topics so those of you looking to play on PC may find that some of our findings are not applicable there.

The “destiny 2 ttk spreadsheet 2021” is a document that has been created to help players understand how their TTK changes at different ranges. The document also contains a table of the TTK for each weapon in Destiny 2.

For those who like numbers ⇨ Range and TTK Visual Damage Table for Primary Weapons - Compare TTKs at Range and See How Body Shots Affect Your TTK in detail

The article’s substance

With a graphic damage table, or “profile,” you can compare TTKs across major weapons, replete with damage modifiers and even damage fall-off.

How do you interpret it?

The total number of rounds fired is counted from left to right. From the first row down, one Crit/Headshot is replaced with one Body shot. All guardians are killed if a number is solid red. It kills against certain resilience levels if a number is yellow, orange, or dark orange. The resilience level may be specified using the key at the top.

The total number of rounds fired is shown as TTK across the top. You’ll note that it takes more bullets to kill when additional body shots are added. To make it more visually pleasing, redundant photos have been greyed out.

What are your plans for it?

You’ll need to save a duplicate of it first. On the landing page, there are instructions on how to do so.

After there, it’s rather straightforward, but there are a lot of choices, so let’s start with the basics.

On the left hand side, all changeable components are marked in green.

To begin, choose a Weapon Type and then a Weapon Frame. You’ll see that the table next to those drop-downs begins to shift.

Have you nailed it? Good.

You may now experiment with Damage Perks and Effects. TTKs, or at least the amount of Crits necessary to get a TTK, will most likely change.

Let’s have a look at range next.

Each table contains a field where the damage fall-off distances for the specified weapon type/frame are displayed. Take note of where the damage begins to fade.

Set the range field at the top of the page to a value that is greater than where the fall-off begins. The damage reduction will now take effect. This field has an impact on both tables, not just one.

Is the beginning point of the fall-off too close? Let’s go ahead and change that Statistic of the Range. Perhaps zoom as well. Rangefinder or Explosive Payload might be added as well. Hip-fire is another possibility (which will ignore zoom and rangefinder, if set).


So far, I’ve just included The Last Word. The creation of range tables takes some time. Exotics are less complicated, yet there are many of them. So yet, I haven’t had the opportunity to do so. Please let me know which exotics you’d like to see included, as well as whether or not their range already corresponds to a weapon class. I’ll surely think about it.

Fields that may be changed include:

  • Weapon Frame / Weapon Type
  • Modifiers of Damage (Perks and Effects)
  • Target’s distance from you (At the top of the page, simply labeled ‘Distance’)
  • Statistic of the Range
  • Rangefinder and Explosive Payload checkboxes are added to the Zoom Stat modifier.
  • Hip-Fire vs. ADS

edit?usp=sharing - For those who like numbers ⇨ Range and TTK Visual Damage Table for Primary Weapons - Compare TTKs at Range and See How Body Shots Affect Your TTK in detail Please direct me to the spreadsheet.

Make a duplicate of the file so you may experiment with the settings.

Original source: link

  • Damage from Explosives

    Hello there! As a result, we didn’t do a good job of explaining why we’re considering this adjustment. Building as a defensive strategy is critical, and we don’t take the safety net it offers for granted. However, we believe there is a little disparity between aggressive and defensive methods in general. …

  • What is this nonsense about the practice range?

    Who created this practice area? WHY would someone want to train with firearms that aren’t specialized? What is the point of exercising with standard weapons? Why aren’t my personalized firearms on display? Instead, we receive firearms that are entirely unmodified. When I change the brightness/color, why can’t I see my rifle reticle?

  • Please don’t make the TTK higher.

    Please, dice, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please By now, you should be aware that the lower the TTK, the greater the skill ceiling. The TTK determines the skill ceiling in games where you may fight numerous adversaries at once. Right now, I can lock my aim on numerous adversaries that have spotted me and will continue to do so…

For those who prefer statistics, here is a post for Destiny 2 called “Range and TTK Visual Damage Table for Primary Weapons – Compare TTKs at Range and See How Body Shots Affect Your TTK in Detail.”

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The “Destiny 2 ttk spreadsheet 2022” is a document that shows the TTK for every weapon in Destiny 2, at every range. The document also compares the TTKs of weapons. Reference: destiny 2 ttk spreadsheet 2022.

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