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5 lessons Kingdom Hearts IV should learn from KH3’s mistakes

Kingdom Hearts III is an excellent game but it has a few noticeable hiccups. Here are five lessons Kingdom Heart IV should learn from KH3’s mistakes to make its next entry one of the best games in the series.

Kingdom Hearts 4 development is in the works, but it should learn from the mistakes of Kingdom Hearts 3. Here are 5 lessons that KH4 should take away from KH3. Read more in detail here: kingdom hearts 4 development.

5 lessons Kingdom Hearts IV should learn from KH3's mistakes

With Sora’s first steps in Quadratum, Kingdom Hearts IV has enthralled fans all around the globe, but what can Square Enix learn from the past to improve the game? Here, we take a closer look at five things the corporation may learn from its previous missteps.

At debut, there will be a true Proud and Critical Mode.

1650472951_384_5-lessons-Kingdom-Hearts-IV-should-learn-from-KH3s-mistakesSquare Enix/Disney image

Kingdom Hearts 3 received a lot of criticism for being too simple to beat. As the complexity was reduced, fans of the series breezed through the bosses at a leisurely pace. With the keyblade transformations, magic, attraction flow, and summon utilities at his disposal, Sora may have been powerful. What’s worse, Kingdom Hearts 3 was intended to be the end of an epic narrative, yet Master Xehanort proved to be considerably simpler than anticipated. Critical Mode helps to alleviate these concerns, although it goes a bit too far in the other direction. There must be a nice balance as well as a decent challenge.

If Square Enix intends to raise the stakes in the Kingdom Hearts series with a darker story, the difficulty should match that with more sophisticated game design and difficulty spikes that will make you sweat. Meanwhile, newcomers to the series may master the fast-paced fighting by playing on novice or normal mode.

a scarcity of clothes

1650472950_260_5-lessons-Kingdom-Hearts-IV-should-learn-from-KH3s-mistakesSquare Enix/Disney image

Aqua could be outfitted with wings, headgear, and shoulder pads, among other things, in Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep 0.2 – A Fragmentary Passage. It would have been cool to give our heroes a personal touch in Kingdom Hearts 3 to match our wardrobe choices. Now that Sora is in Quadratum, which is situated in a Tokyo-like atmosphere, it would make perfect sense to bring back customisation in a huge manner. Shibuya is one of the world’s fashion capitals, so using Sora’s munny to purchase new clothing for him would be fantastic. Perhaps, as in NEO: The World Ends With You, they could give him more stats. Square Enix could be inventive with these options, such as different gloves, bags, and clothing.

Not only for devoted fans, but for everyone, a clear, well-thought-out plot.

1650472952_426_5-lessons-Kingdom-Hearts-IV-should-learn-from-KH3s-mistakesSquare Enix/Disney image

The Kingdom Hearts series has received a lot of flak for being a jumbled mess. However, the meaning is evident if you play each game in sequence. A greater wrap-up of the events leading up to the end was something Kingdom Hearts 3 really needed. Even the most ardent fans may have forgotten something important from the plot. Or they might have overlooked Union X, a mobile game that plays an unexpectedly important part in the game’s end.

The emotional payoff to each of the major, but portable, Kingdom Hearts entries throughout the years seemed hurried for those who had played every entry in the Kingdom Hearts series. The finished outcome did not satisfy the devoted, semi-interested, or newbies. With a defined plot, Kingdom Hearts IV may bring disgruntled fans up to speed with a mobile narrative refresher and an explanation of Stretlizia’s place in the franchise. For the franchise’s core fans, this is a fresh arc and a new chance to shine.

DLC should not be used to conclude the story of KHIV.

1650472954_590_5-lessons-Kingdom-Hearts-IV-should-learn-from-KH3s-mistakesSquare Enix/Disney image

The Kingdom Hearts series has been chastised for releasing games exclusively on several platforms, such as the DS and PSP. Fortunately, there is now a means to catch up on the HD collections. However, owing to the DLC installment Re: Mind, original Kingdom Hearts 3 gamers may not be entirely caught up. It adds vital parts to the tale that were missing from the previous installment’s mediocre conclusion.

It is also fairly repetitious due to the content’s time-traveling bent. For half of the game, you battle the same bosses with new characters. If at all possible, story-based DLC for Kingdom Hearts IV should be avoided. The sequel must have a clear and concise conclusion that will not leave fans scratching their heads.

There are no lines of conversation that may be repeated.

1650472957_805_5-lessons-Kingdom-Hearts-IV-should-learn-from-KH3s-mistakesSquare Enix/Disney image

Finally, Kingdom Hearts IV must avoid having lines of speech that are cartoonishly repetitious. In Kingdom Hearts 3, Sora, Donald, and Goofy were continuously barking about ingredients or a fortunate symbol being close in every realm. What made things worse was that they were repeating the same vocal lines with little, if any, variation. Instead, if these aspects return in KH4, the game should include some type of UI or radar that tells players where the nearest ingredients or fortunate symbols are.

If the repeated lines of conversation reappear in Kingdom Hearts IV, you’ll be taken away from Square Enix’s realistic and lively landscapes. It would be a single flaw in a perfectly cooked souffle, or in this instance, an Unreal Engine 5 graphical masterpiece.

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