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Eximus Reborn: Dev Workshop – Warframe Games Guide

Warframe is a game with an interesting history, which has been in development since 2010. In the beginning it was just another wildly popular PvP shooter but as time passed and new content continued to be made, Warframe became something else entirely: a co-op looter shooter that remains one of the most influential games on Steam today. With 2 million players worldwide and growing fast, Warframe delivers many different kinds of gameplay experiences unlike any other game available now.

Eximus Reborn is a Warframe guide that has been updated to be more user-friendly. The main goal of the project is to provide a definitive resource for all things related to Warframe.

Eximus Reborn: Dev Workshop - Warframe Games Guide


As briefly glimpsed on cmL EkW mW0?t=3660 - Eximus Reborn: Dev Workshop

We’re reworking one of the game’s oldest opponents, Eximus troops, in Devstream #160 and #161. Eximus troops were introduced in Update 12 as ‘Enemy Leaders,’ with increased stats and support skills to help their allies. While the original design goal remains the same, we believed it was time for a refresh to bring them up to date in terms of both gameplay and aesthetic in-game. When you’re a top opponent in the field, you should dress for success.

We’ve also put up a helpful Dev Workshop video that gives a high-level summary of the changes outlined above; watch it to get a sense of what’s coming!

The major goal of this Eximus Rework is to make them more noticeable in combat, both in terms of how they operate and how difficult they are to defeat. We want to do this in two ways:

  1. Increase their menace by increasing their time-to-kill – and reward them for it!
  2. Improving their visual and mechanical functions to make them more visible in battle.

Eximus forces should be more difficult to kill as a result of these two changes, but their unique dangers should be simpler to spot, providing players a more tactical approach to avoid them.

To increase the time-to-kill and intensify the Eximus threat, we’ve tweaked their:

  • Overguard is a term we’ve used for Warframe power resistances.
  • Health, Shield, & Armor scaling

Currently, the different Eximus types have slightly different resistances and combat advantages. For instance, Arson Eximus will reduce Fire Damage taken; Leech Eximus will add extra Puncture Damage to its damage dealt. These stat changes are invisible to a player and don’t really have any noticeable impact on gameplay. Instead of keeping unique but forgettable specific resistances to Eximus units, we’re adding a new universal type of Eximus resistance and tweaking the way their Health, Shields & Armor scale across the board to turn them into more formidable adversaries.

Overguard, a new Warframe Power Resistance, is now available. Eximus troops will now have a new kind of defense called Overguard, which is a new Health pool on top of their standard numbers that a) must be eliminated before players can knock down their Health/Shields, and b) grants the Eximus extra immunities, making them a priority target in missions.

Eximus troops will be resistant to Warframe crowd control abilities as well as anything that will stagger, knockdown, stun, mind control, ragdoll, or blind them while Overguard is active. Furthermore, Overguarded foes will be immune to Radiation Status Effects and will be subject to up to four Cold Status Effects at once. Overguard, on the other hand, is especially vulnerable to Void damage, which will enhance the overall flow and synergy of Warframe and Operator combat while facing Eximus troops. This will urge you to interact with them more rather than just dominating them with your powers. It should make Eximus troops seem more like a serious danger to Warframes by shifting the emphasis of combating them to a combination of weaponry and coordination.

Overguard is an added quantity that is not affected by Enemies’ Health/Shield scaling and is denoted by a bar over their current Health/Shields. Overguard will grow by level but be the same amount across all Eximus opponent types, with the purpose of making Eximus troops more uniform in terms of difficulty.

Eximus with Overguard is a leech.


When an Eximus’ Overguard is removed, they become completely vulnerable to crowd control skills. An significant remark about the Null Audit capability of Hound Companions: instead of stealing Eximus Auras, Hounds will instead duplicate them. If an Eximus with active Overguard is hit by a Hound with a duplicated Eximus ability, the Eximus’ Overguard will be reduced by 50%.

Overguard was developed to provide Eximus forces a more intimidating feel while simultaneously giving Tenno a method to annihilate their defenses with great coordination and focused firepower.

We’ve adjusted the scope of which skills are considered crowd management with the inclusion of Overguard. These abilities will still deliver their intended damage — it’s only that their crowd-control effect will be disabled while Overguard is active.

  • The Doom of Sevagoth
  • Sentry, Chroma’s Effigy
  • Xaku’s Eyes
  • Garuda’s Talons on the Prowl
  • Sleight of Hand by Mirage
  • Prism of Mirage
  • Entrapment of Khora
  • Volt’s Discharge is a type of discharge that occurs when a voltage is
  • Lull of Baruuk
  • The Condemnation of Harrow
  • The Radial Blind of Excalibur
  • Sleep arrow from Ivara’s quiver
  • The Reave of the Revenant
  • Mesmer Skin of the Revenant
  • Desiccation of Inaros
  • Sea Snares by Yareli

Keep in mind that this list does not include all Warframe abilities that Overguard is immune to; rather, it only includes those that we are currently considering Crowd Control.

Ancient Healers are on high alert. Ancient Healers now provide their friends in range a 90% damage reduction and greater resilience to crowd control skills. Only a pulsating light on boosted foes in range indicates this visually. This might be perplexing if you aren’t aware that Ancient Healers provide crowd control resistance and damage mitigation.

We’ve updated Ancient Healers such that they now provide Overguard to allies within range at 9x their overall health. This number merely reflects the current amount of damage reduction and crowd control resistance supplied by Ancient Healers, but it will now offer a clear visual signal that the foes are being bolstered by their Ancient buddy with Overguard!

Overguard may be used against opponents strengthened by Ancient Healers in a variety of ways:

  • Overguard is being attacked.
  • Overguard is provided by killing the Ancient Healer.
  • Taking them out of the Ancient Healer’s reach
    • Currently, every enemy who receives an Overguard boost from an Ancient Healer only gets it once, and they can’t get it again when they return to range or from a different enemy Healer.

Non-Eximus Ancient Healers grant Overguard to friends in range but do not have it themselves, unlike Eximus Ancient Healers. Ancient Healers’ Overguard does not stack with Eximus’s natural Overguard. In this redesign, friendly Ancient Healers (such as Specters) will not provide Overguard to players, but this capability may be added in the future!

Health, Shield & Armor scaling Health, Shields, and Armor for Eximus now all scale faster at higher levels up to a point, where it eventually flattens out and doesn’t scale exponentially, giving them a boost to their overall tankiness. Our intent here is to give a slight boost to enemies like Butchers more than Heavy Gunners, and to make difficulty more consistent across enemy types. A Heavy Gunner will still be tougher than a Butcher might be, but the gap between the two will be much closer than if it was affected by a traditional flat multiplier. Across the board, this should make the difficulty of any given Eximus more consistent regardless of enemy type. Note these changes are only for Eximus units, their regular counterparts will retain the same scaling tech.

Armor will follow a similar scaling scheme, with low-armored foes being boosted more than high-armored adversaries to help reduce the difficulty gap between enemy classes. To compensate for foes lacking Armor, they will get extra Health and Shields outside of the standard Eximus scaling.

As a consequence, Eximus should feel beefier in general, scale quicker at higher levels, and be more consistent across opponent kinds.

Visual & Mechanical Enhancements: We also want to make Eximus stand out more, so we gave unique visual identifiers for each type of Eximus! They now each have their own blend of distinct audio and visual FX that will help you identify them more easily in combat, and also give you a better way to recognize their Eximus type and tactically evade their abilities.

Eximus Kinds Supported by Faction: We’ve made several improvements to broaden the eligibility pool for certain Eximus types, all with accompanying casting animations:

All Factions’ General Pool: Arctic, Blitz, Energy Leech, Leech, and Shock Guardian Grineer is a corpus-specific character. Specifically, the area is infested by arsonists. Particular: venomous

The pools used by corrupted versions will be the same as those used by their original faction (so Corrupted Ancients could use Venomous, and Corrupted Lancer could use Arson).

Eximus, Archwing Overguard will not be applied to Archwing Eximus troops. The reason for this is that Archwing combat is more constrained in terms of how you can take down Overguard. The Archwing gear produces somewhat less damage and has a smaller pool of crowd control skills than its ground cousin. Overall, we feel it is more appropriate to merely update Eximus’ powers and effects while leaving Overguard to the ground Eximus.

Eximus Mercy now has a new feature. We’ve also updated the requirement to Mercy Kill specific Eximus that didn’t have it before as part of the Eximus Rework!

The following is a list of new Eximus kinds that may be completed via Mercy Kills:

  • MOA’s of Mutalists
  • MOA’s in Amalgam
  • Carnis Deimos
  • Crawlers
  • Nox
  • MOA’s of Embattor
  • Heqit Heqit Heqit Heqit Heqit Heqit He
  • Amalgam Machinist is a person who works in the field of amalgamation.

Furthermore, we’ve repaired all Crawler Eximus troops so that they may now use their Eximus powers! Tenno, keep an eye on your toes.

A list of each Eximus kind is provided below, along with a comparison of their current and revised versions:


A Seismic Shockwave knockdown with a small range is currently in use.

BRAND NEW Blitz Eximus troops may now perform a frontal chain Blast attack by smashing their fist into the ground, knocking them down and inflicting the Blast Status Effect. An audio cue and FX of an approaching Blast exploding from underneath announce this Blast strike.

Changes in Appearance Blitz Eximus troops are now coated with crackling electricity, and their limbs are emitting little staggered explosions.


Current An energy draining aura that is impenetrable to the naked eye.

NEW Energy Leech and Parasitic Eximus units now periodically spawn an Energy Leech Zone near the player. The Energy Leech Zone is detonated within seconds, draining a large amount of Energy if not tactically avoided. This Zone is identified by an expanding energy zone and audible cue on placement & detonation.

Changes in Appearance Energy Leech and parasitic Eximus units are now engulfed in Void-like energy, which manifests as short tendrils spinning around their bodies. Before collapsing in a burst, the Energy Leech Zone spawns with a similar energy style and look.


Current A concussive Fire Blast strike that knocks foes down and hurts them in the process.

NEW Although Arson Eximus troops still have a Fire Blast attack, you may now counter it by rolling past it to neutralize its impact. However, damage has increased, and when hit, a forced Heat Status Effect has been added.

Changes in Appearance Arson The Eximus units have been entirely consumed by raging flames. They periodically shoot forth a slow-moving explosion of lethal flames in all directions. The Fire Blast assault has been redesigned to reflect the fire effects that envelop the Eximus unit, as well as to portray a “roaring wave” of fire rather than a blinding wall.


Current For friendly adversaries within range, a radial shield charge pulse.

NEW A cluster of smaller shields orbiting Guardian Eximus signal that it now provides great damage mitigation to its friends (your foes!). The Guardian Eximus troops have three revolving shields that entirely block incoming damage and generate a similar visual effect on adjacent allies that grants them a Damage Reduction bonus. VIP foes, such as Demolysts, Capture targets, and Bosses, are not affected by this damage decrease, and it does not stack with other friendly Guardian Eximus. However, it will have an effect on other Eximus units in the vicinity!

Changes in Appearance Eximus Guardian troops now have three big blue spinning shields. These shields feature apparent gaps between them, allowing you to blast your opponent from numerous angles. To minimize misunderstanding, allies with Overguard now have a simpler version of the shields with comparable graphics but a different form. The smaller shields on boosted friends do not literally block damage as their Eximus counterparts do, but they do serve as a visual cue when Damage Reduction is in effect.


Current A big ice globe that protects you.

NEW There have been no modifications.

Changes in Appearance The globe already accomplishes the job!


Due to the magnitude of Player versus adversary Health, current Life theft from player on damage is insignificant.

NEW Leech Eximus, like their Energy counterparts, now create Health Leech Zones, which tick away at your health and heal adjacent opponents quickly after hatching. To prevent the effect, players must avoid the Zones!

Changes in Appearance With a swirling vortex of energy created from its center, Leech Eximus units glow crimson. Eximus emits a tiny zone of the same energy that pulses rapidly as it consumes a percentage of your health. Any active health leech zones will be disrupted if the Eximus is killed or put into a Mercy condition.


Eximus has been given a new twist by enabling Infested opponents to be infused with electric energy! Introducing: The newest Infested Eximus, Bio-Electric Eximus, threatens to shock any Tenno who fails to avoid the Infested Eximus or their fatal homing electric spheres.

Current A tiny area for electrical damage over time. This is difficult to observe unless you are subjected to the Electric Status Effect.

NEW Eximus/Bio-Electric Shock Eximus will create three electrical orbs that will hang in position for a few seconds before being unleashed and homing in on the Player, delivering escalating electrical damage surrounding the Eximus. The amount of damage caused by these electrical orbs varies depending on the level. Any active Orbs will be destroyed if the Eximus is killed or placed into a Mercy condition.

Shock Eximus’ visual changes include smaller replicas of the electrical orbs revolving around them, as well as the appearance of being coated in and crackling with electricity.


Current There is a minor Toxin area. Toxin harm is similar to shock Eximus, but it is more fatal since it remains on players.

NEW When venomous Eximus units are alerted, they are surrounded by a whirling volume of Toxic gas. When you come into touch with the gas, you’ll get a Toxin Status Effect. Only enemy melee troops may now turn into poisonous Eximus. Keep a safe distance from their poisonous gases!

Changes in Appearance The venomous Eximus is completely engulfed in deadly vapors. When the Eximus is alerted, the gases grow into a poisonous cloud that surrounds the Eximus.

REWARDS We’ve raised the Affinity received from killing Eximus troops by 200 percent to match the increased danger from Eximus units. Eximus troops are also dropping Credits and Endo at a faster pace now. On top of the typical uncommon chance of a Riven Sliver, this will scale reliably for their Steel Path equivalents!

ADDITIONAL CONSIDERATIONS: Because Eximus foes are now more powerful, their power is increased when they are encountered in a pack. To assist combat this, we’ve implemented the following adjustments in various sections of Warframe:

  • On ‘Eximus Stronghold’ Sortie circumstances, there will be 50% less Eximus.
  • The size of the Syndicate Death Squad/Platoon has been reduced:
    • -1 for disapproval The number of squads has been lowered from 5-10 to 3-5.
    • Platoons in disfavor have been decreased from 10-15 to 5-7.
  • Warden These new Eximus improvements have not been applied to Eximus troops in Rescue missions, ensuring that they are just as simple to surreptitiously remove as previously.

Thank you for taking the time to read this long Developer Workshop! We hope you appreciate the new Eximus troops, as well as their enhanced abilities and effects. While this Dev Workshop will give you a taste of the changes, the best way to get a full understanding of them will be to take on the new Eximus in the field once Angels of the Zariman is released!

Tenno, be careful, a large unit is coming…

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