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How to complete Mission 3: The login devices In Teardown

In “Mission 3: The login devices In Teardown”, you have to destroy the first device by blowing it up with a drone and then destroying the second one.

The “teardown mission 4” is the last mission in the game. Here, you have to complete a series of missions that will help you unlock new features in your app. You do this by finding login devices and logging into them.

How to complete Mission 3: The login devices In Teardown

In Teardown, the third task entails stealing three keycard readers. Once you’ve stolen one keycard reader, an alarm will ring, and you’ll have 60 seconds to take the other two. If you don’t take the time to assess the area and plan an escape route, this might be tough.

Despite the fact that it takes place in the same region as the second mission, there are notable differences. Some will make your goal more difficult, while others will make it simpler. If you’re stumped by the time constraint, here’s a step-by-step guide to completing the assignment inside the 60-second time limit.

Step 1: Enter the building.

You can’t simply stroll through the front gate as you could in the previous quest. It’s locked securely, and you can’t shatter it with a sledgehammer since it’s made of metal (or the bricks around it). Because there are no weak areas in the brick-metal barrier, you’ll have to discover a way to leap over it.

Fortunately, you can locate some boulders to the right of your starting position that you can utilize to rise high enough for a running leap to bring you to the top of the fence. If you aren’t quick enough, you may fall off a few times, but you can always leap again to reach the other side.

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Step 2: Plan your escape route.

The mission’s greatest challenge isn’t collecting all of the keycard readers in time; it’s getting out. It was simple to get in, but there are no solid exits within reach that will allow you to reach the escape vehicle in time.

The third mission, thankfully, brings a new tool: automobiles. There will be a red vehicle to the right of where you landed that you may drive.

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The red truck has the ability to smash through the gate and other brick constructions, providing you with one of the most effective escape routes. It has a limited lifespan, but it should be strong enough to build the shortcuts you want.

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It can also be used to tear down portions of the brick barriers around the Factory West keycard reader, making it simpler to access. Every second matters, and it’s never a bad idea to prepare ahead.

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Step 3: Go to the keycard reader in Factory North.

Once you’ve figured out your escape plan, proceed to Factory North to get started.

Factory North is just ahead of you as you exit the gate. Continue straight until you see a giant white truck, then turn left and continue straight until you reach a structure with open shutters.

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You may go through and up the left stairwell to a wooden walkway that leads to the Factory North building.

Inside, turn left and you should see steps leading to the Factory North keycard reader (if you can’t see it, turn around at the top of the stairs). Break the window to the left of the keycard reader before proceeding, and then save your game quickly. You’ll be able to restart from that point instead of having to redo Steps 1 and 2 each time you fail.

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Step 4: Run to Storage with the keycard reader.

It’s time for the clock to begin ticking. Jump out the left window using the Factory North keycard reader. Don’t be concerned about the fall damage; it won’t harm you.

When you arrive at the airport, turn right and continue straight until you reach the river. Turn left and continue straight past the white truck until you see a building with an entryway on the left. To go up the steps, go through and around the large car on the right side.

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This will bring you to the Storage keycard reader, which you must collect as soon as possible if you want to make it on time.

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Step 5: Go to Factory West to get the last keycard reader.

Return down the building and turn right once you have the second keycard reader. Turn left at the water’s edge, cross the wooden bridge to the other side, and then turn left again to reach the massive brick structure.

If you already drilled a hole in the brick wall, go right through it. Otherwise, go around the left side of the brick structure and enter by the door on your immediate right. You’ll locate the last keycard reader if you hurry up the stairs.

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Move as quickly as you can to the getaway vehicle with all three keycard readers and climb in. The countdown ends after you reach the getaway vehicle, and you have finished the assignment.

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Now that you know which way to pursue, you may simply complete the third objective or devise your own innovative strategies using the methods mentioned as a guide.

“Teardown walkthrough” is a game that was released on the App Store in 2016. The game is about completing missions and finding hidden objects. To complete Mission 3, you will need to login devices. Reference: teardown walkthrough.

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