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Access Media Sites Mock Fans for Fan-Casting Hugh Grant in Doctor Who

A British actor, Hugh Grant, is on the shortlist to play Doctor Who. Fans of the show are offering their services as a way to cast him in the role by citing his iconic roles like Bridget Jones and About A Boy. The BBC responded with ridicule for casting such an “unfit” candidate for this prestigious position.,

Access Media Sites Mock Fans for Fan-Casting Hugh Grant in Doctor Who

Hugh Grant in Doctor Who is mocked by fans on access media sites.



Hugh Grant has been on every shortlist for fan casting of the Doctor whenever the character is regenerating since his appearance as the Doctor in a 1999 comedy special. Hugh Grant was once again reported to play the character of Jodie Whittaker in the future regeneration. Grant has also refuted the reports of his casting, as has been the case in the past. What distinguishes this period from others is the political context in which this regeneration is taking place. Several Access Media sites seem to feel that even contemplating Hugh Grant for a role is insulting, and that fans should be insulted for even thinking about it.


CBR, by far the most venomous of this cacophony of franchise incompetence, had the following to say:

“The notion that his taking over would mean discarding multiple story arcs put up in the previous several Doctor Who seasons… But, although he was competent, he wasn’t the ideal fit for the franchise just now — or maybe ever. Grant would have been the latest in a long line of white men to play the Doctor… [Whittaker’s casting] began to realize the promise that women, non-binary, queer, and non-white actors could star in one of the world’s longest-running TV shows… expectation [is] that the Doctor’s next regeneration would continue to break the mold and cast another woman, person of color, and/or LGBTQIA+ actor who would add more variety to the Tossing the potential out the window and casting Grant or any other white guy will irritate Doctor Who fans who have yearned for greater diversity.”

This is a highly deceptive attitude, since fans are quitting the programme in droves, with the current seasons having the lowest viewership in Doctor Who history.

A return to form is required because to the complete atrocity that has been the previous three seasons of Doctor Who — resulting from the insertion of current political propaganda. Some fans were willing to give a female Doctor, or any other doctor with a varied background, a chance. However, after the current period, fans want something familiar to entice them back, at least for a while, before a skilled writer can try such a departure from the established canon once again. Because of the present era’s calamity, many fans assume that a female doctor could never work again. The virtue signaling and shaming of fans for fan-casting on CBR and other Access Media sites demonstrates why readers have lost faith in sites like that.

Hugh Grant Doctor Who

Ironically, a female Doctor was also included in the 1999 comedy special in which Hugh Grant played the Doctor. The difference is that the female Doctor was depicted in a very truthful, hilarious, and approachable manner by a skilled writer.

CBR and others feel that previous to 2016, when the diversity agenda was first pushed, diversity was never even addressed. Specials like these, as well as the substance of episodes from the classic period, refute the concept that diversity is a modern invention. Diversity and politically charged narrative have always existed, but in the past, it was done by gifted authors who prioritized storyline, characters, and the audience above their message. Until the current age, it never came across as propaganda or virtue signaling.

Fans of Doctor Who who have been gaslighted by the BBC, the program, and Access Media websites will only find sanctuary in old Who and vintage specials like the one in which Hugh Grant featured. Only in the embrace of the past can fans revive their passion for a franchise that is rapidly fading away in front of their eyes.