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Guide: New Home – Survivor – No Deaths – 700 Population – 100K Coal – 17K Meals

This is a guide for the new home event Survivor – No Deaths in The Sims 4: Get To Work. It contains information on what you will need, how to get started, and other helpful tips that might be good to know!

The “frostpunk new home hard guide” is a guide that will help you with the specific steps of creating a new survivor in Frostpunk. It also includes information on how to get started, and what kind of items you’ll need.

Guide: New Home - Survivor - No Deaths - 700 Population - 100K Coal - 17K Meals

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Survivor – No Deaths – 700 People – 100 thousand tons of coal – 17 thousand dinners

When the storm came, these were the numbers:

  • There are 700 people in the population, 689 humans, 11 automatons, no fatalities, and no amputees.
  • 100 thousand tons of coal
  • 17 thousand dinners
  • 13 hospitals (later dismantled automatons and added 3 more for 16 total)
  • 31 hangers for hunters
  • 3 sophisticated Mine of Coals equipped with robots
  • 4 collecting stations with automatons + 1 steam coal thumper
  • 1 kiln for charcoal with an automaton, because why not?
  • there isn’t enough space to create (I could dismantle hangers and add more storage, but not necessary)
  • I’ve spent 2483 hours playing Frostpunk.

My approach is as follows:

  • Summary of the main points:
    • Game over for Rush Beacon, Rush Coal Outpost, Rush Tesla City, and Rush Engineer Automatons.
    • Mine of Coals should be used instead of Coal Thumper.
    • Hunters should be used instead of Hothouses.
    • Avoid Sawmills by using Drilling through the wall.
    • Use Steam Workshops instead of Heaters (until much later in the game)
    • Use Food Additives instead of Soup (Soup stinks and causes unhappiness; believe me on this; I’ve played for 2483 hours and have completely converted to sawdust meals; the more meals and lack of discontent is a fantastic trade-off for a few ill individuals.)
    • Instead of faith, choose Purpose (both work fine, Faith is easier for the Londoners, but the Foreman and Agitator are OP for resources, research and healing)
  • Part 1: Drilling through the wall and Rush Beacon
    • On the first night, do 24 hour shift research.
    • Do not construct any structures.
    • At all times, there are 15 children atop the coal pile.
    • Only run the generator at night (18:00 to 7:00 ish), utilize generator overdrive to keep people healthy, and switch it off in the morning for the first several days.
    • Build no collecting sites until the scouts have gone exploring.
    • Important: on Day 2, construct the cookhouse throughout the day and assign a kid to it at 17:59, then investigate food additives to guarantee that no one consumes raw food and that all the food is converted at a 2:6 ratio, providing enough food for everyone until your scouts arrive with food.
    • Drilling through the wall should be researched and built as soon as possible (don’t bother with Sawmill research).
  • Rush Coal Outpost (Part 2)
    • Make sure you have four medical positions to deal with Overcrowding and Transplantation of Organss; otherwise, the sick will spiral out of control.
    • Until you can study Outposts, use collecting posts at each coal pile and one Mine of Coal.
    • Send an outpost crew to the Mine of Coals as soon as possible.
  • Part 3 – Tesla City in a Hurry
    • On Day 15, send a scout and a second outpost crew to the far east of the map.
    • On Day 15, immediately before 10 a.m., have a scout ready in Winterhome and explore it.
    • Once you’ve located Tesla City, begin rotating the outpost between Steam Cores and Food every 24 hours to ensure you receive a cargo from both (but DO NOT FORGET to move it back to Tesla, you cannot afford to miss a steam core shipment)
    • Every 24 hours, switch between the Coal and Wood outposts in the south.
    • Construct a factory and begin producing automatons (10-11 total)
  • Part 4 – Engineer Automatons in a Hurry
    • Engineer Automatons as soon as possible.
    • Put 2-3 automatons on a 24-hour study project as soon as possible.
    • Build an Infirmary as soon as possible.
    • From here on out, the game gets relatively simple as you swiftly complete all of the necessary studies.

(In alphabetical order):

  • Child Labor – Child Labor – Child Labor – Child Labor – Child Labor
  • Shifts in Case of Emergency
  • Additives to Food (If you have 3-4 medical posts, this is much superior than Soup.)
  • Shifts that last longer
  • Treatment that is radical
  • Overcrowding
  • Disposal of the Dead
  • Transplantation of Organs
  • Arena of Combat
  • All Jobs – Child Labor (but only use children to build, no dangerous jobs, to avoid deaths)
  • Keep an eye on your surroundings.
  • Station of the Guard
  • Center for Propaganda (to bring down the Londoners quickly)
  • Gathering in the Morning
  • Foreman
  • House of Commons
  • Pleasure Palace
  • Agitator
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Patrol
  • Moonshine
  • Assisted Living Facility
  • Prosthetics

The following is a list of things to look into (in order):

  • a guiding light (built and scout sent out by end of Day 2)
  • Boards for Drawing (Level 1)
  • Drilling through the wall
  • Mine of Coal
  • Hunters’ Equipment
  • Steam Workshop
  • More Scouts are needed.
  • Machines for drafting (Level 2)
  • Hunters in the Air
  • Power from a Generator
  • Depot for Outposts (rush coal depot)
  • Calculators that are mechanical (Level 3)
  • Factory
  • Integration of Automation
  • Engineer Automaton (Put 2-3 automatons on a 24-hour study project as soon as possible., very OP)
  • Upgrade to the Medical Post
  • Infirmary
  • Etc. (From here on out, it won’t matter as much since you’ll be researching so quickly)

Original source: link

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The “frostpunk survivor mode” is a guide for the game Frostpunk. This mode is designed to allow players to start with a new city, without any deaths and at 700 population. The goal of this mode is to get 100k coal, 17k meals, and have enough food stockpiles to last 3 months.

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