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Gunsmith Packages – breakdown from 100,000 materials on possible weightings

Different gun materials vary in weight and size, so it can be difficult to know what you’re getting. In this case study, I will take a look at the possible weights of 100,000 gun parts found on Gunsmith Packages.

The “how to use dim loadout optimizer” is a tool that allows users to take an inventory of the materials they have and then calculate how much weight each material takes up. The tool also includes a breakdown from 100,000 materials on possible weightings.

Gunsmith Packages - breakdown from 100,000 materials on possible weightings

The article’s substance

Hello, because gunsmith mats are being phased out at the end of the season, I thought I’d offer a breakdown of the bundles I received from my ten complete stacks of materials in the vault. I didn’t expect to learn much and merely wanted to record my drops for fun, but I did, and I felt it could be of interest to others as well.

Please excuse how simple and perhaps unprofessionally set up this information is; I’m simply bored and don’t do this type of stuff very often.

Total number of drops per gun

I was able to collect a total of 1030 drops after breaking down all the drops I didn’t want and burning my resources down to the point where I couldn’t purchase another package. They are represented as a graph. BUgkFd1 - Gunsmith Packages - breakdown from 100,000 materials on possible weightings

may be found right here

The biggest issue I saw was that the drop numbers didn’t appear to have much of a middle ground. The majority of the weapons were either 10 or more than 25.

Drops from the gun slot

Hopefully, the charts for this may be found here. Given how they’re still strewn around, I looked up the typical drop rates per weapon in each slot.

Slot Per-weapon average
Kinetic 14.92
Energy 24.75
Power 20.17

So, there were some variances, but I wasn’t sure that slot type had anything to do with any probable weighting.

Seasonal variations

Next, I decided to re-organise the full chart by most to least, to see if anything looked odd. That may be found right here.

When I looked at it, I saw the sudden drop in the center and realized it wasn’t simply RNG, so I looked at the weapons with low drops and believed seasons were involved. So I divided it up by the season in which each weapon was first introduced and created these infographics.

So, with the exception of Arrivals, weapon drops are fairly comparable throughout seasons (pardon the Worthy graphic; the smaller numbers make it appear like it changes, but the average is similar and low). So, what made it different this time? After looking at the weapons once again, I saw that the larger numbers came largely from the ancient Prophecy loot that was put to the global pool today post Beyond Light. So, with this in mind, I calculated some averages.

Season Per-weapon average
Worthy 7.93
Arrivals 8.36
Prophecy 31.33
Chosen 36.25
Splicer 42.71
Lost 31.17

So, this time, the data seem to be more solid. Weapons from before Beyond Light tend to have a far lower likelihood of appearing in Gunsmith Packages than weapons from after Beyond Light. I’m not in the statistics sector for employment or school, but the difference seems to be significant enough that after over 1,000 parcels, it’s plausible to conclude that the drops are weighted.

I’m not sure whether this was previously known or well understood. After that, I looked and noticed some mention of weighing in Banshee packages, but no indication of what it may be. I’m pleased I spent my time on this if it was previously known.

Other irrelevant information gleaned along the process

Some more information from my hours of spamming packages that you may or may not find interesting:

  • the longest streak of the same drop I had was 3 (Pleidas Corrector & Annual Skate)

  • It took me 30,000 resources to earn my first True Prophecy, which was just the fourth longest time I’d ever spent on a single weapon.

  • For my first drop, Dire Promise, I used 34,500 materials.

  • For my initial drop, IKELOS Smg took 39,000 materials.

  • For my initial drop of Hollow Words, I used 39,600 materials.

  • Between my first and second IKELOS sniper drops, I waited 41,300 minutes.

  • All of the demolished goods netted me 3,916 Legendary Shards.

  • From the packages and dismantles, I obtained 317 Enhancement Cores.

  • Of the 1,030 weapons I received, I retained 50. (4.85 percent ). Any weapon that seemed decent enough to save for subsequent inspection, even ones I may already have, was retained. In actuality, after I’ve examined the roll and what I already have in my vault, I’ll probably just save a few of items.

TL;DR (short version) – Gunsmith packages tend to prefer weapons that have been added to the global treasure pool since Beyond Light. If you’re after Arrivals (other than ancient Prophecy weapons) or Worthy weapons, you’re in for a fight.

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For the game Destiny 2, post “Gunsmith Packages – breakdown from 100,000 resources on potential weightings.”

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The “how to use destiny item manager” is a gunsmith package that breaks down the materials of a weapon from 100,000 possible weightings. The breakdown will give you information such as the type of material and how much of it is used in the weapon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the highest possible stat roll Destiny 2?

A: The highest possible roll would be a 110 stat.

How do you get 100 Stat rolls in Destiny 2?

A: The easiest way to get 100 Stat rolls is to find a purple engram. After you have found the Purple Engram, you will need to open it up and purchase the item that pops out from within. Purchase this as many times as desired, until your character has reached level 20 and obtained all of their stat rolls at which point they should be over 100 Rolls for each category! You can also use Bright Dust which is purchased with Glimmer or by dismantling unwanted items in order to obtain more Stat Rolls.

How do I use Dim for Loadouts?

A: Firstly, you must ensure that the game is not currently playing. Secondly, at the bottom of your player profile page under settings on PC or in-game on PS4 and Xbox One, check Enable Dim. Lastly, select any loadout option to allow for a dimmed experience.

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