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Hitman 3 Elusive Target Arcade – The Quanta Silent Assassin guide

Hitman 3 is a massive sandbox with great replay value. The game features open-ended missions, freeform gameplay and an expansive assassination system which encourages you to experiment and make your own unique experience. However, this level of freedom also means that in order not to break the game’s rules or objectives it can be difficult for new players to find their footing in Hitman 3.

Hitman 3 Elusive Target Arcade - The Quanta Silent Assassin guide

The Quanta is a Hitman 3 Elusive Target Arcade objective that requires you to take out three targets with greater problems and constraints than their solo equivalents. It’s made up of three Elusive Targets that you may have encountered and finished before, but you won’t gain any experience or prizes until you complete all three. This tutorial will show you how to finish the assignment as a Silent Assassin.

Target Arcade’s enigmatic warning

Failure in any Elusive Target Arcade task has a penalty. You’ll be kept out of the task for 12 hours if you fail it due to a complication or death. Within that time frame, you will not be allowed to try the assignment again. To prevent this, we propose that you follow our instructions without fulfilling any goals, such as killing targets. You’ll be able to acquire a feel for the assignment before attempting it in earnest.

The Iconoclast (Level 1)

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Your first target is the Iconoclast, and the loadout for the first level is extremely particular. The Fatal Poison Vial or a lethal poison of some kind, as well as the Coin, are required. In this level, you’re only permitted one disguise change, but you won’t need any more. Move through the center building from your starting point in the parking lot to discover the invitation behind the smoking guy on the phone. A geographical reference for the invitation may be seen below.

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To enter the party, use the invitation and go to the left up the stairs. If you go too near to your target, she will get active. Stay to the left side of the restaurant on the roof. Instead, approach the waiter who is standing by the lavender planting.

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Subdue the waiter and bury his corpse in the lavender so no one notices. Take his disguise and go to the food buffet you passed on your approach to him. This waiter’s location may be found on the map below.

head-for-the-waiter-map-reference-hitman-3-the-quantaPhotographed by

After passing through the bar, you’ll come to a buffet where one waiter is on duty. Because he’s an enforcer, he can see right through your disguise. Crouch behind the table of food he’s protecting and toss a coin down the stairwell behind him to counteract this. This will make him glance away, enabling you to use your Lethal Poison Vial to poison the meal.

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Make your way to the balcony at the rear of this rooftop area after the food has been poisoned. Your target should be conversing on the phone, and you should be able to see them. As you get closer, she’ll start moving and heading for the poisoned buffet.

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Now go downstairs and into the grapevine field. Because you aren’t trespassing, you may go to the rear gate and wait for your victim to consume the poisoned food and die before departing.

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The Rage (Level 2)

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The Rage is the second target, and you’re stuck with the same problem of just being able to alter your disguise once. With our path, you won’t need anything else. For this target, you don’t need to carry anything special in your loadout, so choose anything you want and go in.

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Make your way into Chongqing and turn right from your starting point at the River-Side Walkway. Proceed to the construction site and escape by the scooter exit at the map’s edge. One of the apartment complexes has a ladder going up to it. Ascend it. This ladder’s location on a map may be found below.

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When you’re at the top of the ladder, utilize your instincts to see what the employees are up to. If they aren’t staring at the window in front of you, enter, turn right, and crawl down the corridor. At the conclusion, turn left and slip by the NPC who is staring at the wall. You will go unnoticed by her. Slide down to the bottom level by vaulting over that wall. You’ll see a door on your left that you must enter to discover your objective.

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Begin by going down the first flight of steps and hugging the wall. To bring out the two guards and subdue them, toss money down the stairwell behind you. To keep them out of sight, drag each one up the stairwell.

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You should be able to draw up your target after that, although he may start going up the steps on his own. Subdue and kill him when he does. It makes no difference whether he sees the corpses of the two guards; once he’s killed, your Silent Assassin rating will be reset. All that remains is for you to return the way you came and depart by the scooter beside the ladder.

The Procurers (Level 3)

The Procurers, the mission’s last stage, consists of two objectives. This level’s loadout is basic in that you don’t need to carry anything with you. You can still only change your disguise once, but you won’t need it here.

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Sneak into the grounds over the low wall to the right of the main gate from the starting spot on the main road. Then slip inside the open window near Mr Fernsby’s office on your way up to the home. A map reference may be seen above.

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Once entering, go through the door in front of you, avoiding the workers by going through the open door on the right. Turn right and follow the hallway down the corridor, then turn right again. An NPC cleans the walls at the end of this passageway. Put her to sleep and place her corpse in a nearby container. This place is shown on the map below.

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Do this fast, since your first target will arrive at the same time as her via the doors adjacent to her. Close the doors behind him and murder him as he does so. After that, you may dispose of his corpse in the same container. Make sure you pick up the pack of smokes he throws out.

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Next, go to the garden and collect the wrench and a baseball. To go outdoors, walk through the left door and then left again to access the garden. A map reference for the wrench may be seen above. Before going to steal it, you must wait for the gardner in the center of the area to cease strolling. Otherwise, they will spot you. The baseball is on the grass beside the main stairway that leads up from the garden to the house.

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You must now go to the second objective. Climb the drainpipe on the right-hand side of the wide windows after ascending the stairs to the home. A map reference for this drainpipe may be seen above. You must enter the first level, go around the walkway, and then jump out onto the ledge once again. After that, shimmy to the left to reach the balcony of the room with the deceased corpse.

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Wait for the target to exit the room and take their bodyguard with them once you’re on the balcony. Then wait for the guard on the other side of the door to go away to the right. Use the baseball to subjugate the NPC on the balcony as he does. Then unlock the door and use the wrench to overpower the housekeeper or bodyguard, then run to subdue the second NPC. You must now immediately conceal all three corpses in this room. Place the cigarette package you grabbed earlier on the table near the balcony doors.

Return to the balcony and tamper with the heatlamp with the wrench. You may now slide down the neighboring ladder and move closer to an escape. Your second target will soon enter the room and blow themselves up while going for a cigarette, allowing you to escape.