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How to defeat Kraken in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

Playing games is a fun way to spend time, but sometimes it can be difficult and frustrating. In Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins on the Nintendo Switch, players must fight Kraken in order to progress through the game. This guide will teach you how to defeat Kraken for an easy win!

The “final fantasy origin limp bizkit” is a difficult boss in the game that can be defeated by using the following strategies.

How to defeat Kraken in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

Kraken is the final of the Four Fiends you’ll encounter, and he’s no pushover. Kraken may deliver significant damage at any time throughout the battle with to his extraordinarily long ranging AoEs, environmental hazards, and fragmented attacks. You may, however, thread a triumph through this metaphorical needle with some careful planning and situational awareness. In Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, here’s how you beat Kraken.

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The opening phase of Kraken shows off his amazing speed and range. Kraken’s tentacles may reach out to do damage, allowing him to leap attack targets at will. Kraken also has access to a number of AoE strikes, which may be problematic owing to his minimal wind-up and quick animations. All of Kraken’s Phase 1 assaults are listed below:

  • Kraken’s basic attacks have a very great range. Kraken will reach out for a third strike in addition to the standard one-two swipe combination – if you aren’t nearly halfway across the arena, you will be tagged by this hit. Thankfully, you can escape it totally by ducking to the side. A triple smash on the ground is a version of this that has less vertical reach but more AoE potential.
  • Squish: Kraken will use his two hands to bash a target. This assault is unavoidable.
  • Spinning Blast: Kraken’s tentacles will spin swiftly on the spot, delivering damage. This is an assault that can be deflected.
  • Rush: Kraken lowers his body and momentarily targets a target before bull-rushing it. Although this strike is parried, it has many hits and may tag you numerous times. However, just after Rush…
  • Kraken will fire a water laser encompassing a 140 degree region in front of him after sucking up water from the pool surrounding him. Standing to one side will provide you with not just protection, but also an excellent window of opportunity to launch some assaults. Although the laser may be dodged, it can also tag you several times.
  • Kraken will unleash a barrage of ink projectiles in a cone in front of him. This assault may be parried, and it can also be Stolen as a command.
  • Kraken will stomp on one region before flipping and trampling on a another location. Because this strike cannot be parried and is tough to prevent, quick thinking is essential.

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Kraken is the ruler of the water realm, which should go without saying. As a result, he’s particularly vulnerable to electric assaults, and you may see several electrical explosive gadgets strewn around the arena. If at all possible, avoid exploding them in Phase 1 if at all possible. These will be critical in Phase 2:

  • All of Kraken’s assaults will be the same as in Phase 1, with two major exceptions.
  • Rush is similar to Phase 1, but with a twist. Kraken will dive into the water instead of powering up Water Laser. This is when those explosive gadgets come in handy: by detonating one, you can knock Kraken unconscious and out of the ocean. If you fail to do so, he will burst out of the ocean, wrapped in a liquid aura that will greatly increase Kraken. Tsunami, which covers a large region of the arena and is unparryable, will be cast when he jumps out of the ocean.
  • Nova Splash: This move works in the same way as Spinning Blast, but it also fires water orbs in random directions. This is an assault that can be deflected.

Electric assaults, like in Phase 1, are quite effective here, particularly if he wraps himself in water. During Phase 2, however, his attack speed rises somewhat, necessitating tighter blocking, parrying, and mobility to fry this squid.

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