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How To Get Bottle Rockets (Big Bottle & Multi-Bottle Rockets) –

Building bottle rockets is a quintessentially American past time. Kids have been launching them since the early 19th century, when they became popular with fireworks shows and Fourth of July celebrations. Today, you can easily find instructions for building your own rocket from materials found around your house or at any local hardware store that carries items like nuts, bolts and screws in packages large enough to hold hundreds of pieces. And it’s easy!

Bottle Rockets are illegal in many countries, including the United States. However, if you want to get a bottle rocket and not get caught, you can buy one from a store.

How To Get Bottle Rockets (Big Bottle & Multi-Bottle Rockets) –

Bottle Rockets and its variants are combat items that Jeff can only employ to do single-target damage.

It’s conceivable that these missiles will miss depending on Jeff’s speed relative to the adversary. However, you may reduce this risk by either leveling up Jeff or acquiring Speed-boosting equipment like the Rabbit’s Foot.


The Best Places to Look for Rockets

  • Bottle Rockets — Purchased for $29 from the Threed Arms Dealer.
  • Big Bottle Rockets – $139 from an arms dealer in the Desert with Dusty Dunes.
  • Multi Bottle Rockets – $2139 from the Scaraba Grocery Store


What Is the Best Way to Get a Bottle Rocket?


In Threed, there is an arms dealer. / EarthboundIn Threed, there is an arms dealer.


Jeff uses Bottle Rockets to deliver 90-150 damage to a single adversary during combat. They’re an excellent technique to provide consistent damage if Jeff’s Shoot attack isn’t quite up to par.

These are available from Threed onwards, and for $29 each, they’re a good deal.

Following Threed, they’re also on sale at the same price in:

  • Desert with Dusty Dunes
  • Fourside
  • Scaraba


Three-dimensional Zombie Dog / EarthboundThree-dimensional Zombie Dog


If you want to try your luck with enemy drops, the Zombie Dog that roams Threed and the Grapefruit Falls tunnel is the only opponent that drops Bottle Rockets.

They are, however, difficult to cultivate effectively.

The item has a 1 in 32 chance of dropping.


What Is the Best Way to Get a Big Bottle Rocket?


Drugstore Dusty Dunes / EarthboundDrugstore Dusty Dunes


These larger variations are basically five Bottle Rockets lashed together, so they pack a punch.

The main drawback is that there are five individual assaults, each of which has a possibility of missing.

As previously stated, it is worthwhile to equip Jeff with Speed boosting equipment in order to get more consistent strikes with the Big Bottle Rocket.

If all five rockets strike, you’ll deal 750 damage to a single target, which is more than enough to knock down random monsters and a significant portion of HP from all mid to late game bosses.

You can start buying these Big Bottle Rockets starting from Desert with Dusty Dunes onwards.

They’re also available for $139 each in Fourside and Scaraba.

Note: there’s also one found in a gift box inside the Desert Gold Mine, accessed from Desert with Dusty Dunes once you’ve been to the Topolla Theater in Fourside.


Where Can I Find a Multi-Bottle Rocket?


South of the Scaraba Pyramid, there is a merchant. / EarthboundSouth of the Scaraba Pyramid, there is a merchant.


Multi-Bottle Rockets are essentially 20 Bottle Rockets combined, resulting in the most amount of damage a single character can deliver in a single fight.

Each individual rocket, like the Big Bottle Rocket, has a chance to miss.

However, if all 20 hit, the damage to one victim will be roughly 2500-3000.

This is enough to kill almost every adversary in the game, with just a few bosses surviving to tell the story.

You may get them in Scaraba from a vendor with a camel to the south of the Pyramid for $2139 apiece.

The Arms Dealer in Deep Darkness also sells Multi-Bottle Rockets at the same price.


In the winter, the Wooly Shambler is a formidable foe. / EarthboundIn the winter, the Wooly Shambler is a formidable foe.


Wooly Shambler, a drop opponent, may be discovered in Winters – but only from the point when your characters are abducted and detained at Stonehenge Base.

Their Multi-Bottle Rocket drop rate is 1/64, making them an unreliable supply.

Note that the Wild’n Wooly Shambler adversary will drop them at a rate of 1 in 16 as well. These Wild’n variations may be obtained at the conclusion of the game in the Cave of the Past dungeon.

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