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How To Make A Smoker In Minecraft (And Use It)

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to make a smoker in Minecraft and use it to cook food. This handy little contraption is perfect for cooking large quantities of food at once, and it’s also great for smelting ores and other materials. So if you’re looking for a way to speed up your Minecraft game, read on to learn how to make a smoker!

How To Make A Smoker Video Tutorial

You will learn how to create a smoker in Minecraft and how to utilize it in this video tutorial. A smoker is a gaming block that can cook food quicker than a conventional furnace. You can make wonderful smoked meats by patiently cooking them over low heat.

This video will teach you the finest strategies for creating your smoker and then show you how to place and ignite it in game. Once your fire is set, the video shows you how to load things into the cooker slots so they start cooking right away. You’ll also learn how to check on cooked goods and other helpful hints like using charcoal instead of wood. You’ll be able to grill up some great dishes with ease if you follow this advice.

Available Platforms

Minecraft is accessible on a number of platforms, enabling gamers to play on their preferred device. The game is available for the following platforms: Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android.

Furthermore, gamers may play Minecraft with others across all supported platforms and devices. This means that Xbox users may join friends who are playing on Windows 10 PCs or in a shared Minecraft Realm with mobile and VR players.

Minecraft also has a Creative Mode where users are given infinite resources and creative tools like blocks to construct anything they wish. Players may modify their environment with skins, texture packs, and other entertaining add-ons thanks to Creative Mode and access to paid content bought via the shop or cash earned in-game called Minecoins. Players may use these tools to make a Smoker in Minecraft to smoke food items like fish or pig as part of their gourmet masterpieces.

Materials Needed To Make A Smoker

On the crafting table, players may make a smoker out of five blocks of wood planks, one furnace, and four cobblestone. This will result in the creation of the Smoker. The Smoker, once created, may be used to cook food quicker than a furnace. When cooking, the Smoker has an added benefit: it imparts a smokey taste to the meal.

In addition to these primary ingredients, players will need a number of tools for the construction and operation of their smoker. Items such as:

  • A pickaxe for mining cobblestone and coal;
  • Flint and steel for starting fires;
  • An iron shovel or iron pickaxe for mining iron ore;
  • An axe for chopping down trees;
  • Additional fuel sources to keep their fire running while they’re creating meals in their smoker;

are included.

Steps To Craft A Smoker

The steps for making a smoker in Minecraft are quite simple. To begin, you’ll need four logs and one furnace. Position the logs in a square shape on the ground, then place the furnace in the center of the square. After that, access your inventory and pick the “Smoker” option from the “Tools” section. The furnace will begin to smolder, enabling you to precisely regulate the temperature at which your meal is cooked.

To use the smoker for cooking, position it near a fire source, such as coal or charcoal, and then add any food item you want to smoke inside. After adding enough fuel to the smoker and filling it with enough smoke, your meal should be cooked after a set length of time. The precise quantity will be determined by:

  • How much fuel you put into it
  • The sort of food you are attempting to cook

Step 1. Open Your Crafting Menu

To begin creating a smoker in Minecraft, visit the crafting menu. This is accomplished by pressing E or clicking the crafting symbol at the bottom of your inventory. Four squares will appear on the left side of the screen whenever you activate your crafting menu. This is where you may make objects in Minecraft using various elements.

All of the elements required to make a smoker can be found towards the top of the menu; each ingredient is represented by a little square icon with an item within. Put one piece of coal, four pieces of wood, and four pieces of cobblestone in each square to make one smoker block. The smoker block resembles a furnace, although it is brown rather than grayish-black.

Once you’ve finished making the smoker block, it should show on the right side of your crafting menu. You may now drag it into your inventory and use it anywhere you like.

Step 2. Add The Furnace And Wood Or Logs To The Menu

You’ll need to add a furnace and some wood or logs to your menu in this phase. This will be used to build a smoker in Minecraft that will allow you to cook your meals.

To begin, left-click on the furnace and then choose the wood or logs from the menu bar that displays. Coal and charcoal are the two forms of fuel available for the furnace. Both of these fuels are very efficient, but one provides far more fuel than the other. It is advised that you utilize coal rather than charcoal since it provides more fuel. After you’ve inserted both objects into the furnace, fire it with a flint and steel or an ignited gunpowder to begin cooking your meal.

Step 3. Move The Smoker To Your Inventory

To add the Smoker to your Minecraft inventory, first enter the Crafting Menu by pressing E → Drag and drop the Smoker into your inventory from there. You may also use the Q key ❢ on your keyboard to insert the item directly into your hotbar. This is a wonderful method to have easy access to the Smoker and rapidly make meals with it as needed.

One thing to keep in mind is that all tools and materials in Minecraft are limited, so attempt to use up any objects before creating new one.

Minecraft Smoker Command

The Smoker is a unique item in Minecraft that may be used to cook food quicker than a conventional Furnace. This is achieved by using just one form of fuel for the whole cooking process, such as wood, coal, charcoal, or lava buckets, rather than two types of fuel followed by the meal. The Minecraft Smoker command will let users to create and utilize this item in the game.

To make a Smoker in Minecraft, you’ll need:

  • One furnace
  • Four blocks of any kind of wood log
  • Four blocks of coal/charcoal
  • One Crafting Table

To execute the command /summon smoker#minecraft:smoker to summon a smoker at your current location;, you must first right-click on the Crafting Table.

When you’ve finished crafting your Smoker, you may use it like a Furnace by putting fuel in the top slot and food in the bottom. However, unlike Furnaces, you cannot utilize Lava Buckets as fuel for the Smoker since doing so would ruin your crafting recipe.

Java Edition 1.13 and higher smoker command

Minecraft Java Edition 1.13 and above players may use the /give command to create a smoker in their game environment. To create a smoker, use the command: /give s minecraft:smoker. This will add a smoker to their hotbar, which they can then use the left mouse button to put in their game area.

When fed with coal, charcoal, or any other sort of smelting fuel, the smoker can cook meals up to twice as quickly as a standard furnace. When producing food such as pumpkin pie or grilled pork chops, players may utilize wood or wood planks as fuel for a smoker. It may also be used to swiftly cook ready-made meals like cooked fish and salmon cakes.

PE – Xbox One – Switch – Win 10 – Education Edition

In Minecraft, players may create a smoker on a variety of devices, including PE Pocket Edition, Xbox One, Switch, and Win 10 Windows 10 Education versions. Each version has somewhat different features and controls that players must get used to in order to create a good smoker.

PE Pocket Edition is intended for mobile devices and has less blocks than console editions. Despite having fewer bricks to work with, players may construct a working smoker that can be used to cook meals. Logs, cobblestone, planks, and nether bricks are among the blocks accessible on this level.

Players on the Xbox One or Nintendo Switch versions of the game have access to all of the same blocks as in the PC version, but with extra control choices that enable them to customize the length of time your item requires until it is ready for use. Users on both platforms may also choose from a number of crafting recipes according on how they want their food smoked.

Win 10 users get access to all of the same capabilities as the previous versions, but they now have access to extra tools such as structural blocks and redstone repeaters, which may aid in the construction of bigger, more precise contraptions. The Education Edition also provides instructors and students with extra capabilities such as creative mode, which enables them to effortlessly design buildings without the need for resources.


FAQs is an abbreviation for “Often Asked Questions” and is a fantastic method to offer answers to frequently asked questions regarding a product or service that has been bought, rented, or leased.

In this scenario, FAQs are designed to give information on how to create and utilize a smoker in Minecraft. FAQs will be written in a straightforward, succinct, and jargon-free way, allowing the reader to get an understanding of the issue without the need for specialist expertise.

FAQs should address issues such as:

  • How can I make the smoker?
  • What kinds of things can I use with it?
  • What kind of fuel can I use in the smoker?
  • What are the safety precautions to take while using a Minecraft smoker?
  • How can I tell whether my food has been cooked?

Readers will have all they need to become successful Minecraft smokers if you provide insightful answers to these queries.

What can you cook in a smoker in Minecraft?

A Smoker is a furnace-like block in Minecraft that can cook food twice as quickly as a standard Furnace and may also be used to dye specific blocks and materials. The sole distinction between a Smoker and a Furnace is the installation of a block above the fuel source. This new block enables you to arrange food to cook, with various sorts of food requiring varied lengths of time.

After you’ve crafted your Smoker, you’ll be able to:

  • Cook raw animal food like chicken, beef, and pork chops
  • Smelt ores like iron ore into ingots and other metal products
  • Cook fish dishes
  • Bake bread
  • Turn clay blocks into terracotta blocks
  • Dye wool or leather armor into different colors
  • Cook eggs into prepared meals like an egg boiled in water
  • Dry kelp faster than sitting in the sun or using a campfire.

How do you make a blast furnace smoker?

It is simple to construct a blast furnace smoker in Minecraft. All you need is a blast furnace, which you can make out of five cobblestone blocks and one furnace. Place the blast furnace near an existing smoker or grill, start the fire, and wait for it to heat up. When the blast furnace is hot enough, insert the objects you wish to cook inside and wait until they are cooked through.

Remember to maintain your blast furnace smoker tight-fitting so that no smoke escapes while cooking. Also, use only high-quality charcoal as your fire source to guarantee that the flame burns continuously during the cooking procedure. When you’re through cooking, open all of the doors to let the smoke out and immediately close them again so you don’t burn yourself or the other players with remaining heat.

What fuel do you use for a smoker in Minecraft?

A Smoker in Minecraft needs fuel to function. TNT, or TélaNitratén in the game, is the sort of fuel utilized by this machine. TNT is an abbreviation for Trinitrotoluene, a highly explosive chemical often used in explosives and pyrotechnics.

To make a Smoker, construct the required components Chefteller, Firewood, and Ashes and put them on a crafting table. Then, place some TNT next to it and fire it up with something like a Flint and Steel or an Ender Chest item like Fire Charge. Once the TNT has burst, it will provide the machine with the fuel it needs to function, allowing you to prepare meals quicker.

More Basic Recipes

There are some more difficult recipes that need a few more ingredients in addition to the basic recipes from the previous section. These may be used to craft more powerful objects and blocks, allowing you to go farther in the game.

How to create a smoker in Minecraft is a really intriguing recipe. A smoker is a gadget that can be found in several online versions of the game that may be used to swiftly and conveniently smelt ores. Cobblestone, iron ingots, oak wood boards, and a furnace are all essential materials. Before you may place these goods in your inventory on the crafting table, you must first make them together.

After you’ve finished your smoker block, lay it on any surface and surround it with four iron blocks. Then, using flint and steel or lava buckets, ignite it, which will process most ores very immediately into useable states. The time required for this operation is determined by the availability of materials around, so make sure you have sufficient of coal or charcoal on hand before trying to use the smoker.

How To Make A Smoker In Minecraft (And Use It)