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How To Make Paper In Minecraft – And What To Do With It!

You’ve probably been mining in Minecraft for a while now, and you’ve probably amassed a sizable stockpile of cobblestone. But what do you do with all of that cobblestone?

Make Minecraft Paper Video Tutorial

This Produce Minecraft Paper Video Tutorial will teach you how to make paper in Minecraft step by step. You’ll be able to make your own stack of paper in no time with the aid of this instruction. This course will also go over different kinds of paper and how they may be utilized.

The first step is to acquire the ingredients needed to make paper. Four sugar cane, one crafting table, and one furnace are required. Then, open your crafting table and arrange your four sugar cane stacks in the 3×3 square grid in the middle of the window. After that, you must create nine pieces of paper that appear on the right side. After collecting those ingredients and crafting nine pieces of paper, you may process each one into a piece of brown-dyed leather, often known as parchment or vellum in Minecraft. Finally, after all nine parts have been transformed to leather, they may be reassembled using a crafting table to form a single stack of sixteen pieces.

This item may be used to trade maps with other players or mark certain spots on them; write notes or create bookshelves; and even make banners that hang when put in specified locations and have their own patterns or designs.

Available Platforms

Paper can be manufactured in Minecraft on the majority of platforms. The Java Edition, Bedrock Edition, Pocket Edition, and Xbox One are all supported.

3 Sugarcane are required to make paper in Minecraft. Sugarcane grows naturally near water bodies and is common in jungles and rivers. After obtaining the sugarcane, it must be put in a crafting table to produce three sheets of paper.

Once you’ve made the paper, you may utilize it for a number of purposes. This item may be used in a variety of ways in the game; The most common is for books and bookbinding, which are used for writing and storing books for future use or just to adorn your environment. In addition, when paired with sticks, paper may be utilized as a fuel source. Finally, it is required for creating Maps that enable players to travel their worlds more easily and across larger distances.

Tools & Items Needed

In Minecraft, you’ll need a few tools and ingredients to make paper. The shears are the most crucial instrument for making paper. Shears enable the player to shear leaves from trees and generate fleece from sheep as well as soft blocks from clay.

Paper takes three pieces of sugar cane, which can be found near bodies of water like rivers and lakes. In addition, you need need a crafting table or a basic 2×2 grid in your inventory to make the paper strips. Finally, you must have at least one piece of leather or four pieces of thread in your inventory such that when all three objects on the table are combined, you obtain two sheets of paper.

Steps To Make Paper

Making paper in Minecraft is a simple yet effective procedure. Paper crafting involves just a few easy procedures and supplies. Crafting Sugar Cane, Smelting it into a Block of Clay, and finally Crafting the Block into Paper is the procedure.

To begin, make Sugar Cane blocks by arranging six cane pieces in a U-shape in the crafting interface. Smelt the cane from step one into Clay bricks next. Put them in the furnace with the fuel, such as coal. Finally, at a Crafting Table, turn the Clay blocks you just fashioned into nine pages of Paper.

After you’ve made your nine sheets of paper, you may use them to make:

  • Books to preserve essential information
  • Enchanted Books to enchant items and armor.

Alternatively, you may make curtains or wallpaper out of Paper and Dyes.

1. Open Your Crafting Menu

In order to start planting beetroots in Minecraft, users must first enter their crafting menu. This will start a 3×3 grid of things that you may harvest and construct with. Players must find the beetroot seeds in the bottom row of the inventory window in order to plant them. Once chosen, transport the beetroot seeds from your inventory to the crafting area. You should now have a stack of two or four beetroot seeds that you may use for planting.

To continue planting, you must have at least one block of soil within reach;. If no blocks are accessible, you must locate some before proceeding with the operation. When you discover soil, right-click on it with your beetroot seed stacks and they should be planted automatically. Wait for the plants to develop before harvesting them for pleasant, healthy snacks.

2. Add Sugar Canes

Once your crafting station is set up, you can begin manufacturing your paper. You’ll need to find sugar canes to complete this. Sugar canes are naturally occuring blocks that can be found in most biomes near water sources. They are tall and green, so they should stick out against the background.

You’ll need to break sugar canes with your hands or an instrument like an axe after you’ve found them. When you break sugar cane, you get many bits of the plant that you need to make paper. Just be careful to collect all of the dropping pieces since they tend to vanish rapidly.

3. Move Paper To Your Inventory

The final step in this video tutorial on how to build a Bowl & Stew is to add the paper to your inventory. This entails taking the paper and putting it in your inventory, which is accomplished by pressing E on your keyboard. After successfully transferring the paper to your inventory, you may use it to make a Bowl & Stew or any other item that needs paper.

Paper is a necessary commodity in Minecraft that may be used in a variety of processes, so have some on hand while crafting. Taking the time to bring objects into your inventory, such as paper, can save you time and resources in the long run.

Minecraft Paper Command

The Minecraft Paper Command is a helpful item to have in your game. It enables you to make paper out of diverse materials such as sugarcane, wheat, and cactus. After you’ve made the paper, you may use it for a number of things, like writing books, making maps and signs, and even mending equipment.

The initial stage in producing paper is gathering some of the required materials. Sugar cane grows near bodies of water such as marshes, rivers, and seas. Cacti may be found in Desert Biomes and wheat can be found on grass blocks. Once obtained, these things must be put on a Crafting Table, which produces three sheets of paper for each item utilized. With nine pieces of paper ready to go, you may now make a variety of books that can hold knowledge or useful tools such as maps and signs.

An anvil or crafting table, three pieces of leather, one piece of thread, one book or map, and nine pieces of paper are required to construct a book or map in Minecraft. The result? A handcrafted book that preserves written notes for future reference. Maps are similar in that they store geographical locations as though viewed from above – which might aid in navigation.

Java Edition 1.13 and higher

Minecraft 1.13 and later versions provide new tools and recipes for crafting various objects. These new instruments are used to make paper, which is subsequently utilized to make books, signs, maps, and banners.

Sugar cane and a crafting table are required to create paper in Java Edition 1.13 or above. Place the sugar cane on the crafting table to obtain three pieces of paper for every sugar cane. Then use the scraps of paper to make books, maps, and banners, or to add to your scrapbook. You may also use various colors of dye on the banners or combine the dyes for an intriguing combination. This recipe allows you to quickly generate new things.

PE – Xbox One – Switch – Win 10 – Education Edition

This guide explains how to manufacture a bundle in Minecraft using the paper-making recipe for Xbox One, Switch, and Windows 10 Education Edition players. Paper may be used to make books and maps, adorn their environment, and store objects.

To make a bundle in Minecraft, follow these steps:

  1. Cultivate some sugar cane;
  2. Arrange the sugar cane and few sticks on a crafting table;
  3. Add the finished paper to your inventory;
  4. To open your inventory, right-click on an empty space; then pick the bundle option and fill out any relevant details. When you’re finished, click “Create” to complete making your bundle.

With this simple guide, you can rapidly create bundles to help you stay organized in your Minecraft world.


The acronym FAQ stands for “Frequently Asked Questions“, and this header implies that the content that follows will address commonly asked questions regarding manufacturing paper in Minecraft. This part of a tutorial on creating paper in Minecraft may explain some of the most often asked questions by players, such as:

  • What resources are required?
  • How to manufacture paper in Minecraft?
  • What goods can be made with it?

The FAQs might also provide suggestions on how to utilize paper in the game, such as making books or maps. This portion of the guide provides gamers with a handy source of rapid reference information, enabling them to get the answers they need without having to browse through the full book.

What is paper made out of in Minecraft?

Paper is created in Minecraft using three sugar canes. Sugar cane can be found near most bodies of water, such as rivers and lakes. Once the sugar cane has been gathered, it can be burned in a furnace to produce paper. The paper then appears in the furnace’s output slot.

Paper, unlike other things in Minecraft, cannot be put and will vanish if dropped on the ground. Paper must be placed in your inventory and crafted from there before it may be used for crafting or other uses. Paper is required for the construction of books and bookshelves, but it may also be used as fuel in a furnace or to make pattern flags. Paper is also used in a variety of shapeless procedures, such as manufacturing firework stars and map copying.

How do you get a lot of paper in Minecraft?

Paper is a ubiquitous resource in Minecraft, and it may be used to make a number of goods such as books, maps, flags, and more. You may either mine for paper in desert temples and chests or make it yourself. You’ll need three things to make paper: sugar cane, a crafting table, and three pieces of leather.

To construct one sheet of paper, insert the leather into each square of the crafting grid. With a book and a quill, you may also make paper from an enchanted book. /give p minecraft:written book is a command. 1 0 {pages:[“[{ text:\”This is the very first page.\”}]”],title:”Book Title”} returns a book with one page named Book Title” that contains “This is the first page”.

How much paper do you need to craft a book in Minecraft?

Three sheets of paper are required to make a book in Minecraft. Paper is made from three pieces of sugar cane and can be found all over the globe.

To make the paper, enter your inventory and click on the 3×3 crafting grid icon. Put three pieces of sugar cane in the top row of slots to make one sheet of paper. Once you’ve made your three pieces of paper, arrange them in the 3×3 crafting grid with one leather strip to make your book. Cow dropping or a librarian villager transaction may be used to gain the leather strip.

You may build all kinds of books with this combination, including written books, enchanted books, and even recipe books.

Where can you find paper in Minecraft?

Paper may be found in a number of locations across the Minecraft game. Paper is often encountered in the game’s creative mode, which can be accessed by hitting the “C” key on your keyboard. Stacks of paper may be found in chests all around the planet in this mode. In ordinary playmode, paper may also emerge around villages and other homes.

You may also make your own paper from sugar cane, which grows near water sources such as rivers and seas. Put sugarcane on your crafting table and mix it with two pieces of leather or a leather-equivalent material like thread to make three sheets of paper. You may also produce paper using commands by entering “/give {your username} minecraft:paper” into the command terminal. This will result in a stack of 32 sheets for crafting.

More Basic Recipes

More Basic Recipes are a great method to get started with creating in the Minecraft universe. These recipes use common resources found while playing, such as wood, mud, sand, and cobblestone. All of these objects may be combined to make a variety of tools and resources that are required for game progression. Furthermore, these recipes assist you learn how various crafting materials interact with one another and what components are necessary to correctly build each object.

More Basic Recipes offer more intriguing Minecraft goods that may be made. For example, by dying various colors of paper, you may construct writing paper or a banner. You may also learn how to prepare potions for use on your adventures or construct a hopper to gather resources from enemies you battle on your quests. If you’re willing to learn some fundamental recipes, the possibilities are practically limitless.

How To Make Paper In Minecraft (And What To Do With It)