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How to Repair a Bow in Minecraft: 3 Easy Ways

How to Repair a Bow in Minecraft: 3 Easy Ways – A quick and easy guide to repairing a bow in Minecraft.

How to Repair a Bow Video Tutorial

This article will demonstrate three simple methods to fix a bow in Minecraft. This is a crucial skill since bows are one of the major weapons in the game and will ultimately wear out and break.

The first method for repairing a bow is to join two damaged bows together. This approach necessitates the use of two damaged bows, but the end result is one full-strength bow.

The second method for repairing a bow is to use an anvil and some experience points. This approach needs more materials and resources, but it results in a full-strength bow.

Finally, you may repair your broken bows using grindstones and emeralds. All of these solutions need a certain amount of expertise and have varying fees, so do your homework before deciding which one is ideal for you.

Available Platforms

Minecraft, the popular video game, is accessible on a number of platforms, each with its own set of tools and features. Players may use the Java Edition on their PC, the Bedrock Edition on their mobile device, the Xbox One Edition on their Xbox system, or the Nintendo At Edition on their Nintendo Switch or Wii U console.

When fixing a bow in Minecraft, players need be aware of their platform so that they can utilize the appropriate tools. Knowing the platform you’re playing on also helps you to access tutorials that give simple instructions for mending bows on various systems. The tool used to fix bows differs based on the platform a player is utilizing%.

For example, Java Edition requires an anvil and two pieces of string, but Bedrock Edition just a grindstone and one piece of string.

Required to Repair a Bow

Two sticks, three pieces of string, and two pieces of the same material are needed to Make A Bow in Minecraft. This material may range from wood logs to iron ingots, depending on the type of bow being crafted. A crafting table is also necessary in order to construct the new bow.

The following are the processes for mending a bow:

  1. Arrange both sticks and three pieces of string in the grid of the crafting table. On the top row, there are two sticks and three strings.
  2. Insert two pieces of the original bow material into the center slots exactly under each stick to make an arrow shape. Please see the picture.
  3. Drag the freshly made Bow onto the inventory bar and use it as desired.

Following these procedures will allow you to quickly repair any damaged bows.

How to Repair a Bow With an Anvil

An anvil is a tool in Minecraft that is used to repair, combine, and rename things. By merging it with another bow, the anvil may be used to repair a bow. When two bows are placed in an anvil’s inputs, the output slot will contain a new bow that combines the maximum uses of both bows. Anvils may also be used to enchant bows and rename them for easier identification if needed.

To repair a bow using an anvil, first find and open the anvil you want to use. Fill each of the two input slots with one of your damaged bows. You may wish to rename your freshly produced stronger bow at this stage, as well as apply any enchantments you like. When you’re completed, click the ‘done’ button on the right side, and your newly mended bow will be ready. Anvils may also be used to make other items like swords or tools.

1. Open Your Anvil

In Minecraft, the first step in mending a bow is to open your anvil. To achieve this, find an anvil in the game and right-click it to open it up. When you open the anvil, you’ll see two slots. The left slot is for the item that needs to be repaired, while the right slot is for any additional things, such as strings or other components.

Before you begin fixing your bow, you must first ensure that all of the essential standards have been satisfied. This involves having all of the essential components accessible and in your inventory, such as strings or diamonds.

Once all of the prerequisites have been satisfied, you may begin mending your bow.

2. Place the Bows in the Anvil

The second technique to fix a bow in Minecraft is to set it in an anvil. Anvils are blocks that may be used to repair and/or combine various equipment and weapons.

Gather two of the same bow and place them in the anvil’s spot at the top left of your screen to do this. This gives you the option of repairing the two bows simultaneously, which will cost less than repairing them separately. This procedure may also be used with various tools and weaponry such as swords, tools, and shields. Remember that each item you add or combine will deduct part of your experience points (XP).

3. Move the Bow to Your Inventory

The final step in repairing a bow in Minecraft is to add the bow to your inventory. Simply right-click on the bow in the crafting menu to do so. It will display in your hotbar at the bottom of your screen after it has been relocated. You may then use the bow and arrows to hit adversaries or other creatures and inflict damage.

A bow’s attack power, which is tied to enchantments like Power and Punch, determines how much damage it does. You may improve the attack power of a bow by enchanting it or using an anvil and mixing things like string and sticks. Repairing a damaged bow boosts its attack damage but does not remove any enchantments that have been put on it.

How to Repair a Bow With a Crafting Table

One of the three simple methods to repair a bow in Minecraft is to use a crafting table. You’ll need a crafting table and some string to accomplish this. Place the broken bow on the crafting table and then tie some thread to it. This will entirely fix the bow and enable you to use it again.

This procedure is pretty straightforward, although it does need the use of a crafting table as well as some string. It is critical that you find these things before using this repair technique. Once you have both of these supplies, all you have to do is set the damaged bow on the crafting table and then add one piece of string to it to restore it to its original state.

1. Open Your Crafting Menu

To fix a bow in Minecraft, you must first access the crafting menu. To do so, go to your game screen and look for the crafting table icon When you’ve found it, click and drag add sticks to an empty space in your game window. This will launch the crafting menu, where you may browse all of your game’s available recipes and goods. Select the add sticks option to begin crafting.bow icon and drag it into the three-by-three grid from here.

If you have enough materials in your inventory, you may begin mending your bow. You may also use additional equipment, like as anvils or grindstones, to assist speed up the process.

2. Add Two Bows to the Menu

The second technique to fix a bow in Minecraft is to add two bows to the menu. This is accomplished by making two bows and then merging them in the craft grid. For each bow, you’ll need one string, three pieces of wood, and six arrows. Place them all on the 3×3 grid to add both bows to your inventory. You can right-click on one of the bows in your inventory and move it onto the other. This will result in an enchanted bow with increased durability points.

While this approach does not need the use of an anvil or grindstone, it does necessitate the creation of two new bows each time you need to repair one.

3. Move the Bow to Your Inventory

The final step in Minecraft bow repair is to transfer the bow from the crafting grid into your inventory. Simply use your mouse to click on the bow and drag it into an open inventory space. If you have the materials for mending your bow but don’t see it in the crafting grid, check sure you’re picking the correct tab and there’s nothing blocking you from selecting/clicking any of the slots.

Once your bow is securely placed in your inventory, you may use it normally or repair it if required.

How to Repair a Bow With a Grindstone

One of the easiest ways to repair broken bows in Minecraft is to use a grindstone. To begin, equip the broken bow and right-click the grindstone block. This will bring up a menu with three options. Insert the damaged bow you want to repair in the top slot, and in one of the other two slots, place an item with the same or greater durability To repair your bow, you’ll need to use a crafting table 2. Place the bow in the first slot, and then fill the other two slots with materials that are stronger than your bow, such as iron ingots or diamonds. When you’ve done filling all three spaces, click “repair” to finish fixing your bow. You’ll get a fresh new bow with full durability as soon as you accomplish this using the crafting table 2.

Remember that utilizing a grindstone lowers the experience level of your tools but not your weapons. As a result, it’s critical to carefully consider whether it’s worth losing experience points to swiftly repair your equipment or weapons.

1. Open Your Grindstone

The grindstone is a simple yet helpful tool in Minecraft. It may be used to repair weapons, tools, and armor by merging two items of the same kind. You’ll need at least one item that can be mended using the grindstone to unlock it.

To start mending your bow using the grindstone, locate a grindstone block and right-click to open it. There are two slots: one for the bow and one for the material that will be used to repair the bow. Insert the damaged bow into one of these slots and then choose a material for repair. The materials you use are determined on the sort of bow you’re attempting to repair. ™ string is suitable for bows made of iron, gold, or diamonds, whilst sticks are required for repairing sticks made of oak or birch woods. After making your pick, click “repair,” and your bow will be ready to use again.

2. Place the Bows in the Grindstone

You will need a grindstone for this procedure. Turn on the grindstone and place the bows in it. When you switch it on, you will hear the blades whirling within the grindstone grinding. As the blades rotate, they begin to shave away sections of the bow, enabling it to rebuild itself.

This is an efficient technique to repair bows, but it takes time and effort since you have to wait for it to complete fixing each bow before moving on to the next one. To speed up the process, you can use the inventory minecraft bow command which will help you quickly replenish your inventory.

3. Move the Bow to You Inventory

The final step in Minecraft bow repair using a grindstone is to add the bow to your inventory. To do so, use the E′ key on your keyboard to access your inventory. Locate the bow and drag it into one of the spaces in your inventory window once the inventory is open. You will then need to remove any surplus things from that slot since you have limited inventory space. Once you’ve completed all of this, you’re ready to go on to the next phase in fixing your bow.


FAQs are an excellent resource for people who are experiencing problems with things and animals in their Minecraft environment. The FAQ area may address issues like “How can I fix a bow?” In some circumstances, the solution may be basic and simple; but in others, additional expertise or experience may be required.

Here are three simple methods for repairing a bow in Minecraft:

  1. Make use of an anvil. One of the easiest methods to fix a bow in Minecraft is to use an anvil. Simply lay the shattered bow on the anvil, along with another bow or enough of the same material Needed To Create your first weapon, such as cobblestone or iron ingots.
  2. Make use of Mending Enchantment. This enchantment enables you to heal your weapons and armor automatically while playing without using resources. All you need are experience orbs, which you may collect while playing and use to repair or enchant any piece of gear.
  3. Broken Bows Smelting. Finally, if none of these ways work for you, you may smelt broken bows. Simply load some furnaces with fuel, such as charcoal, and then place the damaged bows in each furnace one at a time until they are entirely restored.

How many times can you repair a bow in Minecraft?

The answer is dependent on the version of Minecraft you are using. A bow 1 may be mended in two ways in the Java Edition. To begin, you can combine two damaged bows to create a new bow 1 with full Durability Points (DP). Secondly, you can take bow steps to restore the durability of a bow by repairing it with another item that has the same number of Durability Points (DP) as the damaged bow.. You may perform this as many times as you like as long as both bows have enough DP.

Only anvils and objects of equal or higher durability may be used to repair a bow in the Bedrock Edition. This implies that if your bow only has 2 DP left, you must use another item with at least 2 DP to repair it. If your object lacks sufficient DP, it cannot be fixed and must be replaced.

What materials do you need to repair a bow in Minecraft?

To fix a bow in Minecraft, you’ll need one of three materials: leather, strings, or an enchanted golden apple.

  • Leather is the simplest material to get since it can be obtained from cows and horses in the game, while strings can be obtained by fishing or killing spiders.
  • Enchanted golden apples may also be used to repair bows, but they are considerably more difficult to collect since enemies in the game drop them at random.

Whatever material you choose to fix your bow, you must combine it with the item itself at a crafting table where the game’s mixing system is available. “The system will do the combining for you. For example, if you’re repairing your bow using leather, put it in the first column of your crafting table and your bow in an empty slot next to it. After that, choose a craft and voilà, from any open space slots inside the middle column. Your bow should have been mended by now.

Why can’t I repair my bow in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, the inability to repair bows is due to a bug introduced with the 1.14 Village & Pillage update Prior to this update, you could repair any broken item at a crafting table by combining it with another of the same sort from menu 3. However, owing to the problem, even if two bows are created and joined together, their durability will not be restored.

So, why has this occurred? It is still unknown what caused it. Some argue that it was because bows’ damage output was increased, making them more difficult to break in the first place and consequently more difficult to repair.

How to Repair a Bow in Minecraft (3 Ways)

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