Luxury Space Balloon Ride Includes Bathroom with Stunning Views For $125,000

As the first luxury space balloon ride will whisk you into a cloud in the sky, it’s hard to not get excited about this once-in-a life time experience. But what is even more exciting? How much does flying in a capsule actually cost…

The “space perspective news” is a luxury space balloon ride that includes a bathroom with views of the Earth. The cost for this experience is $125,000.

Luxury-Space-Balloon-Ride-Includes-Bathroom-with-Stunning-Views-ForImage: A View From Space

What’s it like to urinate 100,000 feet above the ground while gazing down at our home planet’s beauty? Space Perspective, a firm building a no-rockets-required trip dubbed Spaceship Neptune that, as its “SpaceBalloon” moniker suggests, enables want tobe astronauts to achieve their goal of reaching space through a high-tech balloon, may be able to find out in a few years if you have rich resources.

Space Perspective has unveiled concept art for their SpaceBalloon, which has panoramic windows, a bar, reclining chairs, Wi-Fi, programmable mood lighting, a telescope, interactive panels, and more. The introduction of a “space toilet,” which will enable travelers to waste themselves while looking out into the eerieness of space, is undoubtedly the most thrilling feature.

The SpaceBalloon from Space Perspective isn’t planned to launch until late 2024 at the earliest, but the first year’s tickets, which cost $125,000 per rider for a six-hour trip, are already sold out.

1650228770_752_Luxury-Space-Balloon-Ride-Includes-Bathroom-with-Stunning-Views-For 1650228774_319_Luxury-Space-Balloon-Ride-Includes-Bathroom-with-Stunning-Views-For 1650228777_813_Luxury-Space-Balloon-Ride-Includes-Bathroom-with-Stunning-Views-For 1650228781_28_Luxury-Space-Balloon-Ride-Includes-Bathroom-with-Stunning-Views-For 1650228785_629_Luxury-Space-Balloon-Ride-Includes-Bathroom-with-Stunning-Views-For 1650228789_33_Luxury-Space-Balloon-Ride-Includes-Bathroom-with-Stunning-Views-For 1650228792_469_Luxury-Space-Balloon-Ride-Includes-Bathroom-with-Stunning-Views-For

On its official SpaceBalloon website, Space Perspective asks potential passengers, “What makes Spacecraft Neptune a spaceship unlike any other?” “A state-of-the-art Space Lounge interior that may be customized. To maximize the design and performance of the pressurized Spaceship Neptune capsule, our team went through hundreds of interior prototypes.”

“The idea was to create an inviting environment with comfy lounge chairs, mood lighting, and even plants and herbs that could be utilized in food and drink preparation, such as lavender, basil, and rosemary.” This produces a relaxing atmosphere, in contrast to the bright white utilitarian interiors seen on other ships (and most people’s perception of what a spaceship interior looks like).”

The luxurious ‘Space Lounge’ of the Space Balloon Company has a bar and mood lighting (CNET)

During the trip, space passengers on Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic flights are primarily secured in their chairs. Passengers will enjoy champagne toasts, house plants, and a restroom with a view if tourism business Space Perspective successfully launches its edge-of-space balloon trips.

Space Perspective announced the concept of the first ever “space lounge” inside its Spaceship Neptune on Tuesday. Panoramic windows, a bar, reclining chairs, food service, Wi-Fi, programmable mood lighting, a telescope, interactive displays, floor lights, and plants and herbs for use in drinks will all be included in the space.

The term “space” is thrown about a lot in this piece. The balloon will soar to incredible heights, but not as high as a Blue Origin or Virgin Galactic flight, and it will not reach orbit like the SpaceX Crew Dragon. This is the type of relaxing flight that folks who don’t want to pay for a rocket trip would enjoy.

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The “worldview space cost” is a luxury space balloon ride that includes a bathroom with stunning views for $125,000. The price may seem high but the experience is priceless.

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