My Arena playthrough part 4 1/2 (“Labyrinthian”)

In this episode, I walk through the Labyrinthian level of a game called “My Arena.” The arena is an experimental multiplayer RPG that takes place in a digital world. It’s been drawing interest from gamers worldwide who have praised it for its innovative gameplay and immersion. To learn more about My Arena, visit

The “Labyrinthian walkthrough” is a video that provides a step-by-step guide to the game “My Arena playthrough part 4 1/2 (Labyrinthian)”.

My Arena playthrough part 4 1/2 (

Part 3 is now available.

It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? So, here I am once again. I haven’t played much since I’ve been occupied with other games on and off.

Our valiant Dunmer Sorceror Azarnus was stuck with the objective to collect a tablet from the Fortress of Ice the last time we left him. (I did play the game for a while, then loaded a save and went back to the Mages Guild College, repeating the process with the recovered magic items, Ebony Blade repair, and ultimately turning the tablet in for my prize and the location of Labyrinthian.)

Labyrinthian was… ok. More mazes, more spiders, plus a few more creatures I can’t recall (Goblins?). Orcs? Hey, it’s been a long time!). I was welcomed with three paths when I entered the dungeon. The left way guaranteed me that I would lose my horse, the right path assured me that I would lose my life, and the front path promised… That’s from a separate narrative, so don’t worry about it. The walkway facing the door was where I needed to travel in Azarnus’ narrative to collect the next component of the Staff of Chaos. But I required two keys to open it. Each of these keys was guarded by a restless ghost (Wraith) of one of the two brothers – Kanen the Elder and Mogrus the Dim (I wonder whether these two brothers are related). Orgus Din - My Arena playthrough part 4 1/2 (

This person inspired the name of a character in SWTOR?) – who, legend has it, came to Labyrinthian in search of the secret of life (whatever that is; technically, Kanen was more interested in riches and jewels, but you know: tomato – tamale), but failed, and were thus doomed to guard Labyrinthian for eternity, or until someone put them to rest, whichever comes first. I had to travel the two other ways to retrieve the keys, each going to a ladder that led to a separate wing of the lower level. “The Hall of (insert brother’s name)” was the name of the wings. However, they were otherwise ordinary (well, outside, maybe, of the fact that one had lava). Finding the keys was simpler than I had anticipated (again, thanks to UESP for the information, though I swear I didn’t mean to read it). Each key was stored in its own cage, which was secured by a magical gate that gave you a puzzle to solve. If you answer correctly, the cage will open. If you choose incorrectly, the spirit of one of the brothers will be freed from another prison and will attack you. You obtain the key whether or not you answer the question properly (if the key’s guardian doesn’t murder you). I confess that I didn’t know the solution to Kanen’s question, so he attacked me, but due to Mephala (and Rajhin, I assume? ), I was able to quickly slay him. I got the second question right, but Mogrus got the Blade through his ectoplasmic intestines nonetheless, because why not?

Returning to the central corridor, I unlocked the gates, each adding to the narrative of the two brothers. I came to another magical door and another enigma as I continued down the meandering path. Although I was assaulted by several more odd monsters along the road, this one was simple to solve. Finally, I had the second piece of the Staff.

I came to town late at night and received a telepathic communication from Jagar Tharn, the Big Man himself! He chastised me for opposing him and threatened to send his henchmen to punish me. As promised, additional Ice Golems formed and attacked me as soon as the telepathic-bridge stopped! But this time I was prepared since I knew what I was up against.

After defeating them, I walked to a bar, drank a mug of Orcgut, and conned the innkeeper into a discount for a night in a single-bed room (since I’m too cheap to pay 10 gold for it, har-har). I went to one of the equipment merchants in the morning and repaired Ebony Blade (again), sold my damaged Chainmail equipment, and purchased a new set.

After that, I decided to take a break from playing for a bit.

I chose to split this piece into two parts since it would have been too lengthy otherwise. Part 4 2/2 is now available.

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