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The Best Katanas in DS2 (All Ranked) –

As the last installment in a series of games, we all want to know what is the best katana that we can get our hands on. With this list, you will be able to find out how each one ranks and which ones are worth going for when you start playing through DS2 again.

The “best ds2 katana” is a weapon in the game, Dark Souls 2. It’s ranked number 1 on the list of best weapons in the game.

The Best Katanas in DS2 (All Ranked) –

*Takes a look at the title*

This has to be done sooner or later – just allow me a few moments to put on my samurai garb.

The katanas make a comeback in Dark Souls 2, where they were one of the most popular weapons (if not the most popular), and they’re back in DS2 in greater numbers, aiming to reclaim that title.

Unfortunately, celebrity is sometimes accompanied with hatred.

There are numerous skeptics who think that katanas need no talent, that they are solely used by noobs, and other ridiculous claims.

But in this ranking, we’ll silence the naysayers by taking a closer look at and analyzing all of the exquisite swords forged of lovely Japanese steel and folded a thousand times (but don’t tell anybody you leveled Dex).


Berserker Blade (number 8)

Berserker Blade / Dark Souls 2 screenshot

It’s well known that in the universe of Dark Souls, a katana is instantly associated with dexterity.

In a few instances, FromSoft has attempted to create an outlier for each weapon class that deviates from the norm.

The Berserker blade is a katana designed for strength training, however it fails miserably at its only purpose.

It has a D in strength scaling, making it roughly as good as a regular dagger.

And if dexterity is more important to you, every other alternative is preferable.

How to obtain it: Mad Warriors and Prowlers drop it.


7. Alonne’s Bewitched Sword

Bewitched Alonne Sword / Dark Souls 2 screenshot

Look no further if you’re looking for the perfect samurai cosplay item.

Sir Alonne’s own sword requires a lot of the person who wields it, but gives very little in return.

The katana with the highest stat requirements by far, the sight of 22 strength and 30 dexterity is enough to put most people off touching it.

The only notable aspect of this weapon is its unique buff feature, which temporarily increases your physical damage in return for a portion of your health.

It’s a good option for individuals who don’t like the Washing Pole or the Uchigatana.

How to obtain it: Trade Sir Alonne’s Soul to Weaponsmith Ornifex.


Darkdrift is number six.

Darkdrift / Dark Souls 2 screenshot

Have you noticed that?

The Darkdrift is a little “invisible” katana with a single purpose: to make turtles weep (not the animals, no real turtle was harmed in the making of this article).

The Darkdrift’s heavy strikes having the ability to pierce even the strongest of shields, which provides for a fantastic sight to witness an armored fighter fear and flee when they realize their protections have been defeated.

Also, despite its lower than normal stamina expenditure, I wouldn’t suggest it as a primary weapon owing to its limited range.

How to acquire it: After obtaining the King’s Ring, ask Grave Warden Agdayne for a gift. After ruthlessly murdering Agdayne, Merchant Hag Melentia sold him.


5. Laundry Pole

Washing Pole / Dark Souls 2 screenshot

The family’s “BFG” is up next.

It’s the option for individuals who wish to play a spear game without having to use one.

Out of all the katanas in Dark Souls 2, the Washing Pole is the longest and heaviest. However, it comes at the expense of speed and stamina consumption.

It’s the ideal weapon for people who want to retain their distance and kill their opponents slowly and methodically.

Avoid being taken off guard in PvP scenarios and make strategic attacks, or you’ll be harshly penalized.

How to obtain it: Treasure dropped by a Mimic in Drangleic Castle in Harvest Valley inside the poison pit.


Manslayer is number four.

Manslayer / Dark Souls 2 screenshot

This weapon (along with the following on the list) may be used interchangeably.

It all depends on what kind of damage your build wants to concentrate on, assuming it’s not physical.

The Manslayer has an intrinsic poison of 100, as well as 230 physical damage and an A-scaling in dexterity to go along with it.

As a result, it’s a great “primary” weapon for your poison build.

The Manslayer is a useful sidearm to have and use against poison-susceptible foes, such as slower monsters or bosses with large and hefty healthbars, even if you aren’t fully focused on poison.

How to obtain it: The treasure is hidden within a submerged metal box at the Shrine of Amana.


Uchigatana is the third kind of Uchigatana.

Uchigatana / Dark Souls 2 screenshot

As previously noted, this is effectively a Manslayer copy-paste but without the poison harm.

The only apparent difference is this weapon’s favorable response to infusions, making it the best choice for people who find pure physical harm monotonous and wish to add some variety to their lives.

It’s a snap! It’s a breeze! It’s simple to use!

What is it about the Uchigatana that you don’t like?

For any newbie to katana, this is without a doubt my top suggestion.

How to acquire it: Steady Hand McDuff sells it.


2. The Blade of Chaos

Chaos Blade / Dark Souls 2 screenshot

This is an excellent example of the TV cliche “little gun, outrageous damage.”

The Chaos Blade is a mass-destruction weapon and the most lethal katana on our list.

With a basic physical damage of 250 and a counter strength of 160, this will make anybody think twice about trading blows with you.

Not to mention that any buffs provided to this sword would increase its deadliness even further.

Its sole flaw is that it has self-damaging qualities, which deplete the user’s life by 50 after each successful strike against an adversary, which adds up rapidly in PvE combat.

Trade the Old Witch Soul to Weaponsmith Ornifex to receive it.


1. Katana made of black steel

Blacksteel Katana / Dark Souls 2 screenshot

Iaito, hey there!

This one, like beer and coffee, is a more acquired taste.

Because the Blacksteel Katana isn’t the greatest in terms of damage, range, or speed, I’m hoping this contentious choice won’t put me in Souls-jail.

It does, however, have what I consider to be the finest moveset of any katana.

The powerful assaults are delayed lunges, which are ideal for punishing opponents who roll and backstep aimlessly, believing they are unstoppable (they are in fact vincible).

Fighting the Blacksteel will teach you how to be a better player if you’re weary of merely spamming R1 (or your preferred attack button). Also, make learning the ins and outs of PvP warfare simpler.

If PvP isn’t your thing, the Blacksteel Katana’s amazing dexterity scaling makes it a superb weapon for slicing opponents (though you might want to give the other katanas a try too).

How to obtain it: Alonne Knights and Captains drop it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Shotel good ds2?

A: Yes, the Shotel is a good sword.

Is curved sword good ds2?

A: Yes, curved swords are good in Dragon Sword 2.

Are katanas Dex weapons?

A: Yes, Dex weapons are katanas.

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