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Top 10 Best Soulsborne Waifus (From All ‘Souls’ Games) –

‘Soulsborne’ is a series of games made by the creator, Hidetaka “Swery65” Suehiro. The main premise of these titles are that they all take place in or around an imagined version of 19th century Europe. In each iteration there is a different mythological setting with horror as its central focus and it has been praised for its immersion to this time period and moody atmosphere.,

The “dark souls waifu tier list” is a ranking of the top 10 best Soulborne Waifus. The list ranks all “Souls” games, not just the most recent one.

Top 10 Best Soulsborne Waifus (From All ‘Souls’ Games) –

It’s no secret that the Soulsborne games’ universe is filled with ugly monsters and disgusting abominations.

Thankfully, not everything on this planet has gone insane or succumbed to the darkness.

On your travels, you may come across some unusual and intriguing individuals. People who make an impression on you through having insightful talks.

And for this ranking, we’ll be looking at some of the series’ most prominent female characters to determine who would be the finest prospects to ask to be your waifus.


Desert Sorceress is number ten on the list.

Desert Sorceress screenshot from Dark Souls III

Dark Souls 2 is the original game.

The charming Desert Sorceress(es) hail from Jugo and presently serve at Earthen Peak under the dominion of Mytha, the evil queen.

A Desert Sorceress exploits her looks to entice and seduce her victims into doing her bidding.

If you pose even the tiniest danger to the Queen, the sorceress will light you up with a combination of devastating fire magic right away.

At your own risk, approach!


The Doll (nine)

The Doll / Bloodborne game screenshot

Bloodborne is the original game.

Gerhman built the Doll to keep him company as well as to assist any hunters that joined the Hunter’s Dream.

Gerhman had emotions for Lady Maria, one of his pupils, and when she vanished, he sculpted The Doll in her likeness. As an antidote to his damaged heart.

Unfortunately, a doll is simply that: a doll with no personality.

As a result, Gerhman’s curiosity waned.

Are you going to follow in his footsteps?


Lady Maria is number eight.

Lady Maria in Bloodborne gameplay

Bloodborne is the original game.

Lady Maria, as previously said.

Despite the fact that she’s the genuine thing, I don’t think she’s “marriage material” in my perspective.

She committed her life to defending the mystery of the fishing hamlet where the Orphan of Kos is located after joining the Hunters.

If you wake up one day and she’s gone “guarding another secret,” don’t be shocked.


Friede, Sister No. 7

Sister Friede / Dark Souls 3 game screenshot

Dark Souls 3 is the original game.

Sister Friede is an enigmatic lady with a tragic past.

She was a founding member of the Sable Church of Londor, and after fleeing it, she made her way into Ariandel’s Painted World.

The legend around her is murky and frightening.

Various primordial serpents may be seen in the artworks related with her in the game.

But one thing is certain:

Going up against her is going to be difficult.


Quelaag, the Chaos Witch

Chaos Witch Quelaag from Dark Souls: Remastered

Dark Souls is the original game.

Quelaag seems to be simply another demonic beast after your soul at first glance.

While this may be true to some degree, her purpose is admirable.

Quelaag’s sister, the Fair Lady, aided her people by absorbing a blight, but she is now very sick.

Quelaag comforts her sister by bringing the spirits of the adventurers who have perished.

Quelaag, I’d like to believe, was a good soul at various times.


Priscilla, a crossbreed

Crossbreed Priscilla / Dark Souls: Remastered screenshot

Dark Souls is the original game.

Priscilla is the unknown individual’s daughter and the offspring of Seath the Scaleless. She is imprisoned inside Ariamis’ Painted World.

She may say that the world’s people are “loving” and “calm” souls, but all it takes is a little stroll around the globe to understand she is either entirely clueless – or lying.

But be cautious not to enrage her. Or she could just vanish without warning.


4. The Black Maiden

Maiden in Black / Demons Souls screenshot

Demon’s Souls is the original game.

If we’re going to give credit where credit is due, we ought to include the Maiden in Black, the series’ first female protagonist.

After you vanquish the Phalanx, she emerges in the Nexus and informs you about the status of the planet while also allowing you to power up with her powers.

Despite the fact that she was near to perfection herself, she was the model for the “primary” heroines in the following games.

She doesn’t even respond when you hit her. Because all she wants is for the world to once again be at peace.


3. Keeper of the fire

Firekeeper from Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 is the original game.

Even if there are several firekeepers, when you say “The Firekeeper,” everyone knows who you’re talking about.

The Firekeeper delivers a nice reprieve of compassion in a game full of misery and horror, easing your mind, if only for a time.

The way she reacts to different things and emotes (she even dances with you) is a great touch that really distinguishes her as the greatest lady in her game.


Emerald Herald, No. 2 (Shanalotte)

Emerald Herald (Shanalotte) Dark Souls 2 screenshot

Dark Souls 2 is the original game.

The curse-bearer… Look for souls. Souls that are larger and more powerful. The only path is to seek the King. If you don’t want to be swallowed completely by this region… It’s happened to a lot of other people.

Or, as the great majority of players know it,…


In my perspective, the Emerald Herald is the quintessential bonfire friend.

Her sense of style is outstanding. They provide for a wonderful first-time experience when combined with Majula’s attractiveness.

Her tale develops in such a unique manner when you encounter her in different places of the game.


1. Astora’s Solaire

Solaire of Astora from DS1

Dark Souls is the original game.

Our futures, in my opinion, seem to be interwoven. Could it truly be by coincidence in a region teeming with Hollows? So, what are your thoughts? Why don’t we provide a hand on this lonely journey?

There’s not much to say here, and you were all aware that this was going to happen.

Solaire is the ideal business partner. Of course, he’d be the most popular waifu/husbando.

He simply gleams like a diamond…

If only I could be as flamboyant as that!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Soul game is the best?

A: This is a difficult question to answer. The Soul games have different styles of gameplay, and each game has its own fanbase who will argue which one is better overall. If you are looking for a fun retro-style action adventure game with lots of enemies on screen at the same time, then I would recommend going with either Soul Edge or Soul Calibur 3rd Strike Online Edition

What is the hardest boss in All Souls games?

A: The hardest boss in All Souls games is the Demon Lord.

What is the best Soulsborne game to start with?

A: The Dark Souls games are the closest to a traditional Soulsborne game, with their emphasis on exploration.

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