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6 Things You Need to Do Before Margit in Elden Ring

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Before you head into Elden Ring, make sure you have done the following: “1. Talk to Margit in the Inn” and “2. Talk to the Old Man on the left side of the bridge”.

6 Things You Need to Do Before Margit in Elden Ring –

When you first start playing Elden Ring, it might be difficult to figure out what you’re intended to accomplish. You’ve been dropped into a vast environment with little knowledge, and it’s up to you to figure out what to do next. NPCs will offer you indications as to where you should go, but they will not tell you precisely what you need to accomplish.

At the start of their journey, novice players might become trapped in a few areas. They are either lost or furious at the same moment, causing them to angrily quit. They also encounter a boss with whom they are severely under-leveled, which irritates them and makes them want to resign. You should avoid fighting one boss in particular immediately soon.

The Fell Omen is your first challenge in the game, but there is one thing you should be aware of. You are under no obligation to fight him straight immediately. Before you enter this battle, there are six things you should do. Go to the Roundtable Hold, level up your character and weapon, explore Limgrave, the Weeping Peninsula, and Caelid, and battle any optional bosses you come across.

Playing a game like this and being stuck may be immensely unpleasant, but Elden Ring is unlike any other Souls game. You may play at your own speed with it. This makes it easy for newcomers to get involved in the fun. Take your time and be patient if you’re new to the games. You don’t have to take on everything that comes your way.

Prior to Margit’s arrival, there are a few things you need do.


As previously said, there are six primary things you should perform before facing Margit. Keep in mind that they are completely voluntary, and we are not requiring you to perform them. Certain items become more important as the game progresses. Choices not only affect the result of certain regions, but they also have the potential to shift whole areas.

There are no repercussions for defeating Margit, but if you don’t accomplish these things, you’ll have a difficult time dealing with the monster. If you aren’t prepared for the battle, you will have difficulty beating him unless you are an expert at the game. This checklist will ensure that you are prepared to face him when the time comes.

Before battling Margit in Elden Ring, there are six things you need do:

1. Make your way to the Roundtable Hold.

Going to the Roundtable Hold is required in order to go farther in the tale. It’s really rather simple to get there. Go to the Ellah Church after you’ve started a new game. Once you’ve arrived, speak with the Merchant and you’ll be good to go. You can enhance your weapon to +3 using the anvil, but you may do it later if you desire.

Melina will approach you the next time you sit at a Site of Grace. She’ll grant you the Steed Summon, and you’ll be able to utilize Torrent for the first time. After that, you’ll want to proceed north to Castle Stormveil. As you approach the castle, you’ll see a group of soldiers protecting a gateway. Pass them by and take a seat at the Site of Grace, which is located just before the Golden Mist Gate.

Melina will spawn and lead you to the Roundtable Hold after you’ve sat down. After then, you may enhance your weapon beyond +3 and chat to a slew of NPCs. There are stores here, as well as the ability to begin a variety of questlines. It is unquestionably a crucial region to visit as soon as possible.

2. Raise your game.

In this game, leveling up is perhaps the most significant thing you can accomplish. It not only increases the damage your weapon can deliver, but it also increases your health, stamina, and FP. If you enter the Margit battle at Level 8, you may find it difficult to beat the monster.

There are individuals who can defeat most of the game’s bosses at Level 1, but since you’re reading this, we’re guessing you’re not one of them. We don’t intend this in a derogatory manner. New players have no idea what they’re doing in the game, therefore leveling is crucial. When you first chat to Melina, you also unlock leveling, so be sure to do the first item on this list.

3. Improve your weapon’s stats


As we have said, leveling is critical. You may also improve your weapons by leveling them up. It takes a little longer since Runes and upgrade materials are required, but it scales with your player level. Always attempt to maintain your weapon updated to the maximum possible level since it will make your life simpler later on.

As previously said, in order to get above +3 on any weapon, you must first get to the Roundtable Hold, so make sure you follow the first step to ensure you have all you need to get started. There are so many areas to explore in the game that contain new weapons and upgrade materials, so take your time.

4. Go sightseeing at Limgrave and the Weeping Peninsula.

The game is completely open-world, in case you didn’t know. There is so much to uncover and explore that you should take your time. Get Torrent from Melina and proceed to the Roundtable Hold, but start investigating immediately away. Go to all of the various locations and activate all of the Grace Sites. After that, you may travel through and explore all of the world’s major regions.

The Weeping Peninsula, as well as Limgrave. There’s a lot to discover there, and you can even find upgrades for your Flasks. In certain regions, there are also a number of Achievement bosses. Make sure you take your time exploring so you’re prepared for the game’s first big battle. You may go at your own speed in this game.

5. Investigate Caelid (optional)

We wouldn’t advise everyone who plays the game to do so, but you can practically go over to Caelid and investigate it. Caelid is a tough place to navigate when you first begin your adventure, so only go there if you’re willing to avoid fighting the majority of the opponents. You’ll die a lot, but the wealth from several of the regions makes it worthwhile.

Even if you aren’t looting, the Sites of Grace may be activated for quicker access later on in your game. If you want to accept the chance of encountering some incredibly tough adversaries, we suggest going. Only go if you’re willing to leave the neighborhood and all it has to offer.

6. Fight any optional bosses you come across.


Elden Ring’s bosses are one of the game’s most important elements, and there are a lot of them. Over 100 bosses are claimed to be in the game, with over 75 of them being unique. It has the most bosses of any FromSoftware game currently on the market. You should grow familiar fighting them before moving on to the game’s big bosses.

It will not only prepare you for the more difficult boss battles, but it will also provide you with some excellent gear and upgrade materials. They will also provide you with enough Runes to upgrade to the highest level they will allow you to reach. Just make sure you don’t get stuck on any of them since some of them are rather challenging.

The “margit elden ring recommended level” is a guide that will help you on your journey through the game. It includes 6 things that you need to do before Margit in Elden Ring.

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