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AI vs AI Pokemon Tournament – The Great Indigo Plateau Tournament.

In a very niche corner of the internet, AI Pokemon trainers from all over the world are competing in a tournament to see who can create the best AI team.

The pokémon gym leaders sword and shield is a new AI vs AI Pokemon Tournament. It takes place on the Great Indigo Plateau, with Gym Leaders from the games.

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So, beneath the Inidgo Plateau, I organized an AI versus AI Pokemon competition to see who is the greatest trainer in Kanto and Johto.

First, some background information. While searching for methods to accomplish this, I came upon Pmariglia’s Pokemon Showdown bot. So thank you to them, since without the effort they had previously done, this would not have been possible!

I got everything working, but I ran into some problems getting two versions of the bot to battle each other. So, after a Discord conversation with Pmariglia, trying several things, it still didn’t work! Then it simply happened one day. It worked for no apparent reason. So, not wanting to tempt destiny, I got everything set up, imported the teams, and organized the event.

All 16 gym leaders from Kanto and Johto were utilized in this game. Blue and Red are the members of the Elite 4. The teams were chosen based on their performance in the Black and White 2 global competition. Because this is the only time all trainers will have 6 Pokemon at the same time. Agatha’s squad is made up of characters from the Let’s Go games.

After deciding on the trainers and teams, I entered them all into a random tournament generator I found online, and this was the result. There are eight trainers who have been granted a bye to the next round, as you can see. Due to the event’s 24 trainers, an automatic bye was required for the competition to run smoothly. These eight were chosen at random.

I should also mention that I had no idea how any of these matches would turn out. I had it configured to preserve the replays when the bots battled each other. As a result, if you view the video, you’ll be able to hear live commentary from every game in the tournament. Sam, one of my friends, has stepped in to add his two cents. As time goes on, the bracket will be updated.

If anybody wants to give it a go, I’ve already provided a URL to the bot above. Here’s a.txt file that has all of the teams that are ready to be loaded into Showdown.

For anybody interested in seeing the results, I’ve included a short summary of who won each fight, as well as a timestamp for the video if anyone wants to view a particular battle. If anybody wants to see the replays, they may do so by watching the video. The outcomes have been marked as spoiler-free.

I should also mention that the AI isn’t a carbon copy of the AI in the games. This is simply a bot competing against another bot in the way it sees fit.

Round One

Morty wins the match between Red and Morty. – 01:56

– 04:30 – Blue vs. Koga – Blue Wins.

– 06:57 Misty vs. Pryce – Misty wins.

– 10:03 Giovanni versus Janine – Janine wins.

– 13:30 Erika vs. Blaine – Blaine wins.

Karen defeats Will in a 14:54 match.

– 17:01 Bruno versus Clair – Clair wins.

– 19:00 Falkner versus Lance – Lance wins.

Round Two

– 20:33 Whitney versus Morty – Whitney wins.

– 23:23 Jasmine vs. Blue – Blue wins.

– 25:56 Brock vs. Pryce – Pryce wins.

– 28:47 – Lt. Surge vs. Janine – Lt. Surge Wins.

– 30:28 Bugsy vs. Blaine – Blaine wins.

Karen defeats Sabrina in a 32:22 match.

– 33:40 – Chuck vs. Clair – Clair wins (My personal fight of the tournament)

– 37:32 – Agatha versus Lance – Lance wins.


– 39:46 – Whitney vs. Blue – Blue wins.

– 41:51 Pryce vs. Lt. Surge – Lt. Surge wins.

Karen vs. Blaine – Blaine wins – 43:41

– 45:31 – Clair versus Lance – Lance wins.


– 47:22 – Blue vs. Lt. Surge – Lt. Surge wins.

– 49:11 – Blaine versus Lance – Lance wins.


– 52:02 – Lt. Surge vs. Lance – Lt. Surge Wins.

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The pokémon gym is a competition in which two or more trainers battle against each other. It is one of the most popular competitive games in the world.

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