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Slayers Unleashed Clans and Rarities

The Slayers franchise has been around for over two decades, and the newest iteration is a free-to-play mobile game from Nexon. This time, instead of playing as one of the titular heroes, players collect cards to build their own decks with which they can battle other players in realtime.

The slayers unleashed clans tier list is a list of the best slayers in the game. It includes information on each slayer’s rarity, how many cards they have, and their current rank.

Slayers Unleashed Clans

You will need the appropriate Clan to synergize with the Breathing Style you choose. All breathing styles, according to Kimetsu No Yaiba, stem from Sun Breathing, the original technique. In Slayers Unleashed, players may roll for their clans, with certain clans being more uncommon than others. The more powerful ones with greater benefits are much less frequent. A full list of Slayers Unleashed clans and rarities, as well as a description of each of its advantages, can be found below. 

Slayers Unleashed currently has twelve clans, but the creators may add more in future releases. For the time being, this is the whole list, including all of their rarities. Each Clan’s chance next to it reflects your chances of rolling for it. As previously said, the rarer ones are more powerful, but you only have a 1-5 percent chance of spotting one.

If you wish to reroll your clan, bookmark our Slayers Unleashed codes page so you may always have the most up-to-date codes. You may reroll your clan five times or more using them with each content release. You may also choose to roll a new Clan by spending 75 Robux in-game.

Clans and Rarities from Slayers Unleashed

  • Clan Tomioka has a 60% chance of winning.
  • Clan Urokodaki has a 40% chance of appearing.
  • Clan Agatsuma has a 20% chance of appearing.
  • The Clan Kocho has a 15% chance of winning.
  • Clan Hashibira has a 10% chance of appearing.
  • Clan Uzui – 6 percent chance
  • Clan Tsuyuri has a 5% chance of appearing.
  • Clan Rengoku has a 5% chance of winning.
  • Clan Shinazugawa has a 2% chance of appearing.
  • Clan Tokito has a 2% chance.
  • 1% chance of joining the Clan Kamado
  • Clan Tsugikuni has a 1% chance of appearing.

Clan Tomioka

The Tamioka Clan is the most frequent clan in Slayers Unleashed, and while utilizing Water techniques, they receive a 20% additional damage.

Clan Urokodaki

The Urokodaki is the second most popular Slayers Unleashed clan, and they come with a complimentary Tengu Mask.

Clan Agatsuma

When Agatsuma Clan uses Thunder techniques, their damage is increased by 30%.

Kocho Clan

When utilizing Insect techniques, Kocho Clan does 60% more damage, but only half as much damage when using a sword or nomal combat movements.

Hashibira Clan

When utilizing Beast techniques, the Hashibira Clan receives a 30% additional damage boost as well as a 5% increase in stamina.

Uzui Clan

When the Uzui Clan uses Sound Breathing, they get a 30% boost to their damage.

Tsuyuri Clan

When the Tsuyuri Clan uses Flower Breathing, they receive a 30% additional damage.

Rengoku Clan

When utilizing Flame, the Rengoku Clan gains 30% greater damage and an additional 10% health benefit.

Clan Shinazugawa

When utilizing Wind, the Shinazugawa Clan gains 30% more damage, and when using swords, they gain 10% more damage.

Tokito Clan

Tokito Clan get a 50% increase in Mist damage, 5% Stamina boots, and a 5% Sprinting Speed boost.

Kamado Clan

On everything, the Kamado Clan gains double experience and 10% greater damage. They’re also the only Clan with the ability to utilize Sun Breathing.

Tsugikuni Clan

The Tsugikuni Clan, like the Kamado Clan, gains double experience and ten percent greater damage on everything. The main distinction is that they have the ability to utilize Moon Breathing.

The list of Slayers Unleashed Clans and Rarities is now complete. You may always come back to this area for additional information whenever a new update comes out that introduces a new Clan.

The slayers unleashed clans buffs is a new update that has been released. It includes a lot of changes and improvements to the game, including adding a new rarity system for slayer gear.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the code for Slayer unleashed?

The code for Slayer unleashed is Slayer Unleashed.

How do you get the sword in Slayers unleashed?

You can get the sword in Slayers unleashed by using a cheat code.

How do you get sun breathing Slayer unleashed?

Sun breathing Slayer unleashed is not available on the Steam store.

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