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ASUS Announces ZenDrive V1M, a New External DVD Burner

ASUS launches the ZenDrive V1M, a new external DVD burner that uses Intel Optane technology. This device is designed with high-speed storage and connectivity in mind to offer smoother gameplay and better visuals for gamers as they play online or on their consoles.

The “cd drive for laptop” is a new external DVD burner from ASUS that can be used with laptops. It has been designed to fit the aesthetic of the Zenbook line, and it will be available in black and gold.

ASUS Announces ZenDrive V1M, a New External DVD Burner

ASUS-Announces-ZenDrive-V1M-a-New-External-DVD-BurnerASUS image

With its newest launch, the ZenDrive V1M, an external DVD drive and writer, ASUS reminds hardware fans that disc-based storage is still alive and well. ASUS’ ZenDrive V1M can be linked through USB-C and has a built-in cable storage design and a black finish, making it a fantastic match for new ultraslim laptops that lack disc drives. M-DISC (Millennial Disc), a form of single-write optical disc that can securely retain data for 1,000 years, will also be supported.


SDRW-08V1M-U ZenDrive V1M (ASUS)

  • Cable storage made simple: With a built-in 24cm connection wire, there are no more losses.
  • USB-C interface: Ideal for ultraslim laptops of the newest generation.
  • Support for M-DISC: Store your priceless photographs, films, and data for up to 1,000 years.
  • Cross-platform support for wide compatibility on Windows or macOS.
  • Drag and burn: Using a straightforward interface, create a CD in only three steps. (Only for Windows)
  • Disc Encryption: Data security without the hassle of passwords and secret folders.
  • (Only for Windows)
  • Backup software included: Nero BackItUp enables easy archival of photos, videos or data. (Only for Windows)

ASUS has announced the ZenDrive V1M external DVD burner (Guru3D)

  • M-DISC burning technique engraves the recorded data in a proprietary, rock-like layer that can survive severe temperatures and keep memories and essential data for up to 1,000 years.
  • Burning a disc is a straightforward three-step operation with an easy user interface, with robust and hassle-free disc encryption and data security provided by a mix of password management and hidden folder features.
  • For €44.90, ASUS ZenDrive V1M is now available.

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