Battlefield 2042’s First Season Delayed to Early Summer

Battlefield 2042 was a popular first-person shooter game that came out in 2019, but it is now being delayed to the summer of 2020. This comes after EA’s financial problems and the recent fall of their stock price.

Battlefield 2042’s First Season Delayed to Early Summer. The game was originally scheduled to release in April but has been delayed until early summer. Read more in detail here: battlefield 2042 delayed 2022.

Battlefield-2042-to-Support-NVIDIA-DLSS-and-NVIDIA-ReflexImage courtesy of DICE

DICE has stated that the first season of Battlefield 2042 would be postponed in order to enhance the game’s experience and address more of the criticism received from players who have been disappointed with the big-budget shooter so far.

“We’ve had to make some large choices to guarantee that our next round of updates can be focused on delivering these enhancements,” DICE said in a new Battlefield Briefing on the development of Season One. “The most significant one is to delay the release date of our first Season to early Summer.”

“This choice allows us to concentrate on refining the Battlefield 2042 experience while also completing the development of our seasonal content to guarantee that everything meets our high quality standards,” the developer added.

Meanwhile, DICE has revealed some of the more imminent Battlefield 2042 upgrades that are in the works, pledging that they would be deployed “as soon as feasible.” They are as follows:

  • Scoreboard that is more refined and comprehensive
  • VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) characteristics
  • Changes to the player profile for a better overview
  • Teamwork and gunplay have improved.
  • Portal now has new tools, modes, and other features.

DICE is also reiterating its commitment to developing Battlefield 2042 by creating a new feedback loop that should provide the developer with a better understanding of what players want from the game. According to DICE:

  • We’ll give you with particular, important priority areas, as well as our current thoughts and where we want to make adjustments.
  • We’ll next take the time to watch and listen to the subsequent discussions you have regarding the area of concern as well as our recommendations for improvement.
  • Later, you’ll hear from us about the subject again, but this time your comments will have been taken into account and led the changes made.

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Battlefield 2042’s First Season Delayed to Early Summer. Battlefield V has been delayed until early summer, as the game is currently being developed for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Reference: battlefield 2042 release date ps4.

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