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Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.52 Released, Bringing Additional Improvements to the Game

The latest patch for Cyberpunk 2077, which was released on December 18th 2018 and primarily focused on improving the game’s performance. The update also introduced a number of exciting new features in an attempt to make it feel more like a living world.

The “cyberpunk 2077 update xbox one” is a patch that was released on the Xbox One. The patch brings additional improvements to the game.

Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.52 Released, Bringing Additional Improvements to the Game

Cyberpunk-2077-Patch-152-Released-Bringing-Additional-Improvements-to-theCD PROJEKT RED image

Patch 1.52 from CD PROJEKT RED has started rolling out for Cyberpunk 2077. The current patch, like most of the game’s prior updates, offers a variety of changes to solve some of the game’s remaining concerns, including gameplay, missions, The World Is Yours, user interface, and aesthetics. After installing this patch, the next-generation console versions of Cyberpunk 2077, which were published last month, will benefit from certain memory optimizations and fewer crashes. On Steam, Cyberpunk 2077 has received a “generally good” response.

1.52 PATCH (Cyberpunk 2077)


  • When traveling rapidly, a problem that might result in broken automobiles or additional Nomad cars spawning in traffic was fixed.
  • After retrieving a throwing knife, a problem where the initial equip animation might be replayed was fixed.
  • In Japantown, the Laminate-armor Media Ballistic Vest is now available as loot.
  • The recon grenade no longer highlights non-hostile crowd NPCs, which was a bug.
  • When zooming in after performing the Take Control quickhack on a gadget, the camera axis was reversed.


  • The player will no longer be able to buy an apartment renovation that they already own.
  • The showering interaction has been added to the Nomad Camp.
  • It will no longer be able to hack the Northside apartment before finishing Act 1.
  • After visiting Afterlife, various The World Is Yours combat events and scenery remained blocked until the user fast moved inside Watson.
  • Walking into a wall in the Megabuilding H8 elevator will no longer result in immediate death.
  • Blistering Love — A bug where Johnny may despawn if the player exited the booth before interacting with the projector was fixed, preventing progress.
  • Demons of War — Cyberpsycho Sighting It was no longer feasible to continue beyond the “Search the region for information” goal due to a bug.
  • Epistrophy – Fixed an issue where the mission may resurface in the Journal after the player failed to recover any of the cabs, rather of being noted as unsuccessful.
  • I Fought the Law – Corrected an issue where River may drive recklessly out of the market area, pushing V beyond of the world borders.
  • Life During Wartime – Corrected an issue where picking a blue conversation option twice after arriving at the accident scene stopped the game from progressing.
  • Optional objective: Path of Glory If the player acquired the clothing before it appeared, “Get dressed” will no longer be unsolvable.
  • The Information — Fixed a problem where Lizzie’s doors were closed during hours when they should have been open, preventing progress.
  • The Ride — Dex’s automobile was drifting left and right while driving away, and this was fixed.
  • With the Help of a Few Friends – If the player alerted Saul about Panam’s plot while the Nomads were driving away, the player’s holocalls and text messages may be restricted.

The World Is Yours

  • A bug where summoned vehicles might spawn far away from the player has been fixed.
  • After the fall, the suicidal Corpos at Corpo Plaza will no longer be able to stand.
  • An Assault in Progress in Arroyo was not shown on the map, which hampered progress toward The Jungle accomplishment.
  • Goodbye, Night City – Gig There was a bug where the mission didn’t start when you approached the place.
  • Gig: No Fixers – Fixed an issue where the optional goal “Park Iris’ vehicle in the garage” would fail if the player stopped in front of the garage.
  • Gig: Playing for Keeps – Corrected a bug in which all of the casino’s adversaries were set to Friendly.
  • Murk Man Makes a Comeback Once More Forever — Fixed a bug that prevented the Rayfield Caliburn from spawning.


  • When fixer rewards are initially discovered in the stash, they now get a quest tag.
  • The game will no longer be blocked if you open menus while reading a shard.
  • When a time skip is in process, changing the location of the marker will no longer be feasible.
  • The loot UI might flicker and alter before you picked up the item was fixed.
  • For several tracked missions, the English wording “A Favor for a Friend” was shown instead of the real quest name regardless of the language version.


  • Various scenes with fixed motions and missing or misplaced items.
  • When utilizing the Hidden Dragon perk to achieve an aerial takedown, several animation glitches were fixed.
  • Sandstorms no longer emerge in situations where they weren’t meant to.
  • Fixed an issue where varied weather conditions had no effect on foliage.
  • When moving between Third Person Mode and First Person Mode while driving, Polycarbonate Sport Sunglasses will no longer be visible.


  • On next-generation consoles, memory optimizations and crash fixes are included.
  • Minor UI improvements.
  • [PS4] [PlayStation 5] [PlayStation 4] [PlayS When importing a save while not connected to the PlayStation Network, the ability to continue the game is no longer disabled.
  • [PlayStation 5] A corrupted save was produced when a player attempted to import a PlayStation 4 save when no saves had been exported.
  • [PlayStation] Corrected an issue where the “Press [Options Button] To Continue” screen recorded a delay when pushing the button.
  • [PS4] [PlayStation 5] [PlayStation 4] [PlayS Wet roads will now reflect as brightly as they do on the PC version.
  • [Xbox Series X/PlayStation 5] When you change the preset under Video settings, all of the Graphics options are no longer automatically turned on.
  • [Xbox One/Xbox Series X] [Xbox One/Xbox Series X] [Xbox One/Xbox The player will no longer be trapped if they disconnect the controller and open the pause menu at the same time.


  • On Stadia, hostile crowds are now possible.

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The “cyberpunk 2077 update schedule” is a patch that was released by CD Projekt Red. The patch brings additional improvements to the game.

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