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Dead Cells update 28.0 brings The Bank and bug fixes — full patch notes

Dead Cells is an action-roguelite with a unique twist. It has been made by the indie studio Motion Twin and was released in June 2017 to mostly positive reviews from critics and players alike, who rave about its speed, fluidity, and tight controls.

The “dead cells patch notes” is a blog post that includes the full patch notes for the update. The Bank is one of the new features in this update.

Dead Cells update 28.0 brings The Bank and bug fixes — full patch notes

The new Bank biome, which was previously only accessible via Dead Cells’ alpha version on PC, has now been publicly published. It’s part of version 28.0, which also contains new weaponry, improved Life Expectancy, and a slew of bug patches.

On the patch notes page, the Bank is first and foremost. Look for a shiny chest in one of the biome transition spots to find the new location, which will occur at least once throughout your run. When you open it, you’ll be transported to a new zone with one fewer scroll than the biome it replaces. According to the patch notes, it will also feature a “guaranteed Cursed Chest.” Three new adversaries, as well as three new weapons and mutations, can be found inside the bank, all of which are centered around gold and money.

Other improvements are included in release 28.0, in addition to the Bank. The War Spear now delivers more damage, and Vampirism has been updated. As is common, a few community ideas regarding the game’s UI, visuals, and Life Expectancy have been adopted. Finally, there are a dozen bug patches, which are all listed in detail in the patch notes below.

Dead-Cells-update-280-brings-The-Bank-and-bug-fixesImage courtesy of Motion Twin

Patch Notes for Dead Cells Update 28.0

Important Characteristics

  • The Bank is a new biome.
  • Three new foes have appeared.
    • Pickpocket who is agitated and has the claws to acquire your gold.
    • Gold Gorger gathers gold as it develops, but don’t let it reach its full potential or it will kick your arse!
    • The Golden Kamikaze is the same bat you’re used to, but it now drops more cash!
  • Three new weapons have been added.
    • If you’re filthy rich, Gold Digger will give you gold on hits as well as critical hits.
    • After collecting up gold, the Dagger of Profit crits for 3 seconds.
    • Your gold is fired by Money Shooter. There will be no more shots if you run out of gold…
  • There are three novel mutations.
    • When you lose health, Midas’ Blood provides you gold.
    • When you are struck with Gold Plating, you lose gold rather than health.
    • Get Rich Quick by defeating foes and stacking extra gold while you have a speed boost, then cashing in when it stops. I’ve got to get going…
  • New biome-specific mechanisms (including one that is somewhat startling…) have been added to the Bank.
  • Two new “banky” costumes have been added, as well as a few additional lore chambers.


  • Vampirism has been reworked to provide life leech on melee attacks (impact increased for heavy weapons) and a speed boost for 10 seconds in exchange for a percentage of your maximum health.
  • Damage from War Spear has been increased. It’s no longer classified as a powerful weapon. This mostly affects the affix pool.
  • The Queen’s resistance against crowd control effects (such as stun, root, and so on) has been boosted.
  • The item level of items dropped following boss battles has been increased by one. Because boss treasure was underwhelming owing to its level, we upped it by one.
  • Shield has been removed from the Use to Face Flask and Serenade affix pools.

Graphics & UI

  • [Suggested by the community] Scarecrow clothes now have real names!
  • [A recommendation from the community] If the beheaded is still visible in tentacle phase, Conjunctivius’ eye hunts for it now.
  • The tooltips for Maw of the Deep and Bladed Tonfas have been updated to reflect the DLC3 hotfix modifications.
  • Customizable mode The maximum curse on Cursed Chest has been raised to 999.

Life Expectancy

  • [Community proposal] Added the Servants’ final combat in the training chamber.
  • The Blacksmith’s Apprentice no longer re-rolls affixes when you upgrade an item’s quality.
  • For the Follow the Light custom game gameplay modification, permanent light has been added to the Servants boss areas. But, honestly, do you want to tackle the Lighthouse in the dark?

Bug Fixes

  • Crits are now correctly shown in Maw of the Deep.
  • Invisible bullets for out-of-screen traps have been fixed.
  • Due to Barbed Tips, servants died off the screen following the boss battle.
  • Softlocks in custom mode were fixed.
  • Giant’s smash strike no longer spawns crystals.
  • The Queen has had a number of issues and crashes fixed.
  • The pause problem has been fixed. This time, perhaps for the better.
  • Incompatibility with custom mode gameplay mods has been fixed.
  • The flask of the Spoiler Boss no longer appears in the UI.
  • On Carnivorous Plants, fixed dropping through the earth.
  • Cursed Sword’s real damage numbers are now visible.
  • Various visual enhancements.

The “dead cells 2.3 patch notes” is an update that was released on May 17, 2019. The update includes bug fixes and a new game mode called “The Bank.”

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