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Destiny 2: How to Get Traveler’s Chosen (Perks, Intrinsic Traits & Unlocking Catalyst)

Destiny 2 has finally released with a new update that brought the game up to date and infused it with all sorts of goodness. Now, players are figuring out how they can get some serious perks in-game.

Destiny 2: How to Get Traveler’s Chosen (Perks, Intrinsic Traits & Unlocking Catalyst)

Destiny 2 Traveler's Chosen

“Now all we have is our trust.”

The Traveler’s Chosen is an Exotic Sidearm that provides greater energy to players as they continue to destroy adversaries.

This Exotic Sidearm can fire 300 bullets per minute and has a magazine capacity of 15 rounds.

When you use the Traveler’s Chosen to defeat foes, the The Gathering of Light ability is activated, allowing you to collect stacks to improve stats or consume.

What Is The Best Way To Get Traveler’s Choice?

The Traveler’s Choice was formerly available as a prize for completing the Exodus: Evacuation quest from Zavala in the Tower.

Its mission is no longer accessible, but you may still get this Exotic Sidearm by visiting the Monument to Lost Lights.

To acquire Traveler’s Choice, you’ll need the following items:

  • Cipher Exotic (1)
  • glisten (125,000)
  • Shard of Dusklight (200)
  • Shard Ascendant (1)

Perks Picked by Travelers

1) SAS Quickdot (Sight)

The sidearm sight of the Traveler’s Chosen is nimble.

  • Significantly improves handling speed
  • Stability is somewhat improved.

2) Penetrating Armor-Piercing Rounds (Magazine)

The Traveler’s Chosen’s rounds inflict additional damage on fighters’ shields and overpenetrate opponents.

  • Increases range by a little amount

3) The Traveler’s Gift (Trait)

The Gathering of Light enhances the weapon’s reload speed, handling, and target acquisition with each layer.

4) Stock with a Limited Time Period of Action (Stock)

The Traveler’s Chosen is exceptionally simple to hold.

  • Significantly improves handling speed

Intrinsic Characteristics

The Gathering of Light

The The Gathering of Light intrinsic causes final blows to grant you with stacks of The Gathering of Light, which is consumed to provide you with bonuses.

By pressing reload, you can consume the The Gathering of Light stacks to provide you with melee, grenade, and class energy depending on the number of stacks that you have.

The ability to replenish energy for these skills will enable you to do even more damage and aid in task completion.

What is Traveler’s Chosen Catalyst and How Do I Get It?

Catalyst for Travelers’ Choice

The Osmosis and Full Auto Trigger System perks are obtained by unlocking the Traveler’s Chosen catalyst.

When you use your grenade ability, Osmosis enables you to match the damage type of your weapon to your subclass.

The Full Auto Trigger System lets you to constantly fire shots in full auto mode by holding down the trigger.

You can get the Catalyst for Travelers’ Choice by completing strikes or participating in Gambit and Crucible matches.

Unlocking the Catalyst for Travelers’ Choice perks can be done by defeating 700 enemies using the Exotic Weapon.


If you can consistently get final hits throughout a mission, the Traveler’s Choice becomes incredibly beneficial, enabling you to become more efficient in battle.

You can choose between keeping the stacks from The Gathering of Light for faster reload speed, better weapon handling, and target acquisition.

This weapon may be utilized strategically depending on what you want while battling adversaries, and it can quickly get additional stacks if used as your primary weapon.

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