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Ellerston Capital: Who We Are

Ellerston Capital is a global investment manager headquartered in Sydney, Australia. Established in 2004 by James Packer, Ellerston Capital provides tailored and sophisticated investment services to institutions, family offices and high net worth clients.

Our team of experienced, accomplished professionals focuses on helping clients to meet their long-term investment goals. With offices in Sydney, London and New York, we have the resources and expertise to provide the highest quality financial advice. We are committed to efficiently managing clients’ portfolios and delivering strong returns.

What i ellerston capital

Ellerston Capital is an independent investment manager specialising in multi-asset class investments, focusing on equities, fixed income and alternatives. With approachable conviction, we aim to drive superior risk-adjusted returns over the cycle using our experienced teams across Australia, Canada and the United States.

Operating globally since 2002 and with $US 6 billion in assets under management as at June 30 2020, we are a diverse group of talented investment professionals who collaborate to deliver compelling results for our clients. Our teams dedicate their careers to understanding financial markets to deliver precision fund solutions and strategies tailored to each market environment.

Beyond returns, Ellerston Capital believes it is more than just an investor; we also take an active role in looking after the interests of our investors as well as providing insight into market dynamics. Our culture embraces creativity, strategy and process risks, allowing us to develop solutions that increase engagement with our funds and drive performance return opportunities from multiple sources of return generation. In addition, we strive to bring out the best in each other by promoting collaboration across various disciplines and allowing for debate without bias or prejudice so that successful objectives are met on time.

Our History

Ellerston Capital is a Sydney-based investment management firm founded in 2004. Our original mission of building long-term wealth for clients from the Asia-Pacific region has since grown to encompass an ever-expanding group of global clients.

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We initially focused on traditional equity and fixed income investments. Still, since then, our services have grown to include private equity, venture capital, and other alternative investments. With a team composed of experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds, we pride ourselves on our deliberate and thoughtful approach to asset management.

Our staff believe strongly in the value that research can provide when making informed investment decisions. As such, we focus tirelessly on researching new opportunities to ensure that our clients get access to the best possible information available. In addition to our in-house research team, we leverage external industry veterans’ resources to remain informed about developing trends and conditions within international markets and economies.

From supporting early stage start-ups to helping identify gold nuggets within global portfolios; We strive for excellence in asset management so that our clients can confidently reach their long-term financial goals.

Investment Strategies

At Ellerston Capital, we believe in creating long-term financial plans that help our clients achieve their investment goals. Our clients count on us to select the right investments in the right markets. Our strategies are based on thorough research and align with our clients’ long-term objectives. In addition, we are constantly refining our strategies to adapt to the ever-changing financial landscape.


In this article, we will discuss our investment strategies and how we stay ahead of the curve:

Long-Short Equity

Long-short equity is a type of investment strategy employed mainly within hedge funds, involving buying and selling stocks simultaneously. This method of investing involves taking both long and short positions on a stock over time, which helps reduce overall portfolio risk by spreading it out into different markets. Generally, long investment positions involve buying an asset at one price, with the objective being to sell it for more at a later date. Conversely, when an investor takes a short position on a stock they are looking to borrow it from the market and then sell it at the current price in hopes that they can purchase it back at a lower price later and return it – thus making money off the difference between the purchase price and sale price.

At Ellerston Capital, we focus on fundamental strategic research to identify investments that are superior in quality and have better long-term prospects than other market participants may appreciate. Our long-short equity strategy combines fundamental research into shorter term tactical opportunities for relative value gains. We use both instruments such as futures contracts and spot trading alongside traditional stocks to identify pricing anomalies where downside protection is partitioned gained from relative valuation rather than macroeconomic hedging or diversifying into cash equivalents. By adhering to our risk budgeting criteria on upside/downside capture ratios and magnitude of position exposure across various sectors or securities, we construct robust portfolios immune from systematic events over full cycles while pursuing maximum return potentials at given constraints.

Global Macro

Ellerston Capital seeks to generate attractive returns by investing in global macro strategies across a universe of unconventional asset classes. Our team combines quantitative and qualitative economic approaches to make decisions in the world’s unique markets.

We focus on overall market movements rather than specific security or sector selection points. We follow research and trends because global macro offers broad exposure to economies, politics and currencies worldwide. This means we can quickly adapt as conditions change and take advantage of new opportunities quickly.

We use absolute return strategies with a combination of top-down, bottom-up portfolio construction approaches, emphasising advanced risk mitigation techniques to maximise expected returns while minimising risk. In addition, we use innovative risk management tools such as statistical arbitrage and derivatives to efficiently implement our investment strategies. Our investment process is complemented by fundamental research that relies heavily on macroeconomic analysis, geopolitics insight, and other market drivers such as quantitative analysis & data science for finding quality trading ideas within each asset class.

We deliver these strategies via segregated portfolios tailored to address the desired level of systemic exposure with specific targeted factor exposures such as time series momentum or carry trade strategies within the boundaries set by our top down approach when assembling larger portfolios. The goal is consistent performance delivered through tradeable programs that seek an attractive balance between capital protection and attractive returns.

Alternative Strategies

Alternative strategies are investments not included in the traditional asset classes – such as stocks, Treasury Bonds and other types of bonds.

Alternative strategies are designed to provide exposure to different asset classes and risk/reward profiles, not just those associated with equities. The most common types of alternative strategies used by Ellerston Capital include:

  • Venture capital – a type of financing provided by investors willing to supply capital to startups or early-stage companies in exchange for an equity stake.
  • Hedge funds – use advanced stock selection techniques (such as using derivatives) and employ unique trading strategies such as short selling and leverage to maintain high returns regardless of market conditions.
  • Distressed securities – investments which have weakened significantly due to extraordinary events or financial distress, making them an attractive target for turnaround specialists who seek value creation by identifying financial opportunities amongst financially troubled firms.
  • Private funds – investments offered exclusively through private entities as opposed to public entities such as mutual funds and ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds). These private offerings generally require investor accreditation due to their unique nature or limited availability – allowing accredited investors access exclusive deals with promising businesses with high potential returns on offer for qualified investors.

Our Team

At Ellerston Capital, we’re proud to be built on a foundation of talented and passionate people. Our team comprises experts from all fields, from finance to economics to technology. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service, personalised to each individual and organisation.

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Everyone at Ellerston Capital is dedicated to helping our clients succeed from our founding partners down to our newest employees.

Executive Team

As a global asset management firm, Ellerston Capital is known for our disciplined investment process and diverse range of expertise. Our dynamic executive team brings together a unique mix of international capabilities and financial market insights, resulting in some of the most sophisticated portfolio decisions in the industry.

Executive Team:

  • Stephen Blackmore – CEO & Chief Investment Officer
  • Malcolm Mactier – COO
  • Christopher Moore – Head of Sales & Distribution
  • Linda Baillie – Head of Business Operations
  • David Rakic – Head of Investment Strategy
  • Andrew Hughes – Head of Fund Management & Client Service
  • Tom Holtby – Global CFO

Investment Team

The Ellerston Capital Investment Team is composed of experienced investors, backed by a supportive and insightful board of directors. With industry backgrounds in finance, legal and accounting, the team is well equipped to navigate the ever-changing landscape of private markets investments. We take great pride in applying a disciplined approach to evaluating each investment opportunity on its merits.

The Investment Team works diligently to assist current and potential client partners determine the most appropriate risk/return profile for their long-term objectives. Our portfolio management process brings inherent accountability, transparency and discipline allowing clients to see how their assets are managed to achieve desired outcomes.

The Investment Team evaluates opportunities across various sectors including venture capital, private equity and debt. Our investments range from direct private investments in companies to public securities that may provide exposure to well-established publicly traded entities or emergent high growth themes such as climate change investing or healthcare innovation opportunities targeting disruptive industries. By taking advantage of global macroeconomic trends through targeted strategies our team seeks to realise attractive investment performance for clients into the future.

Back Office and Support

Ellerston Capital is committed to delivering our clients first-class investment and support services. The back office and support team works to maintain high operational standards for us to meet our clients’ objectives. This dedicated team provides a broad range of services, from accounting and tax compliance, to investor relations, IT solutions, and more.

The back office and support team works diligently and collaboratively with the rest of the organisation to ensure that all business operations run efficiently. From providing timely financial data, to executing the procuring of key technical resources for the company, members of this team provide a solid foundation for Ellerston Capital for us to effectively service our clients. In addition, our back office staff is integral in ensuring exceptional customer service and enabling tactical decision making at all levels of the organisation.

Our Culture

At Ellerston Capital, we pride ourselves on our culture. We strive to create an inclusive and diverse environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered. In addition, we foster a culture of collaboration with our clients, our employees, and our wider community.

Our culture is rooted in our core values – integrity, excellence and sustainability – and is reinforced through our commitment to career development and our commitment to our people.

Our Values

At Ellerston Capital, our core values are the foundation of who we are as a firm and guide our decisions and behaviours. We strive to create an environment where people can work together productively, with creativity and respect for one another, and where the highest standards of ethical behaviour are upheld.

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We emphasise collaboration, innovation and staying true to our word. In addition to these qualities, there are six key values that we believe will help us achieve success:

  • Integrity: We commit to only acting ethically and uphold clear lines of accountability. We honour our commitments to clients, colleagues and other stakeholders in all our activities.
  • Excellence: We strive for excellence in everything we do – from the quality of services provided to clients, through knowledge sharing among staff members in collaboration with partners, to maintaining a customer-focused ethos throughout all business areas.
  • Responsibility: We take responsibility for our actions, owning up to mistakes and looking for long-term solutions for individual challenges and wider corporate goals.
  • Inclusivity: We embrace diversity in all forms and foster equitable opportunities for all staff under our care regardless of gender, culture or background.
  • Teamwork: Effective teamwork is essential within Ellerston Capital – from ideas exchange between individual teams on projects through collaborative effort on larger initiatives across departments until communication among departments or executives when tackling global goals.
  • Creativity: We encourage creativity across every direction – inspiring staff members to come up with innovative solutions while problem solving but also enabling them explore new paths when handling tasks at hand or developing more efficient processes.

Our Commitment to Excellence

At Ellerston Capital, excellence is a key cornerstone of our corporate culture. Accordingly, we strive to ensure that our employees and clients experience quality service and support. To achieve this goal, we have committed to offering best-in-class products and services, fostering a spirit of innovation and collaboration within the company, increasing efficiency in our operations and processes, managing risk prudently, setting high standards in customer service, and surpassing industry benchmarks when it comes to compliance regulations.

We are committed to continuously learning new skills, improving performance management systems and investing in technology to ensure we stay on top of the ever-changing business environment. We understand that the only way to reach greater heights of success is by undertaking a continuous journey of growth and development strengthened with collaboration from all stakeholders.

Our team comprises well-respected professionals who have gained vast experience in investment banking over many years. Professionally trained towards delivering tailored solutions based on mastering creative strategies while still shedding light on our area of expertise: Oil & Gas Industry Services. Our pledge is simple — Putting clients first by creating a service model that fits your exact needs while maintaining strict corporate governance which addresses the interests of all parties involved at every stage throughout the journey.

Our Clients

At Ellerston Capital, we are proud to service clients across the globe who are looking to achieve their financial goals. Our goal is to provide our clients with high-quality services and advice on a wide range of investment strategies, from retirement planning and stock trading to asset management and financial planning services. In addition, we strive to provide our clients with the best service possible and ensure that their investments are well-directed and managed most effectively and efficiently.

Who We Serve

At Ellerston Capital, we serve a range of clients with firm goals and look to us for assistance navigating the capital markets. We strive to build partnerships that result in success stories. Our approach towards clients guides our personalised service: listening, understanding, advising and helping make an impact on their journeys.

Our clients can be divided into family offices, public companies, and institutional investors. We understand our clients’ needs and draw upon our team’s expertise to develop optimal approaches that guarantee success.

  • Family Offices
    • We are committed to working with family offices on efficient solutions that can help manage investments for generations. Whether it is succession planning, or legacy-building strategies, we will work closely with the family office executives to ensure effective execution of their plans.
  • Public Companies
    • Public companies are faced with rapidly changing market conditions that require expert guidance and well-informed decision making which we provide through our seasoned market strategists. Navigating the ever-evolving capital markets placed us at an advantage, allowing us to integrate insight into corporate strategy, helping lower costs while mitigating risk effectively.
  • Institutional Investors
    • We align ourselves with institutional investors through creative solutions driven by data-driven analytics and combining specialized industry experience to generate additional value for their portfolios without compromising security or yields on their investments. Our wide range capabilities extend from research analysis & monitoring of investments, portfolio construction & management tools, targeted investment recommendations as well as providing support throughout the life cycle of investments made by institutions across private equity as well as other asset classes such as hedge funds & private debt securities among others; this allows us to be a valuable asset in forming a long term relationship with our institutional investor customers.

Our Track Record

At ABC Industries, we take pride in providing our clients with a superior level of service for many years. Our track record speaks for itself, with a long list of satisfied clients from various industries. Our team is experienced in providing the highest quality of service and are dedicated to exceeding expectations with every project. In addition, we bring unique skills and knowledge to each situation, enabling us to offer tailored advice that meets the individual client’s needs.

We have worked on various projects, ranging from large-scale construction projects to individual industrial services nationwide. As a result, our clients can trust our vast experience and technical knowledge, allowing us to provide innovative solutions while ensuring that all safety standards are always met. Our commitment to putting safety first has earned us the respect and loyalty of our customers; they know that they can depend on our reliable and efficient services every time.

Our successful track record demonstrates our commitment to excellence in all areas; we strive to achieve both operational performance excellence as well as assurance of environmental benchmarks compliance when dealing with any project. We strive for accuracy by setting strict timelines, going beyond industry standard regulations whenever possible, and ensuring that deadlines are never missed or neglected. Furthermore, we believe in being open and honest about any situation, so there will never be any doubtful information presented or hidden surprises along the way.

Our Awards and Accolades

At Ellerston Capital we have had the privilege to be recognized by our peers and business partners in the form of various awards and accolades over the years. Our goal is to provide unparalleled service and tailored investment solutions to our clients, and these awards are a testament to the hard work we put in for them every day.

Below you will find some of the most recent accomplishments we have achieved:

  • S&P Dow Jones Indices 2024 Index Investing Awards: Best Equity Index Comparing Europe And Asia
  • Forbes Magazine 2020 Survey: Five Star Rating for Managed Futures
  • Barron’s 2019 Ranking Award: Top 10 Algorithmic Public Equity Manager
  • Gartner 2019 Citizen Leader Award: Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Social Good
  • HFM Week 2018 Awards Program: Risk & Investment Software Provider of the Year

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