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Black Phantom Studios provides a guide to the many different ways of accessing Dark Souls 2’s DLC. It is essential for players seeking the full experience, whether it be through online or offline play and with weapons of their choosing.

The “dark souls 2 scholar of the first sin how to access dlc” is a guide on how to access and start the DLC in Dark Souls 2.

Dark Souls 2 is a game that people either like or despise. It’s distinct from the previous Dark Souls games, but there’s enough to do if you dig it. The main game takes roughly 45 hours to complete on average, and the DLCs add another 20 hours to that total.

After killing a number of the major bosses, travel to two of the Primal Bonfires to get access to each DLC. Two DLCs need you to inspect an object near the Primal Bonfires, while the third requires you to open a massive door leading to the DLC location.

We’ll show you how to get each of the three DLCs in Dark Souls 2 in this post. Keep in mind that unless you hold the Scholar of the First Sin Edition, you’ll need to buy the DLCs to access these regions. It comes with all of the DLCs pre-installed.

What do the DLCs contribute to the game?

The DLCs significantly expand the game’s content. Together, the DLCs provide 12 new unique regions to explore, 9 new hard monsters to face, and over 40 new weapons to gather. The DLCs alone may take up more than half the time it takes to complete the original game.

If you’re asking if they’re worth playing, the answer is yes. If you’re playing Dark Souls 2, be sure to explore all of the various places since each one presents a new challenge. Some of the bosses are quite irritating, but there are a few that are incredibly memorable.

What is the best way to get access to Crown of the Sunken King?

Travel to The Shrine of Amana and talk with the Emerald Herald to get the Crown of the Sunken King. To be transported to the entrance of the DLC, the player must walk to the primordial bonfire chamber in the Black Gulch and study an obelisk, a room with a closed door that unlocks with the Dragon Talon, which is obtained when you buy the game.

The key has been relocated to the closed door in Majula’s pit in the Scholar of the First Sin Edition. To get The Forgotten key, the key that unlocks the stone doors, proceed to The Black Gulch and defeat the two giants before the last bonfire, before the boss encounter with The Rotten. The talon is on a body in the pit to the left of the chests.

This DLC includes five new locales, seven new monsters, and three new bosses to the game. This DLC isn’t very difficult, but it is more difficult than most other locations in the basic game. However, since it is an underground city, there are some pretty unique spots to visit.

How can I get access to the Crown of the Old Iron King?


Travel to The Black Gulch and talk with the Emerald Herald to get the Crown of the Old Iron King. The Heavy Iron Key will be put in your inventory when you buy the DLC, and you may simply open the entrance to the new location.

To be transported to the entrance, the player must travel to the Iron Keep’s primeval bonfire room and study an obelisk. The key is found on a skeleton in the Forest of the Fallen Giants’ Flame Lizard pit in the Scholar of the First Sin Edition.

This is the smallest of the three DLCs, with three new locales to discover. It also includes three new bosses and is more difficult than the previous DLC. It does, however, include the game’s most difficult bosses, which is a positive.

What is the best way to get access to Crown of Ivory King?

Going to an altar in the Shrine of Winter will get you access to the Crown of the Ivory King. It will transfer you to a place with a large door, which you may open with the Frozen FLower. You will be in the DLC section after you pass through the entrance.

It is found in Drangleic Castle, after the first bonfire, before the first rightmost door in the ruin sentinels’ chamber, in the Scholar of the First Sin Edition. Before walking upstairs, look for the key in a body in the room.

Because of the world you must explore, this DLC is difficult. It’s a massive winter wasteland, and the foes are anything but simple. The bosses, on the other hand, are a bit of a joke in this DLC. This is the largest of the three DLCs.

What DLC should you start with?

Because they’re all rather difficult, it’s up to the player to choose which one to play first. We recommend doing them in sequence since they get more difficult. Simply choose the first option you come across. If you come upon an area that you didn’t realize was part of the DLC, go ahead and explore it first.

The Old Iron King, on the other hand, is the most enjoyable because of the huge boss encounter at the finale. The Fume Knight is one of the game’s most difficult bosses, and it feels fantastic when you eventually defeat him.

You gain an additional questline and boss encounter at the conclusion of the game if you have the Scholar of the First Sin Edition. It’s not a difficult battle, but if you’ve never completed the questline, check for a tutorial on how to face Aldia at the game’s finale to achieve a different ending.

Dark Souls 2 is a challenging game, and the DLCs bring a little more flavor to the mix. We understand that many people aren’t major lovers of the game, and neither are we, but you have to acknowledge that it has a lot of substance and is worth playing at least once.

The “dark souls 2 dlcs” is a game that has a lot of DLC. The “DLC” stands for Downloadable Content and it comes in the form of new features, weapons, armor, etc. These are all available to purchase with real money or earn through gameplay.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the old Iron King DLC?

A: The Iron King DLC was removed in the latest update because it caused some issues with stability and potentially even crashes. There is no way to retroactively access this content, but you can choose between using a different map or playing without any maps at all.

How do I access Crown of the Sunken King DLC?

A: You can go to the main menu and select Crown of the Sunken King

What order should I play the ds2 DLC in?

A: Please refer to our article on the order of DS2 DLC, which can be found here.

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