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How to beat the Death Rite Bird in Elden Ring

The Death Rite Bird is one of the most difficult enemies in Elden Ring, but if you’re determined enough to hunt for long enough, it will be possible to beat this foe.
The first thing that players should remember when trying to defeat the bird is not just a matter of luck–there are some tricks that can help get rid of it more quickly. With proper timing and strategy, anyone can take on this tough enemy with a little bit of patience and practice!.

The “death rite bird elden ring” is a boss in the game Elden Ring. The Death Rite Bird has three forms, and each form requires a different strategy to beat.

How to beat the Death Rite Bird in Elden Ring

If you like exploring, chances are you’ve encountered more than your fair share of terrifying bosses that emerge out of nowhere in the wide field by the time you reach the Mountaintop of the Giants. Everything from the Tree Sentinel at the start of the game to the different dragons that appear in the Lands Between on an irregular basis. The Death Rite Bird is one such monster that has caused many gamers a headache, so here’s how to defeat him in Elden Ring.

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Getting there and preparing

Because the monster is in the extreme north-eastern region of the map, in the Mountaintop of the Giants, you’ll need to defeat Morgott the Omen King first. You won’t be able to notice this boss from afar since it will fade in when you get near enough. It is strongly advised that you carry a weapon that can readily break through composure, such as a Colossal weapon (if you are capable of wielding one) or the Mimic Tear Ashes. Because there isn’t a summoning pool for this boss, your Ashes will be your sole ally. Finally, your weapon should have a +15 or higher rating, ideally +20.

You are despised by the camera.

Stop at the Shrine of Marika and slowly advance into the arena until your Ashes glow. Before mounting Torrent and riding in, summon the Mimic, heal yourself, and cast whatever buffs you have. As the monster finishes fading in, it will be active and motionless for a few seconds, so use this opportunity to whack it on the head up to two times before racing away. Dismount Torrent and prepare for a tough fight.

The head and the body of the boss may be targeted separately. If you aim for the monster’s head, be mindful that if you come too close to the monster’s stomach, the camera will flip out (because the head is technically behind you and constantly moving.) When connecting a jump attack, it’s better to target the head first, then switch to the body (or turn off target lock totally until you’re ready to strike again).

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Attacks of the Boss

The Death Rite Bird is divided into two stages and attacks in a disconnected and delayed manner. The following is a complete list of its attacks:

  • It will swipe at an area that is aimed towards you or an Ashes ally. This combination may be repeated up to four times, but it’s well-telegraphed and simple to avoid. After the combination stops, dodge towards the monster to get a hit in.
  • The monster will hold back its spear for few seconds before crashing it down on your location. He also has a sped-up version, so be cautious and don’t roll too soon — it will autocorrect and smack you. This strike may or may not leave flames on the ground, so keep an eye on where you’re rolling.
  • Death through spitting fire Rite Bird will erupt a fireball near itself and fire it towards you. If you roll too soon, it will autocorrect and smack you. You must also roll to the sides; rolling forward or backward is painful.
  • Quick Pecks: This is one of the boss’s most deadly moves. Death Rite Bird will peck one to two times in front of it, causing massive damage swiftly. Because you won’t have enough response time to notice this, it’s recommended to play it safe and strike from the boss’s side.
  • Death, Death, Death, Death, Death, Death, Death, Death, Death, Death, Death Rite Bird will screech around its head, doing magic damage in fast bursts. He can combo this twice, and we’ve seen it burn a fully charged Mimic Tear down to half-health. This should be avoided at all costs since it has a tiny radius, allowing you to strike the bosses back for a few seconds.
  • If the boss is far away from you, it will make a short Madness Shriek before charging. This move happens quickly, so if the monster shrieks far away, prepare to dodge to the side. This is a one-hit KO grab.
  • The boss will strike its claws into the earth, flattening it. It hurts a lot but recovers slowly, so if you time your dodge well, you may get a few strikes in on the monster.
  • Wings of Spears: When the boss reaches 70%, it may unleash two additional strikes. The Death Rite Bird is hovering in the sky, its wings blazing. It’s about to unleash a tremendous AoE on you, and the only way to avoid it is to dash far away from the point of contact and begin rolling. Because the dispersion is unpredictable, it might impact you even if you’re far away.
  • The Death Rite Bird points its spear towards the ground and charges it up in this attack, which is the second of the “Phase Two” strikes. You can’t avoid this assault; you’ll have to rush away and wait for it to pass. This is likewise a one-hit KO attack.

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Following the steps outlined above in the opening few seconds of fight, your aim is to duck and weave in and out of the boss’s strike range while waiting for it to make a move that requires a lengthy recovery time, or to concentrate on your Mimic partner. The boss’s weak spot is its Tweety-bird face — it takes additional damage here, and attacking it will help you break its stance and set it up for a critical. The ideal strategy is to wait for an opening to use a Jump Attack, then back off and see what happens next. You may get one or two light attacks done before launching the critical strike for free damage after you crumple the Bird. The monster will bounce about the arena and even to a lower level, but it will ultimately return to you. The Death Ritual Spear, which may summon spears in the same way as the Bird’s phase two assault, is your prize for finally putting a stop to this bird’s reign of terror.

The “elden ring death bird location” is a quest in the game Elden Ring. This article will tell you how to beat the Death Rite Bird, and complete the quest.

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