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This Week At Bungie 3/03/2022

This week, Bungie made an announcement about their next project. It turns out that the game will be a new franchise and the first game in this series is slated for release later on in 2021.
Debate: What does it mean for Destiny going forward?

The “bungie help” is a weekly blog post from Bungie, the creators of Destiny. The Bungie Weekly Update is published every Thursday at 9am PST and covers everything from the latest updates to how players can get involved in the game.

This Week At Bungie 3/03/2022

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The Vow of the Disciple World First race is the focus this week at Bungie.

What a whirlwind week we’ve had. It seems like we were just unveiling The Witch Queen yesterday, and now we’re on the verge of a World First raid race. Many of you have been looking forward to this weekend, methodically arranging your Power increases and collecting armfuls of food from supermarket shelves. The race will start in less than two days. Let’s get you caught up.

Link to a video

This is the peak of our endgame content if you’re new to Destiny or have yet to participate in a raid. Players from all around the globe are challenged to compete by solving perplexing puzzles while participating in intense battle in a variety of action confrontations. We’re not talking about a few foes here and there, but swarms of warriors wreaking havoc on players’ lives and time as they sprint to the finish line. We may anticipate the same with Vow of the Disciple, with numerous teams vying for victory against the final boss.

Let’s speak about the rules now. In Contest Mode, the World First race for Vow of the Disciple will take place. This is a one-of-a-kind variation of the raid that is only available for the first 24 hours and caps each Guardian’s Power level to provide an equal playing field. We said last week that 1530 Power is your goal, since this is the most Power your Guardian will be able to do against the adversaries you’ll be facing. Here’s a fast bulleted list for anybody chasing the World First title:

Timeline of the Vow of Disciple Race

  • Start time is 10 a.m. Pacific on Saturday, March 5th.
  • Ends at 10 a.m. Pacific on Sunday, March 6.

Mode of Competition:

For the entire 24 hours of the race, Contest Mode will limit all players at 20 Power below each raid encounter.

  • Artifact power is turned on, however it only benefits players up to a maximum of 1530 power in contest mode.
  • To have a chance in each match, you’ll need to hit 1530 Power by Saturday.

  • Due to general difficulties, several gear items in the raid will be disabled for the length of contest mode, which may bring gameplay advantages. While these items may be used in other activities, their bonuses and usefulness will be canceled in the Vow of the Disciple Raid, with extra negative power level effects if equipped:

    • Weapons
      • Legendary SMG IKELOS SMG V1.0.2
      • Legendary Imperial Needle Bow
      • Exotic Machine Gun Grand Overture
      • Exotic Rocket Launcher by Wardcliff Coil
    • Armor & Mods
      • Titan Exotic Gauntlets Wormgod Caress
      • Titan Exotic Legs by Peregrine Greaves
      • Glaive Artifact Armor Mod Suppression
    • Note: If problems are discovered prior to the start of the race, more elements may be blocked. Keep an eye on @BungieHelp for the final list, which will be released on Saturday morning.


  • The World First squad will be the first to finish all encounters, plunder the last treasure, and return to orbit.

    • Note: The six members of the fireteam who are present at the end of the final encounter will be deemed the victors and will receive raid World First title belts; any members of the fireteam who depart during earlier encounter completions will be disqualified.
  • The winners will be notified by email. DestinyTheGame - This Week At Bungie 3/03/2022

    After a certification procedure, @DestinyTheGame – More information about it may be found further down.

JB VOTD RaidBelt Teaser - This Week At Bungie 3/03/2022

Image Link GJVFRFh - This Week At Bungie 3/03/2022 imgur

Note: After World First is completed, the art will be modified.

We’ll be raidrace - This Week At Bungie 3/03/2022

watching as players progress through each encounter, ensuring a fair race among all participants. Any players found to be breaking our Terms of Service or manipulating game content can be subject to suspensions or bans. Once we have record of a fireteam crossing the finish line, we’ll spend some time validating a clean Completion before announcing the World First fireteam via DestinyTheGame - This Week At Bungie 3/03/2022 @DestinyTheGame on Twitter. Full rules and legal terms can be found here.

If you finish the Contest Mode edition of Vow of the Disciple inside the first 24 hours, you’ll get a special insignia to commemorate your triumph.

d2 Raid 02 Emblem Social 16 9 - This Week At Bungie 3/03/2022

Image Link rkdTxvE - This Week At Bungie 3/03/2022 imgur

For some, Contest Mode will be the final test, but for others, it will be more enjoyable and exciting to see certain Destiny PvE legends take on the task. As participants go through the activity, we’ll be there with you in Twitch discussions and more. Check out if you’d want to see the race from a different perspective. raidrace - This Week At Bungie 3/03/2022

bungie.net/raidrace once the raid goes live, or tune in to the 1498719726884642819?s=20&t=3qei2dhc 7i x60OUOuoow - This Week At Bungie 3/03/2022Raid Day Tailgate hosted by Professor Broman and reck1568 - This Week At Bungie 3/03/2022Reck1568!

If players complete the challenge, they will be able to buy some fantastic Bungie Rewards, as is customary.

Quest for the Jacket

We also have a Vow of the Disciple raid jacket available for you to acquire if you want to show off your involvement in the raid launch week and want something lovely to wear on your evening stroll.

Only players who finish the Vow of the Disciple raid by March 15, 2022 at 10 a.m. Pacific and submit their purchase at the Bungie Store before March 31, 2022 will be eligible for this special Bungie Rewards offer.

Pins for the Season

We’ll also be providing a new pin reward for those who finish the raid before the Season ends for Vow of the Disciple.

Image Link yIrgpwv - This Week At Bungie 3/03/2022 imgur

More information (as well as a nice preview picture) will be released later, so stay tuned. bungie rewards - This Week At Bungie 3/03/2022

On the Bungie Store, go to the Bungie Rewards website!

Seal Pin

Players who finish the Vow of the Disciple raid Seal will get a unique pin to wear on their coats, backpacks, corkboards, or anywhere else they feel fit to show off their raid prowess. Qualifying users will be able to buy this pin via the Bungie Store until December 31, 2022.

There will be some fantastic goodies to be grabbed outside of the race! Don’t worry, none of the weapons or armor items obtained during the raid have a 24-hour timer. There’s a really great emblem to acquire even if you just complete it once!

Image Link gz82yL3 - This Week At Bungie 3/03/2022 imgur

Take your time, socialize with your pals, and enjoy the raid at your leisure. As usual, we’re looking forward to seeing you all dig right in!

The Feedback Doesn’t Stop…

… And there’s no way we’d have it any other way. The crew has been gathering and absorbing player input since the release of The Witch Queen. The crew has noticed a few areas for improvement after spending some late hours playing the content with you guys. Some items take a little longer to correct because we want to make sure the solutions we make don’t cause new problems for us to resolve. However, the team has a strategy in place for Wellspring weapon drop rates, Ascendant Alloy drop rates for weapon manufacturing, and some general remarks on areas where future Gambit tweaking is being considered. Most of the following will be familiar if you follow Game Director Joe Blackburn on Twitter, but we always want to make sure information is accessible in numerous locations.

Weapon Drop Rates at the Wellspring

When you’ve finished The Witch Queen’s campaign and started the endgame, a new activity called The Wellspring arises in the Throne World. This is a fun six-player matchmade exercise that rotates between offensive and defensive varieties on a regular basis. Players may obtain four Throne World-themed weapons in The Wellspring, each with a different set of benefits to mix and combine for some unique combinations. Each of these weapons may be made, and some of them are necessary to continue through the Enclave’s Evidence Board tasks.

We’ll be raising the drop possibilities for both the regular and Deepsight Resonance variants of these weapons in a patch coming out next Thursday.

Alloys Ascendant

As you get deeper into the crafting game of The Witch Queen, you’ll begin to unlock Enhanced Traits for your weapons. These come at a bit of a cost, each requiring Alloys Ascendant. These currencies are meant to be of endgame rarity, coming from higher difficulty activities as you fine-tune your weapons through combat.

In addition to the changes mentioned above, we’ll be increasing your chances of receiving Ascendant Alloy through Master Wellspring Completions — not just by the difficulty tier of the activity, but also based on your Completion level. This will mean higher chances at earning Alloys Ascendant for Gold and Platinum Completions, which can be earned by defeating Champions and completing the activity quickly. We will continue to monitor and adjust drop rates as the Season progresses.

Tuning the Gambit

While we don’t have any concrete plans to disclose at this time, the team wants to point out a few areas that we’re keeping an eye on:

We appreciate all of the comments we’ve received since launch, and we’ll update you in a few weeks after we’ve gathered more data and feedback to drive our future moves.

Hard Light is a prime gaming reward.

Hard Light, how I adore you. In Destiny, you were one of the first Exotics to drop for me. With every shield burst and opponent eliminated, your bullets ricochet through the tunnels of my heart, delivering exhilaration. It’s been a lot of fun having foes explode with prolonged damage while in Void mode, thanks to the Seasonal Artifact mod’s Volatile Rounds.

Despite the cheesiness of my love letter, this is a fantastic chance to present Hard Light to fresh members of the community. This Exotic will be accessible for the next three weeks via destiny2 - This Week At Bungie 3/03/2022

A colorful Exotic ornament and several other lovely cosmetics are included in the Prime Gaming prizes. If you haven’t already done so, check out our Prime Gaming support page for a step-by-step guide. You’ll find the following at Amanda Holliday in the Tower after you’ve gotten everything straightened up and received your reward:

?tg=Help - This Week At Bungie 3/03/2022 Help Forums | BungieHelp - This Week At Bungie 3/03/2022 Bungie Help Twitter HOTFIX

Today, HOTFIX was released to the world. Below are some issues that have been resolved with this release:

  • If a Lightning Round was active, players were unable to accomplish Legendary Dares of Eternity.
  • Some Dares of Eternity instances lacked UI features and a round timer.
  • The Parasite Exotic Grenade Launcher was not available to players that joined in the last phase of the Of Queens and Worms quest.
  • The Enigma glaive’s Grave Robber perk was deactivated.
  • Hunters couldn’t use their class ability to cancel out of a Glaive melee combination.
  • The Renewal Grasps Hunter Exotic arms’ Reduced Damage debuff only applies to foes momentarily after the first impact of the Duskfield Grenade.
  • The Overload Auto Rifle and SMG Artifact modifications have no effect on Overload Champions’ health recovery after a stun.
  • Armor Synthesis could not be completed because Synthcord could not be placed into the Loom.


The Enhanced 1-2 Punch trait has been removed due to an issue that caused certain Exotics to inflict more damage than intended.

Weapons with the Enhanced 1-2 Punch characteristic will work as normal until March 10, when it will be re-enabled.


The Enhanced Pulse Monitor trait has been deactivated due to a bug.

Weapons with the Enhanced Pulse Monitor trait will continue to operate as normal until the trait is re-enabled in a future patch.


If you don’t get any prizes during the Wellspring action, be sure to claim any available armor from Fynch, the Throne World merchant. After claiming this armor, prizes from the Wellspring action should drop appropriately.


While we continue to look at other options, 4416375175444 Destiny 2 Year 5 ISSUES THAT ARE WELL-KNOWN and Vital Information - This Week At Bungie 3/03/2022

ISSUES THAT ARE WELL-KNOWN, here is a list of the latest issues that were reported to us in our ?tg=Help - This Week At Bungie 3/03/2022 #Help Forum:

  • Legendary engrams do not include Glaive modifications.
  • Armor Synthesis no longer allows you to equip several Seasonal armor sets.
  • The time portal No Time to Explain will continue to fire at vanquished opponents.
  • Gilded titles from prior seasons now show the Gild total rather than the earned Title.
  • For further reshapings of the weapon, the Osteo Striga catalyst shape cost is necessary.
  • By reapplying the catalyst throughout the reshaping process, this may be avoided.
  • On the Appearance screen, the paragon shader shows twice.
  • On the Appearance screen, the Nemean Strides Hunter ornament appears twice.
  • In some places of the Exodus Crash strike’s Thaviks boss fight, players may get a “joining allies” prompt.
  • The cost of concentrating a gamble engram is more than expected.
  • The Wish Ender quest’s Dreaming Tokens stay in player inventories after the quest is removed.
  • After creating the weapon, the kill tracker for the Father’s Sins Sniper Rifle is not enabled by default.
  • Safe Aeon A gold stripe is missing from the exotic Titan gauntlets.
  • When donned, the Logic Exotic ornament for The Lament is reversed.
  • After exiting a rift with the Secant Filaments Exotic Warlock legs perk, the Champion mod UI indications on player weapons will vanish.
  • Some players may become stuck on the last phase of the Reshaping the Enigma questline.
  • The weekly reset did not replenish Master Rahool’s Ascendant Alloy purchasing limit.

Players may consult our guide for a complete list of Destiny 2’s current difficulties. 4416375175444 Destiny 2 Year 5 ISSUES THAT ARE WELL-KNOWN and Vital Information - This Week At Bungie 3/03/2022

ISSUES THAT ARE WELL-KNOWN article. Players who observe other issues should report them to our ?tg=Help - This Week At Bungie 3/03/2022 #Help forum.

“You’re about to find out,” our ghost said.

TWAB MovieOfTheWeek 2020 Animated - This Week At Bungie 3/03/2022

Image credit: imgur

Movies. We adore them. The Destiny 2 community understands how to give the goods, whether it’s huge PvP takedowns or wonderfully designed cinematic experiences of pure joy. We’ve got a neat little potpourri of videos for this week’s MotW homage, with The Witch Queen launch week in the rearview mirror and the road ahead looking ever so bright (b-because the Light, get it?).

Our first video is a funny contrast between our Ghost in the Forsaken DLC and our Ghost now with The Witch Queen, since life may be difficult at times and not everything has to be taken seriously. Bonus points for the blushing, which is just lovely.

The second selection is one that we had intended to show off last week, but better late than never! With a piece called Dynasty, My Name Is Byf brilliantly recreated the Destiny experience. Enjoy!

A Tale of Two Ghosts is this week’s film of the week.

Link to a video

Dynasty is this week’s film of the week.

Your presence is requested by a Warlock and the Queen.

Image credit: imgur

Sam: In case you weren’t aware, we like getting tagged in your AotW and MotW entries. Each piece’s ability and ingenuity are incredibly wonderful, and we adore how much you like this game. (One of my favorite aspects is the range of materials utilized!) So, keep them coming, and here’s this week’s Art of the Week!

Become the mind between the stars with this week’s art.

Assume the role of the mind between the stars. @Bungie @A dmg04 @Cozmo23 @DestinyGameUK #Destiny2Art #AOTW pic.twitter.com/1faKe9YiNU

February 27, 2022 — Gammatrap (@BrandonMcCamey)

The Witch Queen is this week’s featured work of art.

I’m around 6 months into my tattoo apprenticeship, so I though I’d do a destiny-inspired flash piece since that the new expansion has been out. pic.twitter.com/AdX1ytyScH #AOTW #Destiny2Art

February 25, 2022 — josh (@UltraMengX)

So many things to do, so little time…

We appreciate you joining us for another TWAB! While I’m looking forward to the raid race on Saturday, I’m also looking forward to getting back on track with my sleep regimen. Thanks in part to the Legendary campaign and some tasty narrative information to chew on, I’ve been staying up later than usual this week.

If you haven’t already, I strongly advise you to start working on the Season of the Risen questline this week. It’s fascinating to learn more about the backstories of individuals we know and love… even if they might be a little grim.

Before we go, I’d want to thank everyone who has contributed to our Game2Give charitable program. Many of you joined our stream yesterday and kept the contributions coming in, helping us reach our fundraising targets in under an hour! We’ve finally revealed the “Where TWAB?” shirt, which is presently available for pre-order on the Bungie Store. The Bungie Foundation will get 10% of profits from the Where TWAB? T-shirt.

Image Link ssj7CZY - This Week At Bungie 3/03/2022 imgur

Much love, and once again, thank you for becoming World Guardians.



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The “destiny twab” is a weekly blog post by Bungie on the happenings in their game, Destiny. It was started on March 3rd, 2022 and has been going strong ever since.

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